County: Stay Home on Lady of Guadalupe Celebration Day

With Covid-19 cases skyrocketing and hospital ICUs reaching capacity, health officials and community leaders are imploring the public to stay home during today’s Lady of Guadalupe day of celebration.

Case numbers in recent days have steadily broken records, with 1,700 recorded recently in a single day and hospitalization numbers reaching a new high of 414, according to county public health data. Health officials point to community contact as the reason for the increase in Covid-19 cases, including gathering with family members and friends who do not live in the same house as well as any activities involving crowds.

As the number of cases increases, the available capacity in hospitals decreases. Three hospitals—Regional Medical Center, O’Connor and St. Louise—have already reached capacity and have no ICU beds available, according to the county.

About 10 to 12 percent of Covid-19 cases require hospitalizations and of those, 25 to 35 percent usually require intensive care treatments. The Latinx community continues to be the most impacted population, representing 55.4 percent of all cases when they are only 25.8 percent of the population in Santa Clara County.

To date, 519 residents in the county have died from the virus.

Virgin of Guadalupe activities should be restricted to within the household or held virtually, county officials said.

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