Endorsement: Magdalena Carrasco for San Jose’s District 5

It’s a shame this isn’t a re-election endorsement, because Magdalena Carrasco deserved to win San Jose's District 5 City Council seat four years ago. Rather than riding a primary win to the runoff in 2010, she had to defend herself against a fraudulent political mailer that framed her as a communist. That illegal mailer has since been linked back to the 2010 campaign of Councilman Xavier Campos, who refuses to discuss the matter publicly and invoked the Fifth Amendment during a grