Council to Discuss Successor Agency, Electric Car Charging Stations

Tuesday’s City Council meeting will feature considerably less rancor than recent weeks. Among the key issues on the agenda are transferring housing projects to the Successor Agency of the Redevelopment Agency, including the Mayfair Court Apartments; a public hearing on infrastructure improvements for The Alameda and acceptance of a grant for electric vehicle charging stations.

On Thursday, the council will reconvene for a study session on future retirement costs.

Here is more information on some of Tuesday’s key City Council items:

The city received a grant for $3,132,000 from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to fund 80 percent of infrastructure improvement costs for The Alameda. Property owners on the The Alameda will need to vote on whether to increase their property taxes to fund upkeep and maitenence.

— The Mayfair Court Apartments offer multi-family housing and would be funded by two series of bonds not to exceed $22 million.

—According to city staff, a sub-recipient grant from the Association of Bay Area 
Governments for $121,140 should be accepted. This grant would require the city to commit $534,394, for the purchase and installation of up to 23 electric vehicle charging stations.

Click to read the City Council Agenda for March 27, 2012.

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. The Council is really going forward with this when we know that the Cheiron reports, which are part of this process per the agenda and memo attached, are misleading because the City staff asked them to leave out and alter certain information. See, NBC Investigative Unit report on 3/25/12.  For example, Cheiron was asked to omit the increased savings by the 10% paycuts and it was omitted. Not exactly independent.  Shame on the City for going forward with this biased and agendized type information.  An honest Council would demand accurate and ALL of the information—not just that which staff thought best.  Whether you like unions or not, the citizens should be outraged at the dishonesty of this Council and allowing their political agenda to take precedence over truth.

  2. Didn’t City Manager Figone Reject a COPS grant that would have Fully funded 55 +/- Cops for several years and preventing a majority of the layoffs that occurred saying that the requirement to retain the officers after the grant ran out for a certain period of time was too expensive?

    Now the council is comtemplating approval to accept a grant in an amount that is going to cost taxpayers nearly FIVE TIMES the amount of the grant’s award? The folks running this town (Reed and Company) are right up there with the worst fiscal managers in history … and they want to float more and more tax measures to pay for their incompetance…

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