Ex-SJ Mayor Chuck Reed to Join Forces with Pot Clubs on 4/20

Marijuana aficionados on Wednesday will celebrate what’s become a hallowed date on their calendar: 4/20. Thousands will flock to San Francisco’s Hippie Hill to commune under a heady haze, while in San Jose, the city’s straight-laced former mayor has a little something of his own planned.

Chuck Reed will observe the counterculture holiday by standing alongside cannabis club execs to denounce a voter initiative that would replace the city’s nascent pot laws. Measure C, which comes up on the June ballot, would lift zoning restrictions and open the market to any number of new collectives.

“If this passes, then it’s essentially an invitation to the federal government to come back in and shut down dispensaries and start confiscating property,” said Reed, who will speak about his anti-C campaign at a noontime press conference outside City Hall Wednesday. “You have to have a safe and effective regulatory system or you become a target. We have one in San Jose right now.”

The initiative’s lead proponent, attorney James Anthony, believes the regional market could support hundreds of pot clubs. In his official arguments for the measure, filed through the City Clerk’s office, he said San Jose should have at least as many as Denver, which counts upward of 400.

Vic Ajlouny, a member of Reed’s strategically titled Keep Marijuana Out of Our Schools and Away From Our Kids Committee, said that's the last thing San Jose needs.

“We do not want San Jose to become the medical marijuana capital of California,” he said. “But that’s what would happen. If Measure C passes, they’d be all over the city.”

A number of collectives actually agree on that point, which is why they'll stand shoulder to shoulder with Reed on Wednesday. It's an unlikely alliance, to say the least.

Reed spent half his mayoral career battling collectives, trying to regulate the bulk of them out of existence. The city’s first attempt to cap clubs died by voter referendum in 2011. A few years later, the city enacted a new ordinance. This time it stuck.

That was in 2014, Reed’s last year in office. He vowed to protect San Jose’s hard-won weed laws even after he termed out. Fast-forward two years, the number of collectives has dwindled from 80, give or take, to a final 16 sanctioned by the city.

To comply with San Jose’s new rules, the “sweet 16” had to court investors for millions of dollars to build enormous facilities and pay sky-high licensing fees, among other hurdles. After all that work, though, some of the same collectives that originally slammed the ordinance as draconian have become invested in its continuity.

“It's ironic that former political foes are scheduled to stand at the same podium in favor of the same political position,” said Sean Kali-Rai, a cannabis club lobbyist who’s engineering Wednesday’s presser.

Anthony joked about being “the bad fairy who didn’t get invited to Reed’s little event.” But he acknowledged that it makes sense for city-approved collectives to join forces with their one-time nemesis.

“They’ve become part of the establishment,” Anthony said. “Well, whatever, I don’t begrudge them. I don’t think any of them would be too brokenhearted if Measure C does pass. It would just mean they would compete in a more competitive market against mom-and-pop dispensaries.”

Reed, who has been dialing for dollars to fight Measure C, said his biggest pledges have come from landlords worried about federal prosecution, collectives and donors from San Jose’s North Side business district.

Mark Matulich, who founded Airfield Supply in 2010 and plans to join Reed for his press conference, fought the city’s first slate of marijuana regs. He harbored doubts about the zoning and operational rules passed in 2014, too, because of a mandate to grow and make all medicine on-site.

Subsequent changes to local rules coupled with new state laws to govern the industry prompted a change of heart. Since the city adopted its guidelines for dispensaries, Matulich said, he has shelled out $2.5 million to bring his co-op above board.

“We are now backing the opposition against Measure C,” he said, “because we’ve dedicated a lot of time and resources to complying.”

Another reason Matulich opposes Measure C, he said, is because it would allow collectives to open up by schools, churches and rehab clinics. San Jose’s zoning rules impose a minimum distance between collectives and what the city calls “sensitive use” facilities, including religious centers and anywhere children gather.

Anthony argued it would be naïve to think that the city’s rules have actually kept rogue collectives at bay. He posed a question to Reed. “How can you advocate for the status quo?” he said. “It failed. Taxes are down, illegal deliveries and dispensaries are making a mockery of you.”

While only 16 clubs claim the city’s blessing, an estimated dozen or so illegal operations continue. One of the criticisms, even from collectives that support the city’s regulatory efforts, is that more could be done to weed out scofflaw dispensaries.

Doug Chloupek, who owns the Little Orchard collective, implored San Jose officials to shut down a neighboring collective for violating a host of city laws.

