Google Acquires Pair of Office Buildings in North San Jose

Google has been expanding its reach in San Jose beyond the scope of its planned headquarters in downtown. According to the Mercury News, the advertising giant snapped up two big office buildings in north San Jose.

As many as 2,000 employees could work in the facilities on North First Street, which the Mountain View-based company bought with cash, the newspaper reported. That’s in addition to the 20,000 or so jobs the company expects to bring with the construction of its campus downtown.

Google shelled out $154.5 million for the North First Street buildings, according to Santa Clara County property records filed at the end of October. According to the Merc, the buildings comprise 377,000 square feet of space.

The north San Jose purchase follows a protracted buying spree by the company, which paid $117 million in January for three large warehouses just hundreds of feet away from its newly acquired North San Jose buildings.

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