Judge Upholds Restraining Order Against Alum Rock Union School Board Trustee Khanh Tran

Alum Rock Union school trustee Khanh Tran’s comments about kicking ass and lining folks up in front of a firing squad officially got him banned from the dais.

Hilaria Bauer—the Alum Rock Union Elementary School District superintendent who found herself on the receiving end of those verbal volleys—filed a temporary restraining order against Tran that just got extended through the end of next month. That means he’ll have to phone in his attendance at Thursday’s board meeting and the one on Oct. 11.

On Tuesday, the pair showed up in a Santa Clara County courtroom, Tran with board ally Dolores Marquez-Frausto and Bauer with family members, friends and community supporters. But the judge postponed the hearing to Oct. 29.

Tran says that’s just as well since he doesn’t even want to cross paths with Bauer. He says he plans to eventually sue for defamation along with her defenders, trustees Andres Quintero and Karen Martinez. “She saw me today and tried to say, ‘Hi,’ and tried to wave at me, and I just looked the other way,” he says. “She’s trying to play innocent.”

The outspoken trustee, who’s running for re-election this fall, calls the superintendent’s restraining order a political stunt to distract from her own alleged corruption.

“She might have a one-minute win today,” Tran says in a phone call after the hearing, “but she’ll have her day in court when her ass is arrested.”

Ever since ARUSD came under the microscope in a series of audits for potential fraud and questionable dealings with contractors, Tran has blamed Bauer for the district’s problems. While a civil grand jury called on him and his allies on the board, Marquez-Fraust and Esau Herrera, to resign, Tran insists that the scrutiny is misplaced and that people should really be concerned about the superintendent.

Tran says the drama with Bauer is just an afterthought and that he’s more preoccupied lately with bringing his newfound fiancé from Vietnam to the U.S.

“She’s the niece of my half-brother’s spouse,” he explains after a story about their fateful first encounter in on New Year’s Day in Saigon. “So yeah, I’m getting remarried; I have other things to worry about.”

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  1. This guy is disgusting. Why would he run for re-election? He’s going to lose. Hopefully it rains on his wedding day, and hopefully he gets struck by lightening.

  2. Khanh Tran is a slimey guy…. he plays cheap poker at Bay 101 and talks trash to people … sad this guy runs a school district … corrupt

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