“I spent nearly $700,000 to relocate our collective, build out our facility and I may have to close,” he wrote in an email to city staff and the City Council. “The only people who have the power to help are YOU included on this email. PLEASE HELP US. I don't know any other way to get our point across. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please take action ASAP.”

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. He and the City Council put Measure B on the Ballot knowing it would cost 8 million for everyone to fight. In 2013 the POA filed litigation which wasn’t heard until shortly ago. It was the agreed lynchpin by all parties to regain control over the PENSION FRAUD if it became to hard to handle. It was a simple plan, claim the City violated a State Law and the wait till now to hear the POA litigation and admit to the violating their rights. Ergo, the Court found in favor of the POA and vacated a people’s vote and Measure B. If the City would have done that in 2013 this would not be the mess it is today with the taxpayers back in the hole of paying huge Pension Benefits to City Employees and a $8,000,000.00 BIll.

    Oh Yea, I forgot this is about Mayor Chuckles Reed, the Master Parcel buyer and baseball Stadium.builder. Maybe he was puffing dope for 8 years.

  2. Chuck Reed is & always has been an anti-marijuana zealot who’s biased,ill-conceived & dubious opinions are as worthless as he is ! No one gives a damn what the elderly former mayor thinks anymore & judging by the photograph accompanying this article we won’t be hearing from him (fortunately) much longer. When San Jose had over one hundred dispensaries the only complaints came from those in law enforcement (no surprise) & a vocal minority of anti-drug fanatics who actually comprise less than one percent of San Jose residents. The city has tried to close them all,close many,arrest & prosecute those operating them & to regulate them only to fail time after time. Now they’ve created a monopoly for their chosen few dispensaries & while the number of dispensaries has been greatly reduced,the number of patients continues to increase. in other words the dispensaries presently operating under the cities auspices now profit from the cities closure of their competitors whose former patients must now acquire their medication from them. The cities licensing & regulation expenses are now passed on to these patients & with the lack of any significant competition has caused the price of medical marijuana to skyrocket. This in turn makes black market marijuana much cheaper (it becomes legal once a patient has it),encourages even more illegal growing & undermines the whole regulatory process. A robust & competitive market drives prices down,increases the variety of medication available & ultimately benefits tens of thousands of patients. Big Box Superstores are reviled in San Jose & now the only option for those who have chosen medical marijuana due to the duplicity of callous & vindictive San Jose politicians. When California voters finally legalize marijuana for recreational use this November the city will be forced to comply with state law which will conflict significantly with the present regulations. When San Jose actually has too many dispensaries they’ll close like other businesses of their own volition due to a lack of sales & profits. San Jose patients can (& did) support far more dispensaries & restrictions on their number are illogical,arbitrary & likely illegal. It’s “high time” to put these political posers in their place once & for all by voting – “YES on MEASURE C” !!!!!

      • No,unlike you I’m rational & thoroughly relaxed because I consume my physician recommended medical marijuana on a daily basis. And unlike the vast majority of pinhead prohibitionists,my nearly fifty years of daily use makes me pretty much one of the most experienced authorities on the subject. I for one have never patronized any of the dispensaries that the city has blessed & don’t plan on ever doing so in the future. I refuse to pay the exorbitant prices that the chosen few charge for their medication & prefer to pay less & do my shopping elsewhere. I presently acquire my medication from dispensaries in Oakland & Berkeley or from many long time acquaintances,thus depriving San Jose government from profiting at my expense. I would venture to say that far less than half of the marijuana enjoyed by the tens of thousands of daily users in San Jose is provided by these city licensed establishments & more people are looking for a new source for their medication every day. The only “legal” sources of medical marijuana now are those who could raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to comply with the cities cumbersome & contemptible regulations. Many small “mom & pop” dispensaries who put the health & well-being of their patients before profits & the real possibility of being jailed for doing so have been forced from the marketplace. They’ve been replaced by a handful of politically connected & moneyed business interests whose customers are compelled to buy from them to comply with the reprehensible city law. As far as I’m concerned the city of San Jose & the dispensaries they’ve enabled with their treachery can all go to hell (if there were such a place) & if I wasn’t medicated constantly I might be inclined to help speed them on their way ! Don’t be duped by dimwitted douchebags – “VOTE YES on MEASURE C” this June !!!!!

        • > The only “legal” sources of medical marijuana now are those who could raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to comply with the cities cumbersome & contemptible regulations.


          You’re beginning to sound like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

          What kind of Democrat bashes “cumbersome & contemptible regulations”?

          Maybe you should stop using the “free market” marijuana and go back to the FDA approved government marijuana..

