Nonprofit Supporter of Rep. Mike Honda Might Have Violated IRS Rules on Political Campaigning

Rep. Mike Honda is a karaoke legend. He can go up-tempo; he can sing ballads. ¿Canta en Español? Claro que si. But, to date, Honda hasn’t sung his way out of a congressional ethics probe. The eight-term San Jose congressman is under investigation for bending the rules on using official House resources to support his past campaigns, as well as trading official access for campaign support. Now some of Honda’s supporters may be breaking the rules. A tipster passed on an email sent last month by Lori Ramos Ehrlich, chief operations officer (COO) of job training nonprofit ConXion to Community, inviting “friends” to a karaoke fundraiser “supporting our favorite Congressman, Mike Honda” at Mexico Lindo in San Jose. The email features a photo of the congressman with a microphone and requests donations of $50 to $250. “You don’t have to sing to support Mike,” Ehrlich writes, “but it sure will be fun watching you try!” While the missive apparently came from a personal email address, Ehrlich included her official work signature and contact info, and invited people to call her at work with any questions. The email also directs checks to the nonprofit’s address. Honda is an honorary ConXion board member. The problem with such an email is the IRS forbids nonprofits from supporting or opposing political candidates. Doing so could cost an organization its 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. Fly showed up at the Feb. 18 event to ask Ehrlich about the invite, but she ducked inside before we were told to leave the private event. It’s not clear how many more people arrived beyond the seven we counted. Weeks of phone calls to Ehrlich since the event have gone unreturned. The one time we did get her on the phone, she hung up immediately. Attempts to speak with ConXion's CEO Rose Amador LeBeau also went nowhere. An IRS spokesperson said the agency does not comment on specific incidents but pointed Fly to the policy for restrictions on nonprofits getting involved in political campaigns. Ehrlich’s email could constitute a violation, but that’s up to interpretation. Honda campaign manager Michael Beckendorf confirmed with Fly that Ehrlich hosted aan event for the congressman but wouldn’t comment on how much money was raised.

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Partial image:

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Nonprofit exec Lori Ramos Ehrlich sent this flyer with her work signature and contact information while trying to raise money for Congressman Mike Honda.

Nonprofit exec Lori Ramos Ehrlich sent this flyer with her work signature and contact information while trying to raise money for Congressman Mike Honda.


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  1. Perhaps if we took up a collection we could get him to sit down, shut up and stop running for congress!

  2. > Rep. Mike Honda is a karaoke legend. He can go up-tempo; he can sing ballads. ¿Canta en Español? Claro que si. But, to date, Honda hasn’t sung his way out of a congressional ethics probe.



    I’m humbled.

    You just have to marvel at an artist practicing his art.

  3. “Could constitute a violation but that’s up to interpretation??” What’s the IRS interpretation? She can’t take any personal phone calls at work? Isn’t she entitled to take 15-minute breaks? You guys don’t like Honda, I get it. But this just confirms people are looking for dirt on him. It does not yet confirm dirt.

    • The IRS link in the article states that:

      “Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Contributions to political campaign funds or public statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity. Violating this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of certain excise”

      It seems like using your non profit email ID to send out a campaign fundraising email is direct support of a candidate and is a public written statement in favor of the candidate. Honda is on the board of this org which makes it worse.

      What’s happening here is something else, not an antiHonda vendetta. Instead, SJI, like all formerly print media, exists to get clicks in order to be enticing for advertisers.

      The ethics story must be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) story SJI has ever done. For example, another website states that the stories relating to the federal ethics investigation recieved “the fourth most view[s]” in 2015 on their site which is devoted to Asian American news nationally. When the stories about the investigation first broke nationally back in July 2015, San Jose Inside got mentioned in news coverage in media outlets all over the country. That’s great free branding for a click based business.

      Despite this being a race over very little (a Democrat with basically the same policy positions is trying to cost his party seniority), somehow the state media has decided that this race is more interesting than say a swing race like Bera in CD07 or Knight in CD25. I cannot figure out why this is the case (nor can I figure out why one of the best regarding political reporters in our state in Carla Marunicci is shilling for Khanna).

      I think it may be as simple as they are getting the clicks because they is an online savvy audience backing Khanna…

    • Voice,
      I just love “Subject to Interpretation Clause”, It simply means all Democrats are not subject to any violations of the law.
      This will keep Frank Mockery happy and the Clintoons out of jail, and rolling in money.
      The rest of us are subjects!

