Air Quality District to Provide Air Filtration Units to Low-income Residents

In an effort to combat the effects of harmful smoke from wildfires throughout California, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District will provide portable air filtration units for low-income residents who suffer from asthma, district officials said Tuesday, Aug.10.

The Home Air Filtration Program, which is part of the national nonprofit Public Health Institute's Regional Asthma Management and Prevention (RAMP) program, will provide the units to about 2,000 people throughout the Bay Area who have been diagnosed with poor-controlled asthma and are enrolled in the state's Asthma Mitigation Project.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has issued an air quality advisory for Thursday because of smoke from wildfires further north in California and southern Oregon that is expected to descend on the region.

The advisory follows similar ones issued for three days last week because of the wildfire smoke from fires outside of the Bay Area.

The smoke on Thursday is expected to stay mostly aloft but some may come to the ground level, particularly in higher elevations in the North and East Bay areas. The air quality is not expected to be poor enough to exceed federal standards and prompt a Spare the Air alert, according to the air district.

Anyone who smells smoke should stay inside with windows and doors closed until it subsides, and should also set air conditioning units to re-circulate to prevent outside air from coming inside their building or vehicle.

People can follow the latest air quality readings from the air district.

“Wildfires are increasing in the region and residents with asthma are some of the most vulnerable to the related smoke impacts,” the air district's Executive Officer Jack Broadbent said in a statement. “Our partnership with RAMP provides air filtration units to these residents and can help reduce emergency room visits when air quality becomes unhealthy.”

In addition to providing funding for the air filtration units, RAMP also provides services like in-home care visits, education and other solutions for people suffering from asthma.

Click link for more information about wildfire preparedness tips and air quality.




  1. CA should be Fined for Spewing out record levels of “Green House Gases” across the country (for the past several years). Not to mention the adverse health effects due to the particulate matter residents get to breathe in – and future increased Health Care concerns and costs. So Mis-Guided – Failure by Former Gov Brown and the greater disaster of CA – Gov Gavin New(TAX)som. CA has neglected the safety & security of its Citizens while bowing to Special Interest Groups that file lawsuits to prevent proper management of timber in Forest Lands, Water resources and the environment. The amount of Climate Changing Pollutants released through CA’s environmental mismanagement resulting in increased frequency of larger Fires way outpaces any of the “trumpeted” gains through business stifling regulations on vehicle fuels, car manufacturers, energy producers, CEQA, etc..

    Another reason to RECALL Gavin Newsom and end the One Party Mis-Management of CA.

  2. the tenants should sue the san jose city council for passing rent control and causa justa that ghettoizes them into the oldiest, moldiest, most crowdiest tentaments in the city on purpose

  3. Let’s just recall the governor and not have to put up with this nonsense year after year after year… The neglect and decay in California caused by the existing batch of leaders needs to stop. Clean house starting with the governor, then the mayors, then county supervisors. Finally, fire all the inept unelected government leaders starting with the county health directors.

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