          • I consider myself an outlaw first,with little respect for the government & even less for law enforcement & politicians. However the Democratic agenda has always been far more palatable than anything that Republicans have managed to regurgitate. When it comes to the far lesser of two evils I’ll vote for a Democrat virtually every time. I only share my expertise & well-informed commentary with the readers to present an opposing point of view,in an effort to better educate the electorate. As everyone knows an intelligent voter with a keen insight as to the issues at hand is a Democrat & an ignorant,ill-tempered & intellectually challenged voter is a Republican. One look at Trump & Cruz supporters is all one needs to reach the same conclusion & anyone who believes anything that the plutocrat or theocrat has to say are every bit as intolerant & stupid as they look. So fire up the torch & heat up that titanium nail,a little dab (or two) will do you & I’m certainly not talking about Brylcreem.

        • Fifty years of daily use Frank,
          In my opinion you’re the addicted poster child for what this crap does to a person.
          Paranoid schizophrenic, speed freak, that wants the cheapest high posible all day long.

          This is Frank, this is your brain on Frank, do you want your kid to sound like Frank?
          Marijuana is not the cure for you Frank, it’s the disease.
          Will may have to ban Twinkies and Ding Dong to get you under control.

          It’s really to bad the state closed all the mental hospital’s that could have helped you!

          • My superior intellect & your inability to express yourself in a cognizant fashion is certainly quite obvious to the other readers ! Your feeble attempts to attack me are undoubtedly the product of a delusional & troubled mind. Did your mother forget to renew your prescription or are you hoarding your crazy pills again ? You rarely know anything about the subject at hand,never add anything of substance to the conversation & repeatedly reveal your ignorance with your hateful & indecipherable diatribes. Once again your comments have absolutely no connection with the story at hand or any of the comments made by readers concerning said story. If you ever had an original thought it would be the first time & I won’t be holding my breath (any more than usual) waiting for that unlikely event. I’d challenge you to a battle of wits,but it would be unbecoming to attack an unarmed man ! How does it feel to be upbraided,esvicerated & disemboweled ? Still want to play,genius ? You sir are a moron !!! LMAO

        • Uh oh! Bitch fight! Frank, keep smokin’ your medicine and hanging out in your mother’s basement spewing nonsense over the Internet.

          • Another blathering knuckle dragger with no clue about the issue at hand & nothing pertinent to add to the conversation. What a surprise ! And speaking of bitches when did you change your name from Ima to Ira ? Do you even have knutz ? I’m betting you don’t have the knutz or even a sack to keep them in ! Why don’t you try picking on someone whose intellectual prowess is on a par with your own ? I’m sure there must be a least one elementary school near the alley where you pitch your tent ! Are you smarter than a 5th Grader ? You probably think you are,but considering your ignorant comments the correct answer is a big NO !

    • The remaining 16 dispensaries are averaging 30%-50% less in sales since the number of clubs was reduced to 16.

  3. Chuck just needs to go away and be a lousy lawyer and take Pete as your wingman. He pretty much destroyed this city but wants to stay in the lime light. Open your own pot club, how about that building next to your law firm that didn’t want the noise.

  4. I appreciate Chuck Reed for continuing to protect our children by keeping the marijuana dispensaries from our schools, churches, parks, and anywhere families and children gather.

    • By driving up the price of medical marijuana all Chuck Reed has accomplished is to enrich street corner drug dealers who unlike licensed dispensaries would be more than happy to do business with your children. You’ll never find a dispensary in a school,church or park,but rest assured these are the places that your children are acquiring it now & doing so with virtual impunity. Only those of legal age with a doctor’s recommendation are allowed to patronize dispensaries & they certainly aren’t jeopardizing their profitable businesses by selling to minors. People have used marijuana in San Jose for decades & there are far more enjoying it’s myriad benefits today than ever before. Your neighbors use it,some most likely grow & sell it & public consumption (have you been to Shoreline lately ?) has been deemed a low priority by law enforcement. Those are the facts,it’s popularity continues to grow & it’s complete legalization is at this point a foregone conclusion. I certainly don’t share your “moral contempt” or “family values” & if you can’t deal with the legal use of marijuana,that’s just too damn bad as far as the rest of us are concerned.

    • You realize there is a pot dispensary practically next door to a kids trampoline place on Monterey Rd. Reed didn’t see that one.

    • There are plenty of clubs in San Jose as it is ………. the voters will NEVER vote for more of them. This ballot will lose 90%-10%.

