Capitol Corridor Increases Train Routes Next Week to Pre-pandemic Levels

Capitol Corridor train service is increasing starting next week, including a return to pre-pandemic service frequency between Oakland and San Jose, the rail agency announced Wednesday.

The new schedule for the service that runs between the South Bay and the Sacramento area takes effect Monday and includes an increase from 16 to 22 weekday trips, from 10 to 18 weekend trips, and returns to the pre-pandemic frequency of 14 trips daily between Oakland and San Jose.

Cafe Car service will resume with a limited menu, and Capitol Corridor will have improved connections with BART from the Richmond station, according to the rail agency.

The Capitol Corridor is a 168-mile passenger train route operated by Amtrak between San Jose and Auburn.


  1. Knowing what we (hopefully Cap Corridor/BART planners) know about ongoing CyberTampering and plain need to expedite clean rail transport: hybrid electric/LPG Diesel Multiple Unit power. Climate heating calls for much faster additional rail passenger mileage and high profile destinations with provenance. Legacy rail destinations like Santa Rosa; Monterey; Santa Cruz Tahoe City are more than just nice to have. Wealthy donors can be sought for rebuild of the San Jose/Felton tunnel link.

    Certainly Santa Rosa is soon reachable with a Fairfield route extension? Next is Monterey, with rail near intact from Watsonville? Why is “GoFundMe” methodology not employed by the marketing mavens at passenger rail bureaucracies? The Healdsburg Bridge delay is truly worthy of opprobrium as an example of unimaginative financing, if not also lack of savvy regarding ways and means of refurbishing a sound truss bridge structure. “Drape & Scrape & Paint” Apply strain gauges and load test joints to determine webs and plates needing doubling or scarfing. The rail network is needed back to full late 20th century footprint with all due haste, as threats of war and the usual California disasters shall require every possible transport enhancement.and capacity option.

    Railway capacity enhancements are crucial and integral with emergency food distribution options.

  2. For the editors My telephone (530-346-6060) (cell 530-847-8156) Reference James Allison /BART.

    I am a train rider cognizant of surroundings and equipment since 1945/46. Experience on Bridge Route Key trains. Sacramento street cars, Cable cars to the Presidio. Geary line,. Troop trains on Q/R St. 4 trolley tracks on Marker Street.

    My message regarding expediting strategic passenger route capacity is made in context of very real Geopolitical imperatives. Believe it or don’t… See Richard Clarke “CYBERWARFARE” You are witnessing WW III early stages in progress. FeedbacK? Delaying rail capacity is not an option.

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