      • EG, you may be right. But this is a case of Democrats fighting Democrats. SJI likes Khanna. They don’t like Honda. The candidates are essentially indistinguishable on the issues. This is the kind of electioneering where a whole bunch of CRA** is raised with a lot of raised eyebrows and an air of tremendous significance. Yet none of it amounts to a hill of beans when the campaign is done. I don’t really have a big stake in this. I just don’t like election year journalism.

  4. “The Fly” is an apt description for muckraking vermin like yourselves. Don’t look now,but your bias & animosity toward our beloved Congressman is showing again. Then again brown-nosing Ro Khanna seems like the perfect job for “The Fly”,you must be in heaven with all of the stench surrounding you.

    • Mr. Mockery- you post at 1:23AM?!? On a School Night?!? Sure hope you weren’t driving. Maybe you outta just leave the comment until daylight and give it a fresh read then. That seems to help me. Your pal, Mugsy

      • 1:23 AM ? That’s early for me,hell the bars were still open. I try to confine posting my ingenious observations until the effects of the marijuana begin to wear off,as I like to multi-task while I’m dabbing wax & watching TV. As a carefree sexagenarian that could be anytime 24/7 if I’m so inclined. I’ve heard that you’ve been down at the kennels putting on the dog again ! Apparently my striking you repeatedly on your muzzle with a rolled up newspaper hasn’t had the desired effect. The vet says that castration might be just what you need to calm you down permanently. There’s no helping you now Mugsy,you’ve brought this on yourself. Your pal, Frank

  5. “The email also directs checks to the nonprofit’s address.”

    Well, that one’s pretty clearly a violation, taking political contributions at the nonprofit address.
    “Thou shalt not use your nonprofit for anything other than your nonprofit’s nonprofit purpose.”

    If someone’s effort to take down Honda results in some nonprofits cleaning up their acts, that’s
    fine with me. The IRS, which would be responsible for any discomfort that the nonprofit might suffer,
    is understaffed and underfunded these days, and if it takes something slightly sensational to get
    them to do their job, that’s fine too.

    All politicians are dirty, by someone’s estimation, and if you find one that is lazy and dirty perhaps
    it’s a newpaper’s duty to cut it from the herd and run it down.

  6. IRS = Investigates Republican’s Strategically, I’m absolutely certain that after the investigation of wrong doing by Obama’s IRS team they couldn’t find a blimp in Honda’s back pocket!

    • Typical right-wing,bat guano crazy Republican response ! When they’re finished denigrating Democrats,women,minorities,immigrants,religions (other than their own) labor unions & the LBGQT community they start spewing implausible conspiracy theories from their putrid pieholes. These angry & deranged mouth breathers are a clear & present danger to themselves,their neighbors,their communities,our country & everything that makes America the greatest nation on earth. These hysterical,hare-brained,hidebound,holier-than-thou halfwits hate President Obama because he’s our leader,but they actually despise those who voted for him (the majority of Americans) even more. Obstructing Obama’s Supreme Court nominee until the voters have spoken is just the latest insult to the intelligence of those who voted for his re-election in 2012 (the voters have spoken already). The unraveling of the Republican Party (LMAO) is of little comfort in the face of the audacity of the bold-faced GOP liars who refuse to yield to the majority of the American people who vehemently disagree with everything they do & everything they embrace. I’d like to think that eight years of a Hillary Clinton Presidency would do much to rectify this Republican created political crisis,but that hope is optimistic at best. Here’s hoping that if Trump or Cruz becomes the GOP nominee their non-existent coattails flip the Senate & as unlikely as it is (due to GOP gerrymandering) the House to the Democrats. For a start we must find it in our hearts to hate these despicable,poorly educated,ignorant,condescending & divinely delusional bigots with the double the zealotry they display toward us & kick the crap out of them at the ballot box. FIGHT FAITH FOMENTED FOPPERY !!!

      • > These hysterical,hare-brained,hidebound,holier-than-thou halfwits hate President Obama because he’s our leader,but they actually despise those who voted for him (the majority of Americans) even more.

        Just curious, Frank.

        Are you a real human being, or are you just a Microsoft AI Twitter Bot of some kind?

        “Microsoft Releases AI Twitter Bot That Immediately Learns How To Be Racist”

        “In the hours following Tay’s release, the bot’s mentions were immediately flooded with racism, sexism, screeds against feminism, Donald Trump quotes, and just about anything else you might imagine. This led Tay to start repeating tweets accordingly.”

        • “Sometimes I almost feel just like a human being” – Elvis Costello. Are you really outside the bubble or just another boil on the butt of the body politic of our fine nation ?

