Pete Constant Will Run for Mayor in 2014

When it rains it pours, and the month of March has flooded San Jose’s 2014 mayoral race with new candidates. On Thursday, San Jose Councilman Pete Constant confirmed with San Jose Inside that he will make a run to become the top elected official in the city. Constant represents the western portion of San Jose.

Earlier this week, SJI reported that Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio also plans to run for mayor. Oliverio represents the Willow Glen and Cambrian neighborhoods.

Constant provides voters a clear contrast from the candidates who have already announced their intention to run. Unlike Oliverio, a fiscally conservative and socially liberal independent (although he’s listed as a Democrat), and Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen, a Democrat who once enjoyed organized labor’s support before an ugly recall election and backing pension reform through Measure B, Constant is a clear-cut Republican. He may not rise to the conservative level of new Councilman Johnny Khamis, but Constant is fairly far to the right. He was the only elected official from San Jose to attend last year’s Republican National Convention.

He did, however, surprise observers in a recent City Council vote to support same-sex marriage in an amicus brief sent to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Constant, who was considering running for Paul Fong’s State Assembly seat in 2014, came to the City Council in 2007 after 14 years with the San Jose Police Department. He suffered a career-ending injury while serving in the line of duty.

Along with the three aforementioned councilmembers who plan to run next year for Mayor Chuck Reed’s termed out seat, City Hall retiree David Wall and Louis Garza have also filed papers with the City Clerk. It’s still very early in the process—candidates can’t even start collecting campaign contributions until December—but Councilman Sam Liccardo is also expected to run for mayor, as is county Supervisor Dave Cortese. And there could be more.

Interesting to note, Richard McCoy filed papers just two weeks ago to run for Constant’s District 1 seat in 2014.

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. A lot of people are still angry about Mise Park.  Some woman really went off on him at a community meeting last night.  Others don’t think he’s done enough to see that District 1 receives its share of city money, and are angry the library on Blaney is still closed.

    There will be many more angry people if he supports the McDonalds drive-thru on Bollinger and Miller.

    • I played a very, very small role in keeping out the drive-thru option at McDonald’s in Almaden.  The McDonald’s wound up closing as a result.  Totally worth it (we got a better restaurant in its place).

  2. Peter Constant has represented district 1 very well. He is the most accessible council person we have ever had. I don’t even live in his district but he and his staff has taken care of things for me that my own council person won’t.

    He has been clear in his commitment to reforming the citys messed up finances. And most important to me I always know he says what he means and means what he says. He is the clearest thinking one on the council. He doesn’t have to take every side of every issue just to please people.

    Chuck Reed has done a GREAT job for us, and I think Peter Constant is most like Mayor Reed and will be the one to finish what has been started.

    • How can you say that Pete Constant has represented District 1 well, when you don’t live in District 1.

      Where these favors that he performed for you business related?

      • Pete does love his card rooms. He can’t stay away, even when they move out of his district. He is in bed with M8trix Casino and Garden City Construction. This is going to be easy pickings for Josh and crew at SJI.
        Give someone enough rope…….

        • Borrowed from another poster, but still available for all to see:
          BTW, Title 16 is the official title for Cardroom regulation.

          His public calendar reveals : June 2011
          12:00 PM – 12:30 PM 12:30 PM – 1:45 PM
          Travel Time
          Meeting w/ Eric Swallow, Garden City Casino ©—579 Coleman Avenue, San Jose – The Pasta Market
          Confirmed 06/22/11 by RA Updated 06/20/11 by RA Updated 06/10/11 by CS Scheduled by Pete
          Garden City relocation
          Eric Swallow, owner Garden City Casino
          Harold Furtado, Director of Securities, Garden City Casino

          August 26, 2011 Continued
          1:15 PM – 2:30 PM
          Tour of New Garden City Casino ©—1887 Old Bayshore Highway – new address
          Confirmed 08/23/11 by RA w/ Eric Swallow Updated 08/22/11 by RA
          Updated 08/09/11 by RA
          Scheduled by Pete

