Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force Announces Upcoming Meetings

Community members will have a chance to weigh in on San Jose’s gang-prevention efforts at a series of town hall meetings this fall. The Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force will host four meetings this month through November to gather input about the city’s efforts to suppress local gang activity.

San Jose has seen a dramatic drop in gang-related crime since 2012 after a citywide crackdown in response to a slew of killings earlier this year. Through September, the city had six fewer gang-related homicides compared to the same time last year—a nearly 43-percent dip. During that same timeframe there was a 19-percent overall drop in violent gang crimes, which include homicide, robbery and assault, police announced in a Mercury News report last month.

Since it began in 1991, the task force has involved the public for guidance on how to deal with the city’s gang problem. The City Council allotted $4.6 million to spend on the program over the next couple years. 

Results from the meetings will direct the task force’s 2014-16 strategic plan. Each meeting will have reps from the mayor’s office, council, police department, city manager’s office and parks and rec department.

Dates and times

• 6pm Oct. 21 at Overfelt High School, 1835 Cunningham Ave.
• 6pm Oct. 28 at Bascom Community Center, 1000 S. Bascom Ave.
• 6pm Nov. 7 at Southside Community Center, 5585 Cottle Road
• 6pm Nov. 14 at Roosevelt Community Center, 901 E. Santa Clara St.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. You want input, restore the number of police officers, restore the VCET unit, restore the officers in the Gang Detective Unit.  Get rid of CHUCK and the majority on council running for mayor.

    Vote against any plan of Chuck’s state wide pension reform as he gathers out of state money and continues to hide our money.  It’s a cloud over Chucks “Sunshine open policy”.

  2. It truely bothers me to no end that its called “The Mayors Gang Prevention Task Force” . This P.O.S. Mayor has done nothing but . destroy the VCET unit,disband the gang detective unit, and decimate public safety as a whole. His only goals are to Bring the A’s to san jose( Never Gonna Happen),Steal earn pensions and benefits from current employees, And try to change the state constitution . This is the same guy who ran on “Open Government and Sunshine reform” , yet its already been proven that He has lied, cheated and stole. some of these offenses multiple times. People of San Jose need to wake up and see the Mayor for the corrupt individual that he is.

  3. It’s misleading to put a SJPD car in the photo, as well as to mention drops in violent crime due to SJPD Officers working overtime.  These have very little to do with the Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force, and even less to do with the Mayor’s Office, Council, City Manager’s Office or Parks and Recreation.

    The drop in gang violence (and violence in general) was because SJPD put Officers on the street.  The MGPTF is wasteful spending and the politicians attempting to get kudos for “crime prevention” is disingenuous at best after their efforts to harm SJPD several years running.

    I look forward to the upcoming article on the Mayor’s Dirty Water Prevention Task Force, spending $4 Million dollars… A photo of Weepy Seepy, it’s few remaining employees and Rufas proudly wearing a DeMattei Construction t-shirt with Texas oil belt buckle.

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