          • It was once said that it’s better to be a Twitterbot than a twit who’s bought like Republican officeholders (I just said it) ! I must admit that toying with my intellectual inferiors is easier than exfoliating a victory garden & far more satisfying !!!

  7. Franki,
    I’m surprised your a Hillary boy, with all that malcontent you spew at the world I fingered you for a Sanders man.

    So your really a centrist RINO/DINO establishment type 60’s “Red Diaper Doper Baby”.
    I’m beginning to think you might actually be Mike Honda or your his blog writer.

    SJO your cookie is getting stale, I’ll have to get you a new one!

    • No,I’m a proud liberal progressive who didn’t vote for President Obama or Jerry Brown the last time around because they’re too conservative for my liking. On the other hand I remember the George McGovern debacle of my youth (I walked precincts for him) & now that I’m older & more pragmatic I recognize that Hillary is the surest bet to keep the White House under Democratic control. I like Bernie a lot,but I have reservations about his ability to withstand GOP attacks on his being a Socialist & his Jewish faith if he becomes the nominee. There is too much at stake in the coming election to take the unnecessary risk of going all in on a revolutionary candidate when Hillary would beat Trump or Cruz in a landside. Just because Bernie has caucused with the Democrats for years doesn’t make him one & he’s only opportunistically embraced the party to run for the Presidency at the top of their ticket (no traction for third party candidates). The only reason the plutocrat (Trump) & theocrat (Cruz)
      are insulting each other (& our intelligence) competing for the GOP nod is because of a complete lack of any qualified candidates in their shallow pool (Walker,Jindal,Huckabee,Bush,Paul,Rubio,Perry,Christie,Graham,Carson,etc.) & no viable alternative. If these obstructionist right-wing bible thumpers think that Obama’s Supreme Court nominee will bitch slap “conservative values” (an oxymoron if there ever was one),their heads will explode when Hillary starts picking the nominees & the Senate once again has a majority of Democrats. It’s just another inevitable step in the death spiral of the Republican Party as the older angry white voters die off & are replaced with younger more liberal & more tolerant voters of all races nationwide. The demographics indicate that even Texas will likely be a “blue state” by the time Hillary finishes her second term & nothing can save these smug reactionary imbeciles from their impending doom. Until then we’ll have to amuse ourselves watching the GOP lemmings blindly following Trump (or Cruz or ?) over the cliff on their “mad” dash to oblivion & into the historical wastebasket. Trump is a “reality entertainment” star,well this is reality & he couldn’t possibly be more entertaining. I’ve been laughing so hard I nearly dropped my bong & with at least one initiative to legalize recreational marijuana on the California ballot in November no Republican has a prayer of winning statewide office or the Senate or Presidential races. The only question facing GOP voters is whether to whine or cry (or both) when the polls close & the votes are counted. Please take a selfie because I want to see the look on your faces when all that you hold sacred implodes all around you once again. “I’m proud to be an American,it’s been a financial pleasure” – Kinky Friedman.

      • Why Frank, that’s the most rational rant you’ve put together so far but, it show’s your really as just another party flunky, win at any cost even if you have to throw out the guy you really believe in.

        Your just the opposite of the Tea Party people that get screwed by the RINO/DINO’s after big switch up.
        Of course the DNC isn’t shy about stealing Bernie delegates and handing them to Hillary, the fix is in for her.

        If the RNC commits suicide yet again in order to maintain there country club brotherhood Hillary will likely be the last president of the United States as Obama has failed to complete that Job.

        Then again Bernie and company could pull another 1968 Chicago convention and put the DMC back in the hole.

        • Your incoherent rambling,misspelling & poor punctuation begs the question – just how much did you have to drink before you posted such drivel ? 12:40 PM is pretty early in the day to be dipping your beak & getting a snoot full. Don’t you think ? From the general tenor of your past comments the answer is no,emphatically no !!!

          • Sorry Frank,
            Like the Donald I don’t drink.
            The punctuation is really hard to see on my 13” Obama screen. I’m looking forward to getting the new Hillary computer that only tells me Hillary is GOD!
            It’s only 9:46 am as if it mattered.

          • Q: And your point is ? A: Hidden by the hat (or hood) you’re wearing ! Only Republicans tout their faith in non-existent “gods” & since your nonsensical comments are indecipherable we’ll just assume you’re speaking in tongues !! HAPPY EASTER !!!

          • Frank,
            You are the undisputed King and God of incoherent rambling.
            The Village Blacksmith shall be your demigod.
            Now load up your bong for another round of babel.