      • Where you have to drive to and pay top dollar for. Disabled and sick people with low income simply have no access. You must change this. This is a medical system not your money making system. You don’t want more competition and that’s your problem.

  5. If Chuck Reed is for something , you better read the fine print . More than likely the opposite of what Chuck says is true.

    • His lips are moving…. you all know the rest. This psychopath has done enough damage already. When will he just go away and accept is obscurity?

  6. > I’ll vote for a Democrat virtually every time.


    Sounds a bit wishy washy to me.

    Why can’t you just say “I’ll vote for a Democrat EVERY time.”

    I would like to encourage you to get a full body tattoo with the Democrat agenda inscribed on every square inch of your saggy, pimply hide.

    I have a feeling that in the next few years, people will be hunting down Democrats like dogs and stuffing them into wood chippers. I don’t want them to miss you.

    • Here in California & especially here in the South Bay,Republicans are far more likely to become chipper fodder & judging by their lack of political clout one might surmise that they already have ! The only reason that nobody is hunting Republicans now is that they’re so hard to find in this vicinity that they may have to be added to the Endangered Species List !! Your tiresome criticism,childish name calling & pathetic attempts to be humorous are as boring as they are predictable. As my father used to say to insufferable cretins like yourself “If your morals were as low as your scruples,you’d have to climb ten flights of stairs to kiss a snake’s ass” & in your case I wholeheartedly concur !!!

    • Unless the Republican Party gets a makeover, Dems are pretty safe for the next few years and beyond. If you want to have the next Reagan revolution, Donald Trump is not the way to go. Convince a Paul Ryan to run – then you have a better shot. I actually think you guys abandoned Carly too early. She would have been a contender.

  7. This is solely about Reed trying to salvage some semblance of a legacy in San Jose after losing the $5-6million debacle in Measure B that destroyed the City, and pretty much defined his entire political career. You can be sure that these 16 collectives, fearful of losing their weed monopoly, will do anything to protect it. He should now be known as former Mayor Chuck Weed ( with apologies to the poster using this handle), for his shrewd support of these 16 privileged collectives that he helped create through his own regulation.

  8. By the way, the word is “straitlaced,” not “straight-laced.” Although I have many other choice words to describe him, none of which I’ll share here.

  9. At their 4/20 event in San Francisco, the “pot community” left behind 22,000 lbs. of garbage…. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Heaven forbid we should use facts to form negative opinions about any “community”.

    • i wonder how much garbage other events produce?
      every year i hear comments on how much garbage 420 produces but never anything about other evernts.

  10. The biggest failure for the final 16 is the city’s inability or unwillingness to shut down the remaining non-conforming dispensaries. Aside from that …………… Guild, CA Collective, Little Orchard, Canna Culture to name a few are dying and will be out of business within 6 months. In fact all of the remaining clubs are with exception of a couple are way down from last year prior to the new policy. Not sure where all the “patients” went … likely back to the Black Market.

    • Although the South Bay/Silicon Valley is one of the most affluent areas in the United States,it’s also one of the most expensive places to live. Only a small fraction of our community can afford to pay twenty dollars a gram for cannabis,especially those with serious medical problems. Of course many will just find another source for their medication & blame the cities leaders for further complicating their lives. As one would assume a sizable amount of patients whose previous dispensaries have been shuttered are so angry they’ve sworn to never patronize any of the deep-pocketed dispensaries the city has sanctioned. This city is run by a handful of political posers,tools,cranks & popularity contest winners who invariably do the wrong thing without fail. Their pigheaded & ill-conceived efforts to “fix” cannabis dispensaries is just another textbook example of their cluelessness & ineptitude ! “VOTE YES on MEASURE C”

      • First off ………. only a small percentage of “patients” are actually sick people so you can stop with that line of BS. Far and away the majority are simply stoner kids in their 20’s and for that demographic, they always have funds available for weed. When getting high is the priority of your daily routine the money is not a concern. Secondly, the economics of the business model was turned upside down in the sense these dispensaries were not only forced out of their previous locations but had to invest a ton of money remodeling their new digs. Add to that a drop in customers. Then on top of all that, consider none of these dispensary owners really know anything about running a business let alone marketing in a competitive environment. The knee-jerk reaction to less customers and increased overhead is to raise prices….. then of course when that fails, they go out of business. If the city is truly committed to the remaining (16), they need to shut down the Black Market ……. which means the unlicensed clubs and delivery services.