          7:00 AM – 7:30 AM 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM
          Travel Time
          November 04, 2011
          Breakfast Meeting w/ REGISTERED LOBBYIST, Rich de la Rosa—449 S. Winchester Boulevard – Flames Restaurant
          Scheduled 11/04/11 by RA
          Pete’s Breakfast paid by Pete’s personal funds
          Topic of discussion: Title 16
          Rich de La Rosa, Registered Lobbyist Sean Kali-Rai, Registered Lobbyist
          Eric Swallow, Owner of Garden City Casino
          2:00 PM – 2:30 PM 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM
          Rules & Open Government Meeting—Room W-119
          Updated 11/17/11 by RA
          Meeting requested by REGISTERED LOBBYIST Rich de la Rosa & Eric Swallow—Pete’s Office
          Scheduled 11/14/11 by RA
          Topic of discussion:
          Title 16 on PSFSS Agenda for 11/17/11
          Rich de la Rosa, Registered Lobbyist
          Constant, Pete
          3 11/28/2011 12:59 PM

  3. Pete *is* a great guy, and his focus on fiscal issues and government reform is exactly what we need to turn around the city’s budget mess and improve the quality of life here in SJ.

  4. This race will be “so so interesting”. Let’s see… potentially 4 members of the council running for mayor. Who will the mayor endorse, without offending the others? My bet is that he will endorse Constant, being that they are both Obstructionist…I mean publicans. How will each of those 4 do the routine “put down” of the candidates who are running against them, if they all are on the same council? I, myself, will vote for David Wall, who is the one with the most sense. These clowns couldn’t run the City as council members. How could they run it as a mayor? What a joke. It will also be “so so interesting” when people start digging for all of the skeletons in the closets. Yep, what an interesting race this will be.

  5. “He suffered a career-ending injury while serving in the line of duty.” Yes, and he now gets a lifetime disability, rightfully so, and yet he wants to deny this same benefit to current police officers injured in the line of duty who are permanently disabled. Ironically, Constant’s disability payments are funded by current police officers, whose benefits and pay Constant has championed slashing. Great guy….

  6. This lineup of mayoral candidates reminds me of a nightmare I had many years ago. In it, my bright and beautiful daughter revealed herself engaged to one of the Village People. Horrified almost to the point of awakening, I struggled for composure and started to ask, “Which one?” but stopped myself, opting not to magnify the horror.

  7. So, if he is elected Mayor, I assume he is now medically well enough that he does not ALSO need to collect his disability from the police department. Isn’t this the “double dipping” that he makes such a big deal about if others do it? This guy is such a hypocrite.

  8. He’s never getting my vote, and hopefully the SJPOA won’t endorse him again either. As for Pete’s turn about face on being a supporter of gay marriage, and registering as a Democrat, please, give me a break. Good old Pete, anything to get his face in the media yet again~

    • Kathleen, wasn’t your good friend Bobby Lopez the SJPOA President when Pete Constant ran for City Council back in 2006? Check out this MOU between the City and SJPOA from October 25, 2005 If so, then wouldn’t that also make Bobby Lopez responsible for endorsing Pete Constant’s first run for City Council—putting the law enforcement seal of approval on him that helped lead Constant to victory?

      • The Record,

        You are correct. I wasn’t trying to take a shot at the SJPOA when I made that statement, so you don’t have to come out fighting. I was making an honest statement when I said it. BTW- I feel the same way about Madison Nguyen. They both betrayed the trust of the SJPOA, amongst others.

        When Pete ran the very first time not only did the SJPOA, not just Bobby, endorse Pete, so did I! I learned my lesson, and so did Bobby, but the SJPOA endorsed him AGAIN, even though he betrayed them the first time. Bobby was not the POA President when he was endorsed by the SJPOA the second time.

        Pete uses his former “Police Officer” status to con the public and the POA into thinking he cares about the PD. Like Madison Nguyen, Pete has a way of telling you one thing to get your vote, and your money, then doing the opposite once he gets it, so beware!

        And just so you know, I have said this to Pete’s face on numerous occasions, so when he reads this, and he will, it won’t come as a surprise to him.