      • > There is too much at stake in the coming election to take the unnecessary risk of going all in on a revolutionary candidate when Hillary would beat Trump or Cruz in a landside.

        But Frank:

        Hillary is going to discover that she has a dire “health” issue when the FBI and NSA drop a dime on her and release the results of their criminal investigation of her national security malfeasance. They’re going to disclose that she was — SURPRISE!– a criminal!

        Obama will HAVE to give her a Presidential pardon IMMEDIATELY to prevent her from having to do a perp walk in front of the FOX News TV cameras. Legal pointy heads will likely figure out that people who have received presidential pardons CAN’T be president.

        So, Hillary is NOT going to be President, and likely not even the Democrat nominee.

        Will we need to have law enforcement and first responders put you on suicide watch?

        • I’ve always considered myself more homicidal than suicidal,but you needn’t worry about me. I would suggest that you put all of your energy into digging a pit,because if you & your fellow Bircher’s work hard enough you can finish your bunker by election day ! Can’t wait to see Hillary dancing with Bill at her Inaugural Ball to the classic tune ” U Can’t Touch This” by M.C.Hammer. If they haven’t been able to destroy her with “trumped-up” charges by now they never will. Amazingly “trumped-up” meaning – false,bogus,untrue,spurious & fabricated accusations was already a well known expression long before Donald Trump embraced the concept as the lynchpin of his campaign. Future generations will likely believe that it was coined because of his reckless & bombastic bloviating on the campaign trail. Oh the irony !! Remember those who share your hateful & specious opinion of Hillary weren’t going to vote for her anyway & those who don’t buy into your right-wing propaganda would never consider voting for Trump or Cruz. Those two knuckleheads will fold like a cheap suit when they’re subjected to a small fraction of the scrutiny that Hillary has endured over the last twenty years. Trump is the candidate of the angry marginalized white voters who are eager to start another Civil War & Cruz whose piosity is only exceeded by his arrogance is despised by even his fellow Republican Senators (including those who’ve endorsed him). Hillary,Bernie,Martin O’Malley,hell even Jimmy Carter could defeat those two inept & unqualified grandstanders. If this is the best that the Republican Party has to offer they’ll have no one to blame but themselves when the Clintons triumphantly return to the White House. Break out your harem pants because she coming back to White House for the next eight years & bringing Slick Willie with her ! If you ask really nice maybe Mike Honda can get you a ticket to the Inaugural festivities. I’d intercede on your behalf,but I’ve never met him & I’m sure he’s quite familiar with you by now. U Can’t touch this !!!

          • > Hillary,Bernie,Martin O’Malley,hell even Jimmy Carter could defeat those two inept & unqualified grandstanders.


            You’re on, Twitter Bot.

            Martin O’Malley. Jim Gilmore. Texas chainsaw cage fight.

            Winner gets a prosthesis of his choice.

          • SJO – When one lacks the mental capacity to comprehend or refute the truth they resort to spurious & ill-conceived ad hominem attacks on the messenger. If you can’t form a cognizant response to the facts you’re wasting the reader’s time & confirming all of our suspicions as to your lack of intellectual prowess. Are your inane responses supposed to be humorous or are they a desperate plea for psychiatric intervention ? Please I beseech you,seek professional help for gods sake before you actually hurt somebody ! Note: If you want your Easter candy back I hid it in your stroller !

      • > now that I’m older & more pragmatic I recognize that Hillary is the surest bet to keep the White House under Democratic control.

        Frank the Twitter Bot:

        Maybe your recognition is not based on being “older & more pragmatic” but on being older and more senile.

        “Judge Napolitano: Indictment Certain in Clinton Email Scandal Before November”

  8. > Note: If you want your Easter candy back I hid it in your stroller !

    Mr. Renegade Twutter Bot:

    Did you ever consider a career in comedy writing? I can imagine you were pretty hot stuff as a sophomore.

    But it went downhill from there, didn’t it.

    • Glad you enjoyed the easier than stealing candy from a baby innuendo. Big fan of “sophomoric” humor,I once worked for Tommy T. My name is synonymous with poor taste amongst my countless admirers,it took me years to cultivate that reputation & I’m damn proud of it ! I’m best known for my edgy humor,quick comebacks,broad vocabulary & timely character assassinations. Thanks once again for recognizing my awesomeness,I couldn’t brandish my comedic gifts or sharpen my wit without the little people like you !! Keep trying though,eventually you’ll say something coherent,memorable or noteworthy (there’s always a first time & the odds are certainly in your favor) !!!