        • Thats an awful broad statement . How would you truly know what everyone afflictions are ?? It might be you opinion , but that doesn’t make it fact . you obviously have no clue about who uses dispensaries , its doctors, lawyers , plumbers , housewives, athletes, people from all walks of life seeking relief from what ever their ailments are. you do know that are strains of medicine that have zero THC . meaning not all MJ gets you high. Colorado makes profits upwards of $ 50 Million dollars per month.

        • First off ……it was California voters,the legislature & the courts that set the bar so low that virtually any malady (real or not) is sufficient to become a cannabis patient. While young adults (those 21 & older) constitute a sizable percentage of cannabis consumers,they’re greatly outnumbered by older adults at dispensaries for several reasons. They don’t have,can’t afford or have no desire to acquire the doctor’s recommendation needed to patronize them. Their friends have a cannabis card,they buy it from the same guy they got it from in high school or they grow their own. And contrary to your baseless assessment there are far more important things to spend their money on (housing,utilities,transportation,clothing,food & entertainment) than grossly overpriced city sanctioned cannabis. Your lack of any actual knowledge concerning the subject at hand is obvious & your specious opinions have no basis in fact. Things were running just fine without the cities interference & then they screwed the pooch,creating new problems while accomplishing little. The black market isn’t going anywhere as there will always be those who’ll defy the government (moonshiners,cigarette profiteers,etc.) & the delivery services provide a valuable & convenient service to the patients that they serve. It’s a matter of supply & demand & there certainly wasn’t any shortage of marijuana in the South Bay long before the first dispensary opened,nor would there be one now if they all closed tomorrow. You don’t know what your talking about & you don’t have a dog in the fight,so the next time you want to share take Jim Rome’s advise to callers – “Have a take & don’t suck” !!!

          • I’m in the business and have been for many years. I visit every San Jose dispensary on a daily basis and know exactly who is buying what. Nothing I mention is based on opinion. Any other questions ?

          • Nobody in the business (or not) visits every dispensary on a daily basis & judging by your tone & the way you malign “your” customers I seriously doubt that you ever been inside a cannabis dispensary ! Let me make it clear,I think you’re a liar ! On the other hand I have been enjoying the myriad benefits derived from cannabis for going on fifty years,have been a “patient” since 2004 & have visited dozens of dispensaries in the Bay Area. Your appraisal of the situation is half-baked,biased,without any factual merit & just plain wrong. You sound more like a shill for the California Narcotics Officer Association than someone who’d risk arrest & jail to provide cannabis to patients. I’ve met & I admire Steve DeAngelo,a fine gentleman who operates the largest cannabis dispensary in the world. He has risked his freedom for years fighting for a cause he devoutly believes in,while you sound like a disgruntled,Johnny-come-lately profiteer at best. And god forbid you actually play some sort of role at a city sanctioned dispensary. Here’s hoping there’s a special place in hell for you & your asinine attitude toward those who patronize that establishment. Have a few more Long Island Ice Teas King,your kind is destroying what so many have spent so long creating & I’m certain that no one will miss you when you’re gone !!! “VOTE YES on MEASURE C”

          • No wonder everybody hates you . you are to pompous and arrogant to realize that you don’t Know Sh-t . Coma Mierda

          • I believe you mean “too” pompous & arrogant,is English your second language ? No wonder you’re “DisgustedinSanJose” everyone here is so much smarter than you ! When dealing with dim-witted & deranged dullards like yourself I prefer the description smug & condescending,because it’s so easy to look down on you & your kind from my pedestal. Besides nobody really hates me,because nobody really knows me here & to know me is to love me ! And if you don’t like me that’s just “too” damn bad,I certainly won’t be losing any sleep ! What part of Frank (straightforward,sincere) Mockery (ridicule,derision) is it that you’re “too” thick to understand ? Would it help any if I typed slower ? Probably not ! Coma mierda ? English is your second language,isn’t it ? Q: Do you know what they say about mierda sandwiches ? A: The more bread you have,the less mierda you have to eat ! Bread I’ve got plenty of,but you’re so full of mierda there’s not enough left to make a sandwich. You don’t know mierda from Shinola ! Try not to eat “too” much mierda though,because you’re repugnant enough already ! You ought to see the “coma mierda” grin on my face as I’m typing this response ! By the way you won’t recognize your mother when you get home,I shaved her back !!!

      • Most People have no problem driving to driving to any other surrounding city to get their meds , and contributing to their economy. San Jose is a joke in almost every way

  11. Hard to take Mayor Reed very seriously. He squandered hundreds of millions of taxpayer’s dollars with the failed attempt to bring the A’s to SJ, Measure B, and destroying the SJPD. He should just fade away and assume his place as one of the worst mayors in the history of San Jose, and take his minion Pete Constant with him.

