BART Strike, Traffic Delays Continue

Day two of the BART strike once again left commuters scrambling, the highways hopelessly jammed and countless people late for work.
 Go to for real-time updates and suggested ways around the hold-up, which has doubled or tripled commute times for a lot of people who work in and around San Francisco. Employees of the regional transit agency—the fifth most-used rail line in the nation—are on strike because contracts with the agency’s two biggest unions expired and discussions over a renewal fell apart. BART workers want higher wages—23 percent raises over the next four years.

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The Return of the Moderates

Former Marin Assemblyman Bill Bagley is a gregarious and genial man. Those who drive highway 101 just beyond the Golden Gate Bridge might recognize the freeway, named for this Republican, that begins just before the Waldo Tunnel on the Marin side of the structure. Yes, a Republican once represented the now liberal enclave that is Marin County. But Bagley wasn’t the kind of Republican we see all too often today.

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Federal Money vs. Potholes

Ever get the feeling that there are way too many potholes in San Jose? Despite all the stimulus money pouring into Silicon Valley for shovel-ready projects, the region still has the second-worst roads in the country, topped only by Los Angeles—though it is tied with San Francisco and Honolulu. A report just released by the National Transportation Research Group claims that 61 percent of Silicon Valley’s roads and highways are in a state of disrepair.

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