        Have a HAPPY Easter and God bless~

        • The good news is Pete is not a member of the POA anymore. He resigned his POA/Retiree position rather than be forced to answer to his former coworkers for his failings. It is pretty obvious that even when your former coworkers can not even stand the words coming out of your backside.
          Stop sucking off the public teat Pete! You have a 50% tax free disability retirement, you used to have a photography business, you worked at more than you worked at the PD. You now have a council salary AND a PERS retirement on top of that.
          Now you want a mayor’s job?

  9. Pete Constant has my total support. Throughout his many years of leadership and service to the residents of San Jose, Pete ALWAYS determines the best and most thoughtful solutions to issues, while often being bullied by various special interest groups.

    San Jose is lucky to have a leader like Pete Constant that they can depend on when the toughest challenges are being addressed and resolved.

    • How do you personally reconcile Pete Constant collecting a lifetime disability from the police department, while at the same time he staunchly endorses creating new policies that deny current injured officers the same benefit he receives?

      • And let’s be clear, according to his own bio….he was a police officer for 11 years, and a RESERVE officer for three years…I think saying you were a police officer for 14 years is a partial truth that should be clarified

    • Lucky to have a “leader” that secretly funnels tax payer funded dollars to his private business partner? Is this your idea of best and thoughtful? Absurd. He uses his city issued credit card for food purchase but only patronizes his business partners restaurant? Lets ask San Jose’s other restaurant owners if they’d like a crack at some of that city money.

      Here, in case you’re blinded by his lies, here’s some objective evidence for you:
      just for clarification. Pete’s private business partner is Robert Collins, owner of “The Pata Market” and Pete’s partner in “Collins-Constant Investments LLC”

      Notable expenses: $2,765 at the Pasta Market for food service to an October 2011 public cybersecurity summit at City Hall that included continental breakfast and boxed lunches.

      From Pete’s Public Calendar:
      January 08, 2011 Continued
      3:00 PM – 4:30 PM 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
      Pete Constant
      2011 Calendar
      Jan 8, 2011
      Lincoln Day Dinner Planning Committee Meeting—The Pasta Market

      Political Strategy Meeting—The Pasta Market, 579 Coleman Ave, San Jose
      Updated 01/04/12 by CS Scheduled 01/03/11 by Pete

      There is considerable evidence if you bother open your eyes and LOOK, or keep your blindfold on Wendy.

    • But wait, there’s more!

      RESOLUTION NO. 74554
      WHEREAS, City desires to make a traffic signal modification at Winchester Boulevard and Williams Road located within the boundaries of the Winchester Strong Neighborhood Initiative ; and
      WHEREAS, a donation agreement with Collins and Constant Investments LLC for an easement for portions of property needed for the improvement is submitted to the City Council for approval;
      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SAN JOSE THAT: The donation agreement is approved, and the Director of Public Works is authorized to execute any
      additional documents necessary to complete the transaction. ADOPTED this 19th day of August, 2008, by the following vote:
      NOES: NONE.
      LEE PRICE, MMC City Clerk
      CHUCK REED Mayor

      Nice way to take city donations Pete! You’re so transparent, you’re like a salamander.

    • Trolls??? They/we have been here a heck of a lot longer than you. As a matter of fact, you just started showing up, since this thread went live. That tells me that you are probably connected in some way to Constant. I am assuming that is the reason for the flattery. Are you from the 18th floor, too?

      • I like the user name “easyeight” just reflects Pete’s love of the casinos…yup he is from the 18th floor. Pete is a joke and a disgrace. It is unfortunate but it looks as if we will be stuck with a crony of Chuck Reed as Mayor….The only question is which of these snakes are worse. It saddens me that San Jose will continue to decline as long as these bunch of clowns are involved in city politics.

  10. Good catch, Marie. If that is what he is saying that is a complete and total misrepresentation of facts on his part, but really who is that surprised?

  11. Pete Constant is not Mayor material. He does not listen to his district. Take the McDonald’s Drive thru proposed for the Orchard Farm Shopping Center; despite zoning ordinances, the planning commission denying the permit 2x…and a 98% turnout against it…Pete gives the recommendation to go ahead….then there was John Mise Park…. Pete is all wrong for San Jose…and he should never be Mayor based on his performance lately. Anyone would be better than Pete Constant…anyone!

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