One Man’s Trash: Dominic Caserta Caught ‘Illegally Dumping’

As tenants of the historic Morse Mansion—one of the few Queen Anne Victorians left in Santa Clara and the only one in the city listed on the National Register of Historic Places—members of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority are more than a little guarded about who’s on or around the property.

So it raised some alarm when one sorority sister watched a middle-aged man traipse over and proceed to dump what looked like “electronics and documents and stuff like that” into the mansion’s big green trash bin.

The Santa Clara University student who witnessed the incident last month snapped a photo of the trash-tossing scofflaw to share with fellow sorority sisters and one of the Old Quad neighbors, who recognized the uninvited guest as none other than accused sexual harasser Dominic Caserta.

“It weirded them out,” a source familiar with the situation tells Fly. “And I can see why: The man did not look well.”

The Old Quad neighbor advised the sorority sister to lodge a complaint with the city to report the potentially illegal dumping by one of the city’s former elected leaders.

According to records obtained by Fly, she obliged.

Caserta—a councilman and aspiring Santa Clara County supervisor whose political career was derailed in May of 2018 by revelations of his allegedly longstanding history of sexual harassment and bullying—has laid low for the better part of this past year while ostensibly plotting litigation and, as of earlier this month, dealing with his divorce.

Well, really, it sounds like his wife’s been the one dealing with the marriage dissolution. In an impassioned phone call Wednesday, Caserta denied any marital troubles.

“I am not getting divorced,” he repeatedly insisted.

“My wife and I are married,” he added, echoing text messages he’s lately been sending to former political operatives who worked on his 2018 supervisorial campaign. (“I am still standing,” he told one consultant in a text earlier this month, “and I will always have my son, wife and a record of leadership for working families ... And call me an asshole to my face and I will be there you loser!”)

When told the divorce case number filed April 2, Caserta seemed genuinely taken aback.

“I have not been served anything,” he claimed. “Nothing.”

Fly’s been hearing about more Caserta sightings around his abode, which happens to lie kitty corner from the sorority house. That positioning must be awkward for Kappa Alpha Theta, considering how no small number of the high school girls he taught over the years have accused him of unwanted touching, hugging, hair-stroking and chest-ogling.

Caserta’s coed neighbors would be well advised to lock the dumpster and draw the blinds.

This article has been updated to include a statement from Caserta.

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  1. This does not sound like reporting, this and one other news site are pulling same tactic. This is another hit piece that sounds more like opinion piece rather than actual news. So he used a dumpster? I am happy it’s not in the street or polluting or the hoarding all the homeless seem to be doing lately
    But to write a petty article like this makes no sense but to open up old wounds from a year ago.
    Caserta was a jerk, he was shady at times…. he was also someone that was a huge cheerleader to get things passed. He had to go
    yet…. all the allegations and accusations, all the police reports and the giant media circus led to nothing. Not one charge, not one crime, only the media, and jury of public opinion decided his fate.

    I get it, he was foul, he lusted for women, but also that is all men (Have you seen gay men- yes im gay) it is all that testosterone.

    But seeing this “opinion” that is not earth shattering news, it’s just a former elected official trying to put back together his life(or whats left of it). Isn’t there such things as forgiveness? or hell he got what was coming to him? maybe it was a learning lesson.

    This is by no means a pass for his actions, or sympathy for what happened to him. But if there is a crime I would love to see the court decide that and him serve his punishment. But i guess this is punishment……to have media publish things about getting rid of trash. To me sounds like a permit patty again,

    That song “Dirty Laundry” really means a lot now.

    • Wow. You stereotype all gay men. No matter if you are gay you are still indulging in stereotypes. As for Caserta – he obviously things he is above the law whether it be sexual harassment or illegal dumping. This guy is a loser

      • > Wow. You stereotype all gay men. No matter if you are gay you are still indulging in stereotypes.

        What’s the stereotype?

        The only “stereotype” seems to be a gay activist claiming victimhood by whining about a “stereotype”.

  2. Sort of a family Pet Peeve here.

    So we used to have a fruit stand in Evergreen, next to Evergreen College. Routinely someone would come by and dump their crap in it. My grandfather Jerome tired of seeing our dumpster prematurely filled one day decided to dig through the trash to see who was behind it.

    Low and behold it was some doctor that lived in the area.

    So he got in touch with the guy, who flat out lied and said it wasn’t his, he didn’t know how things with his name got in there, must have been the devil, etc. Grandpa had some laborers load the trash into his truck, had them sit back there with it (because in those days, riding in a truck bed was A-OK), drove to the guys house and dropped every bag of trash in his driveway. Dumpster never was prematurely filled up again.

    I think these sorority girls should do the same.

  3. To all the Caserta defenders out there —

    There are 15 police reports filed against him by his female students. That cannot be dismissed. But the DA didn’t have enough evidence to charge him. He was fortunate that he had a good defense attorney. The teachers’ union is known for being good at defending their own — even the worst and most vile ones.

