Assembly Check: Nora Campos Loses Another Top-Level Staffer

Another top-level staffer has left the office of Assemblywoman Nora Campos (D-San Jose), which perhaps comes as a gesture of goodwill to political Mad Libs writers. As for constituents in East San Jose? Not so much. Cory Black fills the blank this time around, leaving the post of district director after just 15 weeks on the job. But in yet another sign that Campos just doesn’t get it, Black was only hired to work on a half-time basis while commuting from San Luis Obispo. Word is Black also continued running his political consulting and lobbyist business on the side, which is just begging for potential conflicts of interests. The only person who appears to remain in the district is a poor secretary who has been instructed to not even say if there is anyone else working in the office. In any other district, residents would be outraged at how Campos runs her shop, but at this point her constituents are so used to being let down that their only hope is that a competent legislator gets elected next year. The frontrunners to date include San Jose Councilman Ash Kalra, former city Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen and county Board of Education president Darcie Green. The last of those three just got engaged, when Green’s boyfriend and personal trainer Rick Alexander proposed on a Jazz Summer Fest stage in between acts. Winning a state Assembly seat has been Green’s lifelong goal, so Fly was surprised when rumblings started popping up that she may be having cold feet about continuing her campaign. One group that would be especially displeased by this is the Latino Caucus, which just gave her its endorsement. But according to a source close to Green, her dream marriage and dream job aren’t mutually exclusive, and the ceremony is expected to be pushed up so she can focus on the campaign.

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  1. Congratulations Rick and Darcie! BTW “Fly” why don’t you report on something other than personal lives that’s related to politics? All week there’s been no mention of Peter Allens district 6 candidacy.

    Nora why don’t you get you “Political Agent” to work for you?

  2. > All week there’s been no mention of Peter Allens district 6 candidacy.

    Peter Allen? Pajama Boy?

    Has anyone in district 6 EVER said that they need Peter Allen for anything?

    • He’s a nice guy SJO. I can’t remember exactly where I met Peter, but he’s sort of been a fixture in my political life with a few others ever since I got involved in politics. I think he’d make a fine councilman, and I say that having hung out with him on a few fun excursions outside of politics.

      • > I think he’d make a fine councilman,

        He was positively giddy when he bought his Obamacare policy.

        For many people, Obamacare has been an economic and healthcare disaster. Apparently, Obamacare was the first healthcare that Allen bought on his own, and he had no idea what it was supposed to cost.

        His personal “healthcare decision” was not a rational cost-benefit decision but a statement of his dreamy utopianism.

        Real, normal people have had enough of utopian dreamers making crazy, lunatic public policy decisions that increase their costs and damage quality of life.

        I challenge Allen to have the words “I love my Obamacare” tatooed on his forehead and then run for public office AFTER people get their huge Obamacare premium increases next year.

  3. Cus with Santa Clara raising the minimum wage and wealth disparity (still) a major problem – SJI is on the case with it’s pathetic attacks against Nora.

    Best Worst News Team EVER!

  4. “But according to a source close to Green, her dream marriage and dream job aren’t mutually exclusive…” So, I guess Ms. Green is of the belief that she will have to do even less work in her “dream job” as an Assemblyperson than she has done at SCCOE.

  5. In Eastside San Jose it seems that the sole criterion to win election at any level of government has been your surname. So, it seems that you have been getting what you deserve over there. Smarten up, and you could get a bona fide representative soon.

  6. Another piece of garbage from the professional wool gatherers at SJI! The Fly would have us believe that Black leaving Campos employment is somehow related to some conflict between the two. The Fly links to an earlier post where a staffer Campos FIRED in best tabloid fashion “Tells all!” Cory Black is the latest to “fill in the blank?” What blank Fly? You say about Black that he is “…leaving the post of district director after just 15 weeks on the job.” So did Black LEAVE? of was he FIRED?

    What exactly is it that Campos doesn’t get? She hired a guy with the apparent understanding that he would work Half time.

    Word is? WTF is that can’t name the source? conflicts of interest? Perhaps Black and Campos came to an understanding that Black could not do both and so he resigned?

    “Competent Legislator?” WTF is that? Madison Nguyen didn’t have an original thought her entire 8 years on the Council and Kalra was your whipping boy on many disputes between himself and the council which you like to emphasis by mentioning his arrest when it suits you as a character flaw limiting his ability to lead/govern.

    Is it pettiness or just poor logic and thought transmitted to print? You’re getting worse and losing more and more red with every thing you publish. P.S. Backpage current on its advert payments?