Councilman Raul Peralez to Host ‘Monday Night Live!’

San Jose’s favorite evening of equal-opportunity offending returns to The Stage on June 22, with Councilman Raul Peralez as the host of Monday Night Live!

The show, which delights in satirizing local politicians and celebrities, will feature Michael Van Every, CEO of Urban Republic, along with other surprise guests.

Last year’s event, hosted by county Supervisor Cindy Chavez, featured a lip sync battle between then-mayoral candidates Dave Cortese and Sam Liccardo, butt jokes, and a “Lame Duck Dynasty” skit poking fun at two departing council members. This year’s program is still under wraps, but from shady school contracts to the tension in the Campos-Chavez dynamic duo, or former Mayor Chuck Reed’s $1 fine that cost taxpayers $106,000, there should be no shortage of political fodder.

“MNL! has become a much anticipated tradition of celebration for the arts and political communities,” said Dennis Martin, board president of San Jose Stage Company and event co-chair, in a press release.

Proceeds from the 22nd annual comedy night will benefit The Stage’s “award-winning programming of high-quality, high-performance, high-impact theater.” From all those “highs” perhaps we can expect a revamp of Pete Constant’s bong-packing from 2010—but please no ball gag.

The evening begins with a cocktail party at 5pm in The Stage’s courtyard (490 South First St., San Jose), followed by the show at 7pm. Individual tickets are on sale for $75-$150 online or via phone (408.283.7142), and sponsorship details can be found online as well.


  1. I predict that Republicans will take a beating. That is, if anyone in one-party local politics can actually be identified as a Republican.

    I further predict that there will be no actual satire of “progressive” politicians. All references to progressive politicians must be ego-fluffing or adulatory, or otherwise will be found to be “offensive”.

  2. Is it time for San Jose residents to start picketing these vanity events to encourage our city council to stop goofing around and get to work on San Jose’s most pressing problems such as hiring more police officers? The Mayor and city council need to develop a viable plan and timeline for fully staffing SJPD.

    • > Cue witty responses from various groups (union/chamber) on just what Sam’s “Impossible Dream” is.

      Sam’s impossible dream is to link affordable housing to global warming and then impose a local carbon tax on top of the county carbon tax, the state carbon tax, the federal carbon tax, and the U.N. carbon tax.

      And then, have the Pope visit San Jose, and perform an exorcism on the City Council and global warming deniers.

    • > Housing is easy, just do like Tokyo does and make smaller apartments.

      I assume that “Tokyo” is too smart to have anything like Section 8 housing.

      My understanding is that Section 8 requires the recipient to pay a fixed fraction of his or her income for housing, and the government picks up the rest.

      Absolutely no incentive to live in a smaller apartment.

      Note to Keynesians and Socialists:

      In a free market for apartments, those who choose to live in larger apartments pay more, and those who live in smaller apartments pay less. Thus, there is an actual economic incentive to live in a smaller apartment. Plus, all of this can be done WITHOUT paying for a central planning bureaucracy.

        • > “We’re close enough to the jobs up north, but our housing doesn’t cost as much”

          Here’s an idea! Build premises for more jobs in San Jose, instead of building sardine housing for jobs in Mountain View!

          General Electric is talking about moving it’s corporate headquarters OUT of Connecticut because of high taxes.

          Why not give GE some incentives to move TO San Jose. (Hint: cut taxes, cut regulation, cut taxes, cut bureaucracy, cut taxes, — but I’m repeating myself.)

  3. There’s a nice plot of land in South San Jose GE could use. Build some housing around GE and the light rail. Stop adding to the congestion of North San Jose. Spread some job opps to the south side.

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