        • SJO is a much better writer. I find franks lack of paragraphing to resemble the rants of someone writing a manifesto. SJO does a much better job of spacing his thoughts into coherent paragraphs.

          Also rather than direct attacks, SJO’s post seem to rile people up with deflections and innuendos.

          Finally, my dad can beat up your dad.

          • I find that your lack of ever adding anything interesting or constructive to the conversation to be tedious & boring. Here’s some unsolicited advise for you Michael that I gleaned from a commercial I recently saw on TV “Shut your mouth & say goodnight – Breath Right”.

  9. > Thanks once again for recognizing my awesomeness,

    Microsoft Twitter Bot:

    I’m still not convinced.

    I want to give you a standardized aptitude test to see if you really have any brains not put there by Bill Gates..

    Q. Use the following five words in a grammatical sentence with correct punctuation:

    1. FBI
    2. criminal
    3. referral
    4. Hillary
    5. Clinton

    No coaching from the audience. Points off if you include the word “Bush”. Decision of the judges is final.

    • Unlike myself you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with our next President ! Personally I don’t care what Democrat perpetuates President Obama’s fine work,because the worst Democrat is ten times better than the best Republican. The GOP has lost the popular vote in five of the last six Presidential Elections & only a complete moron (like yourself for example) could possibly believe that overwhelmingly reviled & unhinged buffoons likeTrump or Cruz can possibly win a national election. They’ll win every state in the Confederacy,but fortunately for the rest of us the GOP will never reach 270 electoral votes again in our lifetime. Then again nothing makes me happier than millions of angry & apoplectic (pathetic) white voters who’ve suddenly realized that they have absolutely no influence on the direction our country is headed in anymore. When Hillary takes the oath of office despite the GOP’s concerted efforts to discredit her for the last twenty years it will be a joyous day for those of us who embrace truth,justice & the American way. Keep clinging to your guns & bibles because that’s all you’ll have left,the rest of us are moving on & leaving y’all behind ! They should have completely burned the bigoted South to the ground when the opportunity presented itself,a mistake the American people have paid dearly for the last one hundred & fifty years. It’s a well known fact that the rich blue states have been subsidizing the poor red states with their federal taxes for years & it’s high time to wean all of the obnoxious redneck freeloaders. No state should receive more money from the federal government than they contribute & it’s obvious who the “real” welfare recipients are (ironically it’s those who complain loudest about welfare recipients). Every state below the Mason-Dixon Line is morally & financially bankrupt & completely bereft of common decency toward their fellow man. Time for you clueless tea-party traitors to once again assume the position of doggie submission,it’s time to call a spayed a spayed. “If a first you don’t secede,try try again” – Frank Mockery

      • Mr. Renegade Twitterbot:

        > only a complete moron (like yourself for example) could possibly believe that overwhelmingly reviled & unhinged buffoons likeTrump or Cruz can possibly win a national election.

        You make me feel so small and insignificant.

        What about my self esteem?

        • When the facts can’t be disputed the last resort of those who continue to embrace falsehoods & their own fantasies is attempting to sandbag the those speaking the truth. However,these vulgar & amateurish right-wing political analysts obviously lack the gaslighting skills of their heroes Donald Trump & Ted Cruz. In a progressive foothold like the South Bay where they lack the votes to even get a Republican on the General Election ballot their only recourse is lying,making wild accusations & concocting conspiracy theories. These livid losers can’t see the writing on the wall,not only are they now in the minority,it’s a rapidly shrinking one as well. Cling hysterically to your conservative values if you must,but the changing demographics will only further marginalize your dwindling cadre of aging stragglers. Funny that those with no heart & closed minds have lost the hearts & minds of their neighbors to those progressives that they distain the most. Instead of embracing progress & a better future for our nation,they’ve chosen to become perennial losers lashing out at their perceived adversaries at every turn. Keep up the fine work losers,America will get along just fine without you & your input. Or on the other hand you could try chilling out instead,I’m sure Michael Cortese could help you procure some medical marijuana to deal with your mental health issues. After all Mike Honda’s advocacy for medical marijuana legislation could turn out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to his oblivious detractors. “Only in America” – Don King

          • Mr. Frank Microsoft AI Twitter Bot:

            I notice that you haven’t completed your standardized test yet. You know, the one that’s going to validate your superior intellect.

            What’s taking so long? A person with your credentials and abundant brain cells should be able to knock this test out of the park in ten seconds.

            Here goes. Since it’s on a computer, you don’t need to use a number 2 lead pencil.