  12. > Why the concern ? You’re not planning on using the skills your Aryan father passed on to you to turn my skin into a lampshade are you !?! I’ve always suspected that you were a Brownshirt or one of The Boys from Brazil !!!

    Clearly a slur against Indo-Iranian people.


    “”Aryan” is a term meaning “noble” which was used as a self-designation by ancient Indo-Iranian people. The word was used by the Indic people of the Vedic period in India to refer to the noble class and geographic location known as Āryāvarta where Indo-Aryan culture was based.[2][3] The closely related Iranian people used the term as an ethnic label for themselves in the Avesta scriptures, and the word forms the etymological source of the country Iran.”

    Also a violation of the SJI Comments policy.

    “We will not post racist, sexist or sexually explicit comments, obvious commercial promotion, off-topic comments or comments that constitute a slur against a person or group.”

    • The Aryan race actually refers to Caucasians of European & Western Asian descent & the term Aryan has been embraced by racists,supremacists & Nazis since the mid twentieth century. In fact the “Aryan” Brotherhood is a white supremacist prison gang & organized crime syndicate & they hate Indo-Iranian people with the same passion that they hate blacks,hispanics & Jews. As usual you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about,your remarks have nothing to do with this story & anyone with skin as thin as yours shouldn’t constantly attack other commenters without expecting immediate retaliation. They say that ignorance is bliss & accordingly you must be ecstatic 24/7 365 days a year ! In addition your angry diatribes lack substance & wit,thus demonstrating your lack of education & any semblance of class ! I assume that your mother told you that if you don’t have anything nice to say about somebody you should keep your mouth shut. Apparently you paid as much attention to her as you did in class,which would certainly explain your stupidity & lack of social skills. You’re the one who started the name calling & made it personal,but when someone responds in kind you get all butt hurt & want to call the cops. You’re not only a pathetic excuse for a human being,you’re just pathetic. If you can’t play with the big boys go back to the minor leagues where you obviously belong. If you persist I’ll just have to keep gutting you like a trout (trouser trout in your case),metaphorically speaking of course !!! “VOTE YES on MEASURE C”

  13. Trust this man with NOTHING!! Proven liar, conspirator, and all around panderer. Any time you see Reed, Constant or Oliverio involved in anything, QUESTION THE MOTIVATION!!

    • There is absolutely no scientific proof that “marijuana makes you dumber”,just another lie spread by prohibitionists & anti-drug organizations. You can cite all the cherry-picked,biased research conducted & financed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse,but they only enable those who agree that marijuana use is abuse. That’s why the government has made it nearly impossible to do any research into the benefits of it’s use,it contradicts their purpose for existing. There are also many scientific studies that thoroughly repudiate their conclusions,because their findings are flawed & have no basis in fact to validate their anticipated conclusions. The fact that I’m still smarter than you after using marijuana for decades in no way refutes your specious claim,because you’ve obviously never been too bright. Not partaking yourself is probably the best decision you ever made,because following your line of reasoning you probably couldn’t tie your own shoes by now. You’re clueless,ignorant & psychotic & those are your best attributes ! Try forming a cognizant thought of your own & try adding something of value to the conversation. Your continuous attempts to hide your inferior intellect by gaslighting me is as boring to me as your asinine comments are to all of the other vastly more intelligent readers ! Where’s my gaff & my filet knife ? I just landed another big carp that doesn’t know the difference between a harpoon & a lampoon ! “VOTE YES on MEASURE C” because it’s the right thing to do & because it infuriates those who are opposed,a win-win if there ever was one !!!

      • > There is absolutely no scientific proof that “marijuana makes you dumber”….

        Yes, Frank. There is.

        It’s probably even fair to say that a lifetime of marijuana use so debases your cognitive abilities as to make you incapable of making rational judgements on scientific evidence.

        • Nobody really believes that tired old propaganda you’re preaching,except for right-wing idiots,fundamentalist heretics & those whose employment depends on spreading such baseless lies. Then again what would you expect from those who blindly worship a God whose existence can’t be proven & those that think Trump or Cruz is qualified to be President. When California voters legalize marijuana this November you can whine all you want,but nobody is listening to you imbeciles anymore. In fact I predict that marijuana will be legal in the majority of states before another Republican receives more than two hundred Electoral Votes. Hillary 2016,Hillary 2020 !! Isn’t it fitting that after generations of getting their way angry white voters are now the minority here & perennial losers (like yourself) to boot ! I believe that Christians refer to that as “divine retribution” & your reckoning is already happening to y’all here on Earth. We’ve already found our rapture,we just object to paying twenty dollars a gram for it ! “VOTE YES on MEASURE C” for God’s sake !!!

