Mike Honda Campaign Ignores Attempts to Set up Debate

Congressman Mike Honda is no stranger to falling asleep in meetings and missing votes. During the 2013 legislative session, he failed to cast a yea or nay 9.2 percent of the time, placing him in the bottom 10th percentile of House reps, according to govtrack.com. But it appears that absenteeism has carried over to his re-election campaign. After pledging to do multiple debates with challenger Ro Khanna before the Nov. 4 election, Honda’s campaign backpedaled to doing just one debate. Fly has learned that Honda’s people are now refusing to even respond to attempts to iron out logistics for the single talkoff—where, when, format, etc. Former U.S. Ambassador to Australia Jeff Bleich, acting on behalf of Khanna’s camp, has sent three emails to Honda’s campaign manager, Doug Greven, since June. The response: “Total radio silence,” Bleich says. In the last email, dated Aug. 9, Bleich expressed exasperation, saying he would have no choice but to go to the media if ignored yet again. “Unless Rep. Honda was insincere about his promise to have multiple meaningful debates, there is no excuse for further failure on your part to set these dates,” he wrote. Greven was not made available for an interview with Fly and Honda’s press man, Vivek Kembaiyan, twice gave the same canned email response on the hold up. “Congressman Honda has committed to participating in a debate before the general election, and we have not finalized the details yet,” he wrote. The campaign also declined to make Honda available for an interview or share details on where he’ll be campaigning. Considering Honda is on August recess and a calendar provided by his office notes that he only has seven planned events between Aug. 21 and Sept. 4, it appears the congressman—not necessarily known as a master debater—has gone into hiding.

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  1. Fly should now realize that it is established practice in one-party California politics that: “we don’t need no stinkin’ debate.”

    The Honda campaign should simply issue a statement that accuses Khanna of being a global warming denier, and then proclaim that “there is no debate, global warming is settled science”.

    And likewise in the 17th Congressional District, “there is no debate; Mike Honda’s butt in the incumbent’s chair is settled political science.”

    And besides, debates release greenhouse gases.

  2. Nice guy, but clueless. A bag man for the Democratic leadership. In all his years in Congress, he has failed to introduce, let alone pass, a significant piece of legislation. The private sector would have fired him many years ago, but the heavily Democratic voters of his district will re-elect him yet again. He’s like the human appendix–no-one knows what he actually does. Of course he’ll debate as little as possible, or not at all; because if he did, even the dullest minds of his constituents would see him for the empty suit he is. He’s very much like like Obama–no legislative record, lots of absenteeism. However, since the takers in this country now outnumber the givers, he’ll be back in DC for another term.

  3. Right on and your probably right. Mainls because we have dumb a** voters who do not research the candidates.

    Still I will vote for change and vote Khanna

  4. Great observation JMO. His reelection is assured.
    Mike Honda has endured so much criticisum, yet he endures the onslughts of the worst of our Corporate traitors that have gone to other countries, and left us to find ways to keep our Americana alive.
    Mike Honda is a passionate friend of the working man. He is a commited advocate of community.
    Win or lose, Mike will always be there for his followers and community.
    A kind man that understands guys like Ro. .Mike’s empathy will win out over a critical opponent that panpers to the negative minds in our Valley of Hearts Delight

    • > Mike will always be there for his followers and community.

      Probably true. But remember that in Democrat-speak, “community” equals “tribe”.

      And that’s the problem. Honda will be a good Congressman for all progressive Democrats, but to hell with anyone else.

      Can anyone cite anything positive or beneficial that Honda has done spontaneously for a person, organization, or business who WASN’T a member of the progressive Democrat tribal “community”?

      What has Honda done to press the investigation of the abuses of the Obama/Holder IRS against conservative groups. After all, they’re Americans and members of the San Jose “community”.

  5. Honda has passed a single bill in his 14 years in Congress, he passed a bill changing the name of a local post office. That’s a pitiful record for somebody who has been in Congress as long as he has. What can he say at a debate, “Give me 14 years and I’ll get another bill passed”. It’s pretty understandable why he is ducking debates! He has such a weak record. Honda’s “MO” in Congress – the entire time he’s been there – is to do as little work as possible and hope nobody notices. To me, the key reason to dump Honda is his complete lack of productivity. He is a slug. How is the progressive cause strengthen by having this do-nothing Mike Honda as out standard bearer in the 17th district? I urge all Democrats who voted for Honda in primary to rethink vote. Is Honda the best candidate for the job? Has he been productive? Is he a hard worker? We have a 25% poverty rate in Cal, 1 in 3 kids growing up in poverty, an unemployment rate estimated at 18% (these robust employment numbers count jobs that pay about the same as a welfare grant). We are not going to end this misery with Mike Honda types in Congress. It’s going to take an incredible amount of hard work to stop the bleeding of middle class jobs in US. I think this Ro Khanna is a far better candidate for this Congressional seat, so do all five local newspapers in the district. let’s put a hard worker in this seat, Ro Khanna.

  6. Richard Woulfe,
    Your words are a sting to those that love Mike yet do not know what Mike has done for this whole community.
    I however know what Mike has accomplished.
    Some years ago, Mike took on a classic Lead Poisoning situation. He saw it to it’s solution.
    I have been screaming in our district 5 community to eliminate the Blood Lead Poisoning of our babies.
    Ok! yes I have been screaming like a man in the desert for all that love and respect our community to come together and allow our babies to be lead free at 6 years old.
    Many on this posting rag, have made light of this horrible delema.
    The District 5 Nepotists, have done nothing to help raise the horrible conciquences of a baby with Lead in his Blood system.
    Mike did!!!
    Recently there was an incredible award to help the Blood Lead of all the resideancs to come to terms with the neglet.
    Mike lead the charge. Way back then.
    I’m going to take a guess, that you know squat about this horrible mess, that has been buried by the politicians or .Com
    corporation that have made billions here in our Valley of Hearts delight.
    If you have children Richard Woulfe, get them to a clinic and have them tested and the Lead measured in their systems.
    While your at it have the Lead measured in your Ass and that of your croney buddies.and Corporations.

  7. The Chronicle wrote a fantastic piece on Mike Honda. Tuesday 8/26/14. A kind and wonderful human being, and a friend to all.
    When is the chronicle moving to Santa Clara.

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