            Q. Use the following five words in a grammatical sentence with correct punctuation:
            1. FBI
            2. criminal
            3. referral
            4. Hillary
            5. Clinton

            No coaching from the audience. Points off if you include the word “Bush”. Decision of the judges is final.

  10. When the “FBI” determines that the “criminal referral” regarding the emails of “Hillary Clinton” is lacking prosecutorial merit & their investigation concludes,you’ll once again vainly attempt to blame it on the devious Obama administration !!!

      • Unlike you I have a life away from the keyboard & I don’t have to respond instantly to the pinheads that I enjoy enraging by pricking their bubbles. Your panel of judges consists no doubt of the voices in your head & you should really take your medication lest you completely lose touch with reality. Please get the help you obviously need ! Oh & your mom says to tell you that your dinner is ready !!

        My opinions are quite vaunted,
        Though my intellects been flaunted,
        But alas I’ll never be daunted,
        By weak minds that are haunted,
        So once again you’ve been taunted,
        ‘Cause your approvals unwanted.

        Frank Mockery 2016

        Maybe I’ll try my hand at Haiku the next time,anything for a good laugh at your expense !!!

        • > My opinions are quite vaunted,
          Though my intellects been flaunted,
          But alas I’ll never be daunted,
          By weak minds that are haunted,
          So once again you’ve been taunted,
          ‘Cause your approvals unwanted.


          You might want to keep your day job at the car wash.

          Be careful to keep your thumbs out of the mechanisms. In your case, an opposable thumb is the only thing that distinguishes you from other primates.

        • Keep going Frank,
          I hear those veins popping out on your neck, indicating your blood presser is close to blowing a brain aneurysm.
          SJO and I are starting a new subject line. Have fun playing with yourself!

      • Just looking at the pay scale, it strikes me that George Soros is a real cheapskate!

        $15 bucks an your is just the California minimum wage.

        There’s no way that Frank or Rich could support a family on that kind of pay.


        Oh, and they also need job security, so they need to have something to protest AFTER the election.

        Problem solved if Trump wins.

  11. If those are the best responses you two imbeciles can come up with (and I’m sure they are) you’re just further embarrassing yourselves & your families as well no doubt. If you thought mom was livid when she walked in on you watching porn in the basement,she’ll undoubtedly take your PC away when she finds out what you’re doing now. Your bull is so old that my picadors laughed so hard they nearly fell off their horses. Stick to something that you’re more proficient at like whittling or dumpster diving because politics & writing certainly isn’t your forte. It should be obvious by now to the other readers that collectively your IQ’s wouldn’t reach room temperature on a chilly day. The two of you dimwitted dolts should really sign up for a remedial English class together,that way you can keep each other company on the bus. You know what a bus is don’t you ? It’s like the little yellow van that took you to special education classes when you were children,only bigger. By the way you’ll need to locate the nearest bus stop to your house,because this bus doesn’t come to pick you up. That being said the consensus is that your heads are so far up your rectums that you’d need a glass bellybutton to see what’s so obvious to everybody else. Eviscerating the two of you cretins is much too easy & hardly a challenge at this point,but it sure is fun. Ole ! Ole ! Ole !

    • Your Frankness:

      I’m sure glad you didn’t go into the priesthood (you DIDN’T, did you?)

      I would hate to be going to confession with Father Frank on the other side of the curtain.

      Hoo boy!

      • Why would I want to be a priest,I have no unholy interest in young boys ? Don’t let me stop you though if you have something you finally want to confess ! Did your priest give you two candy bars & a coke for your transgressions or ten “Hail Mary’s” & put a dollar in the poor box ? Catholics don’t come out of the closet,everyone knows that they come out of a Confessional instead. As an agnostic I’m unencumbered by useless religious doctrine & I don’t believe in the biblical definition of sin. So go ahead & come clean,I’m sure no one in the LBGT community will hold it against you (unless you like it that way). Ho Boy !! Once you’ve finally cleared your conscience,the voices in your head will likely stop & you’ll suddenly feel like you’ve been born again,Christian ! Hominy ! Hominy ! Bimini ! Bimini ! By the way the Monsignor told me he owes you a sleeve job & to tell you when you give him another one he’ll owe you two ! See you in church ? Not likely !!!

        • > Don’t let me stop you though if you have something you finally want to confess !

          OK. I’ll come clean.

          I had an uncharitable thought about you.

          When I discussed it with my pastor, and he realized it was you, he said it was completely understandable and forgave me.

          So, It’s all OKI. I’m right with God.

          • Don’t you mean that you’re to the far right of God ? I’ve always thought you’d been pastorized at some point,although judging by your silly self-righteous sermons you’ve most likely been homogenized as well. Assuming that you’re both consenting adults what you & your pastor discuss in the privacy of your bedrooms is of little concern to the rest of us. By the way no matter what he’s been telling you innuendo is not a Latin word for sodomy. Regardless nothing you’ve posted here has been deemed safe for human consumption & it would appear that you’ve lingered well beyond your expiration date. So why don’t you do that most Christian of things & turn your cheeks ? Oh,that’s right you already have ! Just curious,does it really make you feel closer to your God or are you just screaming out his name in ecstasy ? Please feel free to kiss my ring anytime,I’ll even turn my cheeks to make it easier for you !!!

  12. Note to Readers: I’ll be the first to admit that the subject of this article has certainly been lost ages ago here in the Comments. Let me point out though that it was the Empty Gun & SJOUTSIDETHEBUBBLE who originally deviated from the matter at hand by interjecting Hillary & Bill Clinton,President Obama & Bernie Sanders into the conversation. It’s my belief that allowing such lies,propaganda & personal opinions to be presented as fact should never be allowed to go unchallenged. Letting such malarkey to be presented as fact without pointing out their overtly prejudicial & specious nature would be a disservice & only encourages further such nonsense. I would suggest that the reader’s start with the first comments above & then make their own determination as to how we’ve ended up so far off track. I’m sure that Lori Ramos Ehrlich would like to vigorously defend herself against these scurrilous allegations & will eventually be vindicated. I’m also quite optimistic that the real target of this article our long-term Congressman Mike Honda will also be victorious at the ballot box in November,after the Congressional Ethics Panel finds no actionable instances of misconduct by himself or his campaign. Thanks once again for your understanding !!!

    • > It’s my belief that allowing . . . personal opinions . . . should never be allowed ….

      Got it, Frank!

      But I think most of us have already figured that this is what you believe.

  13. My first comments were we’ll take up a collection if he’d sit down, shut up, and stop running for congress.
    You and your fat mouth made it personal Frank!

  14. Thanks for helping me make my point ! When unable to refute the facts,angry right-wing jerks attack the messenger & repeat the same lies ad infinitum. Personal opinions presented as fact (President Obama is the worst President ever for example) are a typical tactic of Republicans who have no actual information to back up their undefendable allegations. Since the vast majority of these knuckle dragging mouth breathers lack the requisite communication skills to support their deceptive & fallacious diatribes they typically resort to gaslighting. This tactic consists of refusing to acknowledge the truth when they’re caught lying,continuing to tell even more lies & maligning their adversaries instead of admitting they were wrong. Notice how EG & SJO’s replies never challenge the voracity or content of the comments of those who vehemently disagree with them,because they can’t. Their responses are often indecipherable & so short they’d be better suited for their Twitter accounts. Instead these inarticulate idiots flay away madly at anyone with the audacity to disagree with them,thus exposing themselves as the conservative cranks we’ve all known they were all along. When one possesses the reasoning & writing abilities of a third-grader it’s no wonder they throw temper tantrums when finally exposed as imbeciles. Too ignorant to form a cognizant thought of their own they just repeat the propaganda & talking points provided conveniently by FOX News or Rush Limbaugh.These dangerous dolts (they can vote) can’t discern the difference between fact & fiction. Stupid is as stupid does & these delusional simpletons are now the backbone (backside) of the Republican Party. It’s no wonder that the candidates these dimwits champion like Trump & Cruz are thoroughly reviled not only by the majority of Americans,but also by millions of Republicans. Fortunately for the rest of us many of them will fold their sample ballots into hats & will get lost on the way their polling place. I’d rather be called a fat mouth than be a fathead like you Empty’s just a pity you didn’t save at least one bullet for yourself !!!

    • Frank:

      I think I’m beginning to see your point.

      You may very well be the smartest Democrat on SJI. I have no basis to dispute your claim.

      Personally, I don’t know of a single Democrat who is smarter than you. (But I don’t actually know many Democrats).

      Wait. That was a personal opinion. Let me say that a different way:

      No one has ever told me I was wrong for not knowing of any Democrats who are smarter than you.

      • So if I follow the irony, in terms of smarts:

        Other Dems </= Frank < Other Repubs < Bubble </= God

        I am an independent and don't have a dog in the race. Just wanted to make sure I'm not at the very bottom of the intelligence comparison when all is said and done.