          • > “VOTE YES on MEASURE C”

            Note to Dan Pulcrano.

            This should be a paid political ad.

            George Soros has stuffed MILLIONS of dollars into campaigns to legalize pot.

            But, instead of paying for his campaign ads like an honest citizen, he uses cognitively impaired stooges to post them on news site blogs just to save a buck.

            It’s exploitation of the disabled, the elderly, and the mentally ill.

            Send Frank an invoice.

            Send George Soros a BIG invoice.

          • George Soros is the seventh richest man in America,while you on the other hand are without question amongst the most morally bankrupt. His generous support of progressive candidates & progressive issues (including the legalization of marijuana),issues that he believes in passionately is no different than the millions the Kochsuckers spend on the right-wing side of the ledger. Charles Koch’s disgust with the Republican Presidential contenders manifested itself today when he said that Hillary Clinton may garner his vote ! Cue mic drop ! I laughed so hard I almost spilled my bong ! President Clinton has a nice ring to it (It seems I’ve heard it somewhere before) & like Yogi Berra said “it’s deja vu all over again” & then likely again ! Sort of like Groundhog Day,except it’s the day after the election & GOP voters keep waking up losers again & again ad infinitum !!! “VOTE YES on C”

      • > > There is absolutely no scientific proof that “marijuana makes you dumber”….


        You’re a liar!

        LIAR! LIAR! LIAR!


        “Conclusions. —Heavy marijuana use is associated with residual neuropsychological effects even after a day of supervised abstinence from the drug. However, the question remains open as to whether this impairment is due to a residue of drug in the brain, a withdrawal effect from the drug, or a frank neurotoxic effect of the drug.(JAMA. 1996;275:521-527)”

        • Predictably the study you cite is twenty years old & has been thoroughly repudiated by the most current scientific research. Laughingly,much like your political views you’re twenty years behind the times ! Just because the Funk & Wagnell Encyclopedia from the 1930’s (that I inherited) says that Negros have a smaller cranial capacity than Caucasians,doesn’t mean that it’s still an accepted scientific fact. No doubt the result of biased research conducted by biased researchers then,like those studies funded by the NIDA with DEA approval twenty years ago. These organizations have a Congressional mandate to support the governments contention that all drugs are bad & won’t approve any studies into the potential benefits derived from their use. You’re indisputably wrong & your brand of prohibitionist poppycock doesn’t hold up upon further scrutiny. In summation – you’re wrong (once again),don’t know what you’re talking about (once again) & your reasoning is twenty years behind the times (as usual) ! Try getting the facts straight before you shoot your mouth off next time,lest you lose what little respect the readers still have for your ill-conceived remarks !!!

        • SJOUTSIDETHE BUBBLE – you don’t seem to be aware that the California Medical Association has come out in favor of AUMA, the cannabis legalization initiative that will most likely pass in the Nov election. That 20-yr old article from JAMA has been repudiated by many other studies. Shall I post links for you or are you capable of googling for yourself?

          • > That 20-yr old article from JAMA has been repudiated by many other studies.

            “Repudiated” is a matter of opinion.

            There is no expiration date on scientific research.

            Only post links to articles that assert scientific evidence that marijuana causes cognitive impairment. That is what Frank specifically asserted DID NOT EXIST.

            If you can find a SCIENTIFIC article that says there has been NO SCIENTIFIC evidence that marijuana causes cognitive impairment, post that too. That would amount to SCIENTISTS reading other SCIENTISTS out of the SCIENTISTS union.

  14. Frank, you’re going to be famous. In an infamous sort of way.

    > There is absolutely no scientific proof that “marijuana makes you dumber”,just another lie spread by prohibitionists & anti-drug organizations.

    Scientific American


    September 1, 2014

    Does Marijuana Harm the Brain?

    Reality Check—Cannabis use has been found to:

    • Cause dependence, at some point in their lives, in about 9 percent of people who try it.

    • Impair various aspects of cognitive function, particularly memory. Impairments can remain for several days. One study showed that performance returns to nonusers’ levels after 28 days of abstinence, but evidence is mixed about how long the impairments last.

    • Potentially reduce the volume of the hippocampus, which is critical for memory—but only after heavy and prolonged use. The evidence linking cognitive impairments to specific brain changes is inconclusive, and the degree to which such changes are reversible is hotly debated.

