San Jose’s Adega Restaurant Regains Its Michelin Star

The first San Jose restaurant to win a Michelin star—only to lose it two years later—has captured the honor again.
The small Portuguese restaurant in East San Jose’s Little Portugal neighborhood was a little known establishment when it exploded onto the international culinary scene in 2017 with the Michelin recognition.
The pressure facing a young family eatery was intense and it was off the list in 2019. There were no Michelin awards for 2020 due to the pandemic.
Adega recently reopened with a seven-course tasting menu created by Chef David Costa.
Los Gatos chef David Kinch once again received three Michelin stars for his celebrated Manresa restaurant.

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  1. The photo of the “gourmet Michelin food” caused me to lose my appetite.
    But congratulations to Adela for having the chutzpah to sell this stuff to the more pretentious among us.

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