Brothers Held Without Bail in Double-Murder of Parents

Two sons of a Bangladesh-born San Jose couple shot to death in their home on Sunday have been booked on murder charges.

Hasib Golamrabbi, 22, had been missing until police found him Wednesday night in Tracy, according to NBC Bay Area. His 17-year-old brother—whose name has been withheld because of his age—was also taken into custody at Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall. Golamrabbi is being held without bail at San Jose’s Main Jail and scheduled for an arraignment at noon Friday.

Hasib Golamrabbi.

Hasib Golamrabbi.

“There are no outstanding suspects,” the San Jose Police Department wrote in a statement Thursday. “The victims were the suspects’ parents. No additional details will be provided about the investigation.”

Friends found the parents—59-year-old engineer Golam Rabbi and 57-year-old accountant Shamima Rabbi—dead in their Evergreen Hills home last weekend. According to news reports, their killer left a chilling note: “Sorry, my first kill was clumsy.”

Sources told NBC Bay Area of another note left at the scene referring to the family’s disapproval of Golamrabbi’s sexual orientation.

“I can’t be like you, telling a lie,” the message reportedly read. “I can’t love someone without telling them.”

The Rabbis, who emigrated from Bangladesh three decades ago, worshipped at the nearby Evergreen Islamic Center. San Jose police quickly ruled out a hate crime, however.

Shamima and Golam Rabbi.

Shamima and Golam Rabbi.

Their killing marked the city’s 15th and 16th homicides this year, five of which happened in the week prior.

The South Bay Islamic Association released a statement after the couple’s death:

“We ask Allah to forgive the deceased, shower his mercy on them, and make their graves a garden from paradise. In addition, we extend our deepest condolences to the family and ask Allah to grant them strength and patience during this most difficult time.”

Islamic law requires a burial as quickly as possible after a person’s death. But the parents have not been buried yet because the coroner was waiting to release their bodies to the eldest son, according to the South Bay Islamic Association.

It’s unclear whether there will be an exception in light of Golamrabbi’s arrest.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. > Hasib Golamrabbi,

    > 59-year-old engineer Golam Rabbi and 57-year-old accountant Shamima

    > Golamrabbi

    > The Rabbis

    > Shamima and Golam Rabbi.

    So, how many different people are there in this news story?

  2. Will the defendant be tried under Islamic Law, or will he be given the best defence money can buy under American Law?

    • The crime occurred here, did not occur in an embassy, and his parents appear to be US Citizens. Why wouldn’t they get an American trial? I’m sure that in the days to come we’re going to learn a lot more about their home life, the defendant’s access to firearms, the defendant’s sexual orientation, and so on.

      With both parents dead, another member of the family might foot the bill for a defense, or a public defender might be appointed.

      Islamic and Jewish Orthodox burials are pretty similar, especially in that the bodies are not embalmed. This probably has something to do with the “as soon as possible” requirement in both Jewish and Muslim burials.

      • If they wanted to be buried according to Islamic law, should they not be tried by Islamic law.
        We have reached a point in this country of having a double standard of political correctness and religious custom run amuck.

        Sorry my first kill was clumsy?

        Obviously he was intending a career in murder.
        Under Islamic law this man future would be very short, under California’s laws this man will likely be around longer than most of us.

        There is a push in Europe and the US to allow Sharia law for the followers of Islam by our liberals, so I am asking
        where does this man stand under Islamic law or will he hide under our law?

        • Regardless of what you hear in the news…there is no Islamic law in America. There is no Islamic court in America. You are either trolling or a retard. Thank you.

        • “There is a push in Europe and the US to allow Sharia law for the followers of Islam by our liberals”

          Do you have any evidence for this ridiculous statement? Yeah, didn’t think so. “EMPTY GUN”? More like EMPTY BRAIN.

          • No Sharia in the US or Europe?
            Well yes there is. A quick google search “Sharia Law in America or Europe or UK” will give a dozen stories per page on the subject.

            One included 140 sum examples of US judges using Sharia in their decisions.
            It’s catching on big time in the UK in places where Muslims are becoming the majority.

            Trolling, Yes Steve you’re on the hook.
            Shela you can replace the boot on your head with a berka.