    Progressives in denial:

    “The evidence linking cognitive impairments to specific brain changes is inconclusive, and the degree to which such changes are reversible is hotly debated.”

    Translation: “We’re hoping that SOMETHING turns up to prove that we’re not brain damaged”.

  15. > There is absolutely no scientific proof that . . .

    pot brain damage
    About 3,200,000 results (0.83 seconds)

    marijuana brain damage
    About 1,150,000 results (0.54 seconds)

    cannabis brain damage
    About 804,000 results (0.44 seconds)

    cannabis causes brain damage
    About 641,000 results (0.61 seconds)

    marijuana cognitive effects
    About 563,000 results (0.29 seconds)

    pot impairment
    About 438,000 results (0.39 seconds)

    does weed cause cognitive impairment
    About 432,000 results (0.42 seconds)

    marijuana cognitive impairment
    About 192,000 results (0.40 seconds)

    cannabis cognitive impairment
    About 191,000 results (0.58 seconds)

    neuropsychological performance in long-term cannabis users
    About 86,800 results (0.43 seconds)

    weed cognitive impairment
    About 73,800 results (0.42 seconds)


    Why is the San Jose City Council enabling businesses that are causing brain damage to it’s citizens?

    How much brain damage is caused by “second hand smoke” in open air smoking areas, or tobacco use on Cal State campuses, which the legislature proposes to ban TOTALLY?

    • Not sure I understand. So is “‘repudiated’ a matter of opinion,” as you say? Or is it definitely not repudiated that pot causes brain damage? You are interested in posting studies saying it causes brain damage, as you indicated to Michael above. Are there any studies going the other way? Have you looked for those too?

      • > So is “‘repudiated’ a matter of opinion,” as you say?

        It is until the Pope of Science makes a statement “ex cathedra” on what SCIENTISTS are required to believe.

        By the way, who IS the Pope of Science?

        • Sure, but there is good science and junk science. There is conjecture, there is anecdote, there is the internet, and then there are controlled, unbiased studies with real data. You said to Michael – “only post” studies showing it causes brain damage. I am interested in the truth, not just in winning an argument. Does it cause brain damage or does it not? I am not a pot user, just a reader interested in learning more about something unfamiliar.

          • > Does it cause brain damage or does it not? I am not a pot user, just a reader interested in learning more about something unfamiliar.

            It’s an important scientific question, and one for which the scientific method should be employed.

            We live in an era of vast public ignorance regarding the nature of “science”. The popular narrative is that “science” is just a giant file cabinet full of authenticated facts, and that smart people, i.e. “progressives” are especially adept at accessing the facts in the file cabinet, and miracle of miracles, the facts all support the ‘progressive” political agenda.

            “Science” is, in fact, a way of thinking and a method of discovering a validating new phenomenon The essence of the scientific method is: observation – hypothesis – experiment – results – analysis – conclusion – new hypothesis.

            It is on-going and never ending.

            There are many aspects of the scientific ethos and scientific method that are alien to popular culture. The biggest misunderstanding among the public about science, and particularly among political activists, is that science is or ought to be “democratic”.

            In other words, scientific “facts” are decided by the majority opinion of scientists.

            Scientists are not really in the business of “facts”; they are in the business of “explanations”.

            Some explanations are better than others; almost all explanations are incomplete or flawed. In other words, even the best scientific explanations seldom explain everything about anything. There are always “questions”.

            Long story short: everyone wants to know if marijuana causes brain damage. There are scientists that think it does, and have done experiments or research to support their explanations. There are other (presumably) scientists who are presumably unconvinced by the experiments and explanations. They have “questions”. (Scientists ALWAYS have “questions”, because they get paid for offering “explanations”.)

            But what IS true is that, because scientists have done research and experiments, there IS scientific evidence that convinces at least SOME scientists that marijuana causes brain damage.

  16. Chuck Reed is outv of touch with reality when he says medical cannabis is a sham. Cannabis has been one of the 50 essential medicenals of chinese medicine for nearly 5,000 years. Pots medicianal properities were written about by emporor Sheng Nung in around 2800 BC
    I honestly think Reed is just pissed the black market aint makin $$$$ like it used to.

  17. The clubs don’t want the competition and want to keep the price up, which keeps it from disabled people who need it. And forces us to buy from unauthorized street vendors who can bring it for $10 a gram for top shelf. No club can match that. So look out San Jose, if you continue to “regulate” to control it, you’ll have too much unauthorized and illegal distribution. Which allows children to have access.

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