Carr: No Respect

There were cheers and hugs in the District Attorney’s office on the Friday that Jeff Rosen’s victory over Dolores Carr was announced.

Rosen spent Monday and Tuesday walking from desk to desk shaking hands with everyone in the office, and leaving handwritten notes for those who were out. Since he’d been on leave for the campaign, Rosen wasn’t carrying his entry badge, so the DA-elect had to go to the office’s information desk and be issued a visitor’s badge.

When he returned on Tuesday, he didn’t have a county-issued parking spot, so he went in to get a placard and returned to a ticket on the dash. Rosen says he wants to talk to the officer who issued the ticket, not to ask for a break but because the timekeeper wasted no time in writing the summons.

“That kind of efficiency is one thing my office needs,” Rosen deadpans.

He doesn’t seem to be getting much support either from DA Carr, who hasn’t called to congratulate, concede or offer support during the transition, which will last more than six months.

Carr’s concession statement touted her own role as the county’s first female DA and called the voters “deeply divided” while neglecting to mention Rosen. At a subsequent event of the law enforcement association PORAC, Carr sat near Rosen without saying hello or mentioning her successor in her remarks.

Rosen, who will be prosecuting the Mark Achilli murder case before assuming the top slot, may have to rely on Chief Assistant District Attorney Mark Buller, who was on hand on Rosen’s first day back to congratulate him.

Still, Rosen cracks, “he’s three levels above me,” echoing a reported comment before the Bench Bar Media group by Dolores Carr, who hasn’t been returning media phone calls, that challenger Rosen was “four levels below me.”

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  1. Now this article is funny. Rosen doesn’t owe DA Carr the respect of meeting with her privately to inform her he was even running. Instead, he goes to the paper to announce his candidacy, while trashing her, but you expect her to jump through hoops for him! LOL! That’s rich…

  2. Actually, Kathleen, what we expect of BOTH of these public servants is a smooth transition. This isn’t about protocols or etiquette, it’s about public safety. Carr is still drawing a County salary, no?

  3. Reader,
    Thank you. BOTH should be working together, but Rosen and the media, as evidenced by this article, are shining yet another unfair light on Carr’s actions and NOT on Rosen’s. Why is that?

    Shouldn’t Rosen contact his boss and arraigne a sit down himself instead of crying to the press about DA Carr yet again?  Is this a sign of how he’ll treat other co-workers he doesn’t like?

    His behavior reminds me of a bully on the schoolyard who has gotten fellow bullies to dog pile a classmate, and then stand there afterwards and wonder why the kid they just beat up won’t help them with their homework. Ridiculous.

    If he is going to be a proper, professional DA as he claims he will be, he needs to lead by example. He needs to put on his big boy panties, contact her, sit down and discuss the office’s future instead of acting like a rebuffed baby.

    • Sorry to say it, Kathleen, but you’re blinded by your support for Carr. For her not to have called him to concede is pretty classless. Enough said.

      • Carr Supporter,
        “Sorry to say it, Kathleen, but you’re blinded by your support for Carr.”

        You’d be very wrong about that. I am angry and disgusted that a man who used victims of violent crime and lies to win an election for an office he isn’t qualified for. I am angry that the media helped him do it too.

        • Reader,
          Please, consider it done! Should I also hold you accountable along with Rosen for my murdered friend’s widow and daughter leaving the county due to constant press coverage of the DA’s race continually being linked to their murder case thanks to Rosen, or the fact that his widow had a slight stroke from the stress? Or don’t that kind of negative campaigning and its casualties matter to you?

        • Uh, OK.  If it makes you feel better you can also blame the voters for the oil spill, the recession and whooping cough. Or, you could, with good grace, accept the fact that voters rejected your candidate in favor of another. Or not.

        • Reader,
          Did I mention how much I love your innate sensitivity? wink No wonder you’re a fan of his. You work from the same school of thought he does.

          If it makes you feel warm and fuzzy, you can keep claiming I have some sort of blind allegiance to Carr, rather than looking at your candidate’s behavior objectively. Regardless of whom he ran against, I would still see your candidate as a low life for using victims of violent crime, and lies to win an election.

        • And did I mention how much I enjoy your innate sense of hallucination? wink

          When have I ever claimed that you have “some sort of blind allegiance to Carr…?”  That’s simply not true, Kathleen, unless you’re hearing voices. 

          My point, apparently lost on you, is that the majority of voters in the June election selected one candidate over another. I understand that you are unhappy with the election result but hey, it happens. (I had to put up with 8 years of G.W. Bush!)

          You refer to Rosen as “your (my) candidate” and that I am apparently a “fan of his.” That’s an interesting conclusion, although not rooted in reality. Consider this: after literally months of deliberation I ended up voting for Rosen. I was not involved in the campaign, didn’t contribute, etc. I did, however, attend candidates forums and spoke with both candidates in making up my mind. And then I voted. So did 131,706 other voters who supported Rosen. I guess that makes us all “fans of his.”


        • Uhh Reader, I think you need to go back and re-read your posts. I like you want to respect differences so we can agree to disagree on EVERYTHING but Bush! wink I suffered through him too. UGH!

  4. Petty crap.

    When Julius Finkelstein ran unsuccessfully against Leo Himmelsbach, Leo banished one of the best D.A.s on staff to municipal court.  Now that’s the politics of revenge.  Hopefully, that is the last instance of such in our D.A.s office.