  15. Thanks for the dubious accolades,but I’ve never coveted a lofty title like the smartest Democrat @SJI. I prefer to think of myself as a liberal who’s bright,articulate & well-informed on most political issues. It should go without saying that before joining the conversation one should at have at least a modicum of commonsense & a rudimentary grasp of the subject at hand. Then again in my efforts to give rude & irrational right-wing commenters a taste of their own medicine I too can get carried away with the malodorous rhetoric. Although restraint has never been one of my strengths,I always thoroughly read & edit my comments before I post them. I like to think that my cogent comments are both informative & educational,but that opinion of course is shared by few of my detractors ! Oh well,if I never win another popularity contest I certainly won’t lose any sleep worrying about it at my age !!!

  16. Come on Frank you’re just repeating yourself with the same old bial. If one of your commie friends was caught red handed murdering Mother Teresa on tape you’d be claiming it was George Bush or Richard Nixon that did it.

    It is you that is every bit of what you claim Republicans to be.

    • You make less sense than Donald Trump & he has better hair ! I’ll bet you check under your bed & in your closet (now that you’ve finally vacated it) for “commies” before you go to bed at night. Maybe you’d sleep better if your mommie made you a glass of warm milk & read you a story before she tucks you in & turns out the lights. Or you could listen to “Peter & the Commissar” by Allan Sherman w/The Boston Pops,until you fall fast asleep. Personally I prefer “The John Birch Society” by The Chad Mitchell Trio,a hilarious lampooning of the McCarthy era – “If mommie is a commie then you gotta turn her in” ! It’s so funny that they should play it before every campaign rally in 2016,because right-wing politics have changed little in the last fifty years. That’s why liberals are called progressives,we make progress while you paranoid GOP bigots with a bible are mired in the past. Although I must admit that “Forward into the Past” by The Firesign Theatre does contain some of their most humorous material. Try smoking a bowl to take the edge off before listening to it & even a pinhead like you might find it quite amusing ! I enjoy it even more than laughing at you !!!

  17. Frank Mockery: The Most Interesting Democrat in the World

    “When Republicans hear his speeches they stop calling Abe Lincoln ‘honest’.

    He has won the Nobel Peace Prize three times. He is the only man to win Nobel Prizes in Medicine, Physics, Economics, and Literature IN THE SAME YEAR!

    He ended racial profiling by calling it affirmative action.

    He used nuclear weapons in the war on poverty, and poverty surrendered.

    He is the most interesting Democrat in the world.

    ‘I don’t always drink Kool-AId, but when I do I prefer Dos Democrats’

    ‘Stay thirsty, my friends.'”

  18. I don’t always drink Dos Equis (Heineken USA),but when I do I prefer to vaporize my medication simultaneously. It doesn’t make me the most interesting Democrat in the world,but it certainly is a lot more fun than being a Republican prick ! “Don’t bogart that joint my friend,pass it over to me” – The Fraternity of Man (1968).

    • Your insincere flattery is getting too embarrassing,as it’s tantamount to penis envy & coming from you just as creepy ! Though winning these battles of wit & wits with the witless does tend to make my heads swell. As a matter of fact you’re undoubtedly a candidate for the Witless Protection Program yourself & I have the balls to tell you so. And you needn’t worry about my self-esteem as I think quite highly of myself ! “Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble,when your perfect in every way” – Mac Davis. Concocting false praise & contriving plaudits obviously isn’t your strong-suit,but keep it up you may get the hang of it yet. I certainly have ! As far as my legion of admirers are concerned I only have one thing to say – PLEASE NO AUTOGRAPHS !!! “The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you’ve got it made.” – Jean Giraudoux.

      • > Your insincere flattery is getting too embarrassing . . .

        Sorry. My bad.

        I’ll work on some sincere flattery.

        But in all honesty, Frank, you’re not giving me much to work with.

        I realize that “Most Interesting Democrat in the World” may have been stretching things a bit. It may sound like a big deal, but some people might just put it in the same category as “Most Interesting Tick in the World”, or maybe, “Most Interesting Tapeworm in the World.”

        Give me some time. We’ll come up with some flattery that isn’t defamatory to innocent flora or fauna, or offensive to innocent bystanders.

  19. well I just wrote up a big O really neat response/comment to Frank, Outside the Bubble and Empty Gun and it got shot down. So I just have to leave it at that, hmmmmm
    Not sure how to post via email. Besides, if ‘they’ would just allow folks to comment without having to ALWAYS sign-in, hey, they just might get a larger readers point of view, ya think

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