    Caserta clearly behaved inappropriately. That’s the nicest way to put it. But he has never publicly acknowledged his despicable behavior. Caserta thinks he’s a victim. He’s not. Guys like him try to repair their reputations and hope everyone forgets. He’s been trying to do that. He sent out some laughable press release about passing a polygraph test. The real victims should publicly challenge him to take one and they should, too. That would tell us a lot.

  4. Hey man, what do you expect when you leave a dumpster with the top open out in the street? If it was rolled out into the street…means its a pick up day….and if there is space, why not put trash there? I do it myself all the time.

    And shouldn’t the students be in class or studying, instead of watching and take pictures of their dumpster?

    What I am personally going to do now is watch for that dumpster and as soon as it is not rolled back onto the property in time, I will take my own pictures and call code enforcement…

    Oh, and Morse Mansion is public property, and being our property, we have a right to use it, including its dumpster…..

    • I agree, Mr. ‘AGREE’ (or should I say, ‘Dominic’), this is petty.

      But this is no ordinary jamoke, this is a self-serving conniver who has consistently turned the government to his own personal advantage:

      And let’s have a show of hands: does anyone believe Casserta had no idea his wife was divorcing him?

      Personally, I think he’s lying thru his teeth; it’s not like he has a reputation for probity…

      Isn’t it time the citizens of our once honest and uncorrupted area voted for candidates based on their morality, instead of head-nodding along with their slick campaigns?

      And it’s not just Casserta, it’s ‘Pierluigi’ Oliverio (caught on video stealing his opponent’s lawn signs), and the imnsufferably pompous DA, Jeffrey Rosen, and the equally creepy ex-mayor Mahan, and Mayor Liccardo, and Rabble Rouser Opportunist Extraordinaire Dauber… etc., etc., &etc.

      These self-serving pols don’t represent We The People. They represent only themselves.

      The ONLY remedy:

      Vote ’em OUT!

      A new crop feeding at the public trough can’t be much worse. And who knows, we could get lucky for a change…

    • The Morse Mansion is public property??? Uhhh no, it’s no. Typical of the Old-Almost Dead-Quad residents to think they have control of others private homes.

      • The City of Santa Clara purchased it in 2016 for $3,875,000. The City leases it to a sorority associated with Santa Clara University.

  5. This is petty. Dumping is leaving your mattess on a curb in the dark of night. If you want to do something, capture people doing that and get some convictions.

    Again, this is petty. Be better.

  6. I just hope the the Corrupted Santa Clara Family court does not make this marriage dissolution a three year process so attorneys can be paid $350 per hour and “legally” take possession of the family’s savings. It is clear Mr. Carseta needs MH support. His wife as many women in these situations maybe taken all the stress. Most importantly there is a child that needs support not the abusive tactics of SANTA CLARA COUNTY corrupted Family Court. I wish the best to the wife and Child. It is a child’s right to have a relationship with mother and father after a separation. Make sure dad is emotionally stable. Do not blame wife for this man’s sexual deviation and ilegal acts. RECALL SANTA CLARA COUNTY Family Court, Julie Emede, and JEFF ROSEN, the enemies of local families, health and safety.

  7. Fantastic work Fly! Keep the heat on this scum bag! If he so much as jay walks, report it! if only to honor the 13 young women who courageously stepped forward at great risk to make credible allegations against this creep. The good ole boy network of the SCC DA and the incompetent school district will not bring justice so it is up to the media to keep the heat on! Not to mention that Caserta seeks remuneration to the tune of $38 Million for his bad actions! What a creep! Go Fly!

  8. Dear V.S. Prin,

    I like your idea of the polygraph challenge. But a better idea would be a civil suit against Dominic Caserta. Remember how OJ Simpson was cleared of criminal charges and then he lost in civil court. The victims should get together and raise money online. I’d contribute. I bet a bunch of others would too.

  9. Caserta is the most loathsome person in local politics. There is no equal. For fans of a Fish Called Wanda, you’ll remember Otto, a first-rate narcissistic asshole. Otto was dumb, too. It was said of him that he thought the Gettysburg Address was where Lincoln lived. Caserta should play Otto in the sequel.

    Many of Caserta’s former associates will concur. Caserta only had associates, not friends. He was as transactional as they come and those around him were equally so. Even his financial patron the 49ers have no use for him now. Will they help him as if he’s a fallen comrade. The decision has been made and the answer is absolutely not. Caserta once had power and could help the Yorks. But now they know, as do we all, that a weak man without power is just a weak man. In Caserta’s case, he is a eunuch.

  10. I can understand dumping a few things in a dumpster that is open although its wrong. So many losers are dumping huge piles of garbage in residential neighborhoods on the east side. My issue here is this mans arrogance and bold dumping in the middle of the day with people in the area. It shows his state of mind and demeanor. He thinks he is above the rules. Dump your stuff in a large container but do it more covert. Unless you think you can do what you want.

  11. As much as I hate giving any politician a brake, at least he’s putting in a trash container and not dumping it at the end of my street. That’s more than I can for the new vagrants that are moving into the city.

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