Texting Scandal Costs Sheriff Challenger John Hirokawa SCC Dem Club’s Endorsement

San Jose’s daily paper of record may dismiss sheriff hopeful John Hirokawa’s response to a slew of racist, sexist and transphobic texts exchanged by a clique of deputies as a “waning scandal,” but it’s an issue that keeps coming back to bite the retired jails chief.

At a San Jose-Silicon Valley NAACP forum last week, five-term Sheriff Laurie Smith reminded attendees of Hirokawa’s alliance with two union presidents involved in the texting ring—Lance Scimeca, who was fired and Don Morrissey, who resigned as head of the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (DSA) but remains on patrol. That following Monday, the supposedly “waning scandal” cost Hirokawa an endorsement from the Santa Clara County Democratic Club.

“I had reason to believe that he lied at the NAACP forum,” said an openly gay Democrat who felt personally offended by some of the texts and asked to withhold his name for fear of online harassment from Hirokawa’s DSA loyalists.

When club president Rob Means asked if anyone at Monday’s meeting wanted to speak against the endorsement, the concerned committee member reluctantly raised his hand and explained his contention.

In arbitration records, Hirokawa asserted that deputies had a First Amendment right to text whatever they want off-duty on personal devices, and that he refused to even read them as undersheriff over concerns of violating their right to privacy. Once more of his testimony became public, Hirokawa changed his tune; only then did he condemn Morrissey for espousing comments about a “shemale,” sexual assault in jail and how it’s hard to see black people on the freeway at night.

The committee member then proceeded to recite some of the texts authored by Morrissey while Hirokawa sat at the front of the room—face red, eyes cast down.

“I think hearing that had a fairly significant impact on the audience,” committee head Fred Rehhausser observed.

Just like in the primary, Hirokawa failed to muster enough votes for an endorsement. “The audience was very split, very fractious,” Rehhausser said. “This was the second time they brought him before the board for an endorsement and the second time he failed to get a two-thirds vote.”

Not that it matters. The local Democratic Central Committee—the state party’s official body in the South Bay and the one whose endorsements carry the most weight—reaffirmed its support for Hirokawa in the fall runoff.

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  1. I don’t blame the “concerned committee member” for fearing online bullying from DSA loyalists. There are quite a few DSA members choosing to remain silent because they are simply afraid of the mental and verbal beat down from them if they speak up at DSA meetings. It is truly hideous what they do to anyone that supports the Sheriff or speaks out against the DSA. It’s like they have a “take-no-prisoners only our point of view matters” attitude. Very hardcore extreme hate. It’s also a shame a lot of these loyalists are cops or retired cops. Just what we need…

    “Concerned committee member” is a hero in my book. We need more like him.

  2. What you see taking place in the DSA is not what I represented as a former Vice President and 35 year member of the association. It does it not reflect the attitude of the majority of Deputy Sheriff’s patrolling your streets or serving in the other divisions of the Office of the Sheriff. I have no problem speaking out and sharing your views on the current state of the Sheriff’s and Correction Department. Deputy Sheriff’s are no cowards and to set you straight, we are not cops. I chose to print my name in public, you shield your with the latter. What’s that make you? Joe A. Lopez #1185

  3. I’m still voting for him. He has ability. What someone else texted on their time off is not a concern to me because it appears to be more a smear tactic or that’s how I take it. Their personal life is just that- personal. Judge not
    May you with no imperfections cast the first stone… I’m pretty sure there will be no stone throwing if you adhere to the part that says throw if you’re perfect.

    • Nobody is asking anyone to be perfect, dipsh*t. The point is not to be an uneducated fool with bigoted comments like that. If those who are supposed to “protect and serve” are saying these things? Why should they be armed? Why should they wear the uniform? Why should they serve our communities? Get over yourself. You’re just someone who is privileged and don’t have to deal with these comments so it’s easy for you to say that. White people are just the worst…

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