Darcie Green Reappointed to Santa Clara County Board of Education

The Santa Clara Country Board of Education reappointed Darcie Green to a trustee seat on Wednesday after her resignation in March.

Green was previously appointed to replace Craig Mann for Trustee Area 6 in October of last year. At that time, Green lived within the new district lines drawn for Area 6. But an anonymous complaint lodged with the District Attorney’s office resulted in deputy DA John Chase informing the Board that Green’s home did not reside in the old district boundary lines, which should have been used when for an appointment to serve out the rest of Mann’s term. On Wednesday, the Board unanimously approved her reappointment, according to the Mercury News.

After Green offered the Board her resignation, she informed her supporters with a letter on March 19.

“I have always been committed to do what is best for young people in my community and to act to ensure public trust in government,” Green wrote. “It is with this in mind, that I write this letter.”

Green then established a new address in the old district and reapplied for her seat. On Wednesday, the board voted unanimously for Green to regain her seat. Had this not occurred, Green would have relinquished her seat on the Alum Rock board in vain to move to the county Board.

Green will sit on the Santa Clara County Board of Education with six other members: Leon F Beauchman, Michael Chang, Joseph Di Salvo, Julia Hover-Smoot, Grace H Mah and Anna Song.

Green continues to work as a government and community affairs manager at Kaiser Permanente.


  1. Tremendous integrity shown by Ms. Green.  She could have chosen a path to fight for her seat; distracting the County Board of Education, costing the taxpayers money and essentially putting her own person political career ahead of the needs of the constituents she sought to serve.

    Instead, she resigns based on the DA memo, moves at some cost to herself, establishes residency, reapplies and is chosen to serve. 

    If every person seeking public office would put the needs constituents ahead of their own self-interest in the way Darcie Green did, we would have a much more effective government for the right reasons.

    Nice job, Darcie.

    • Seems like a lot of wasted motion by deputy DA John Chase.  He wrote a letter saying the previous appointment was null and void and since the 60-day window had elapsed, there had to be an election.  But the board simply repeated the same appointment and now the DA isn’t making the case for an election.  In Texas where the school superintendent came from, they call that big hat, no cattle.  Why bother?

      • I think if someone complains to the DA with a clear-cut violation, the DA is dutybound to do something.  Especially something related to a political appointment.

        My understand is that they really should have called for an election, and can’t legally reappointment Green.  However, I don’t think the DA is going to insist on that, because it is less clear-cut.

        • The DA has finite resources, so he can’t do something about everything—he has to prioritize and evaluate potential costs and benefits.  I think the DA decided that neither his office nor the county counsel had standing to pursue this case—only the state AG or the citizens who complained (on their own dime).  Also it’s likely that Darcie Green would win an election anyway, so what’s the benefit in forcing that million-dollar cost on the office of education?

          Given all that, what I don’t understand is why the DA got involved in the first place.  It makes them look toothless.  I guess they got Darcie Green to move.  Did she find a place within both old and new area boundaries?

        • Give me a break, what effort and cost was there to writing a letter?

          The County Office of Education on the other hand got bad legal advice, and continued to pay those same bozos for more.  If they continue to use those same bozos, that would be a crime.  Figuratively speaking of course.

          I don’t think the DA’s office looks bad on this.  They did what they had to do, and got what they wanted.  All at minimal effort and cost.  What’s so bad about that?

  2. What a joke, why do we even care.  SJ Chuck and his clowns are the biggest joke, but look at the number who voted for measuce V & B.  They all lie and sleep together.  I figure if they all beat us down with their lies nobody will care and bother to vote.

    Great job, I guess it works because we all hate you.

    It has come down to I will not ever shop or attend any event in SJ just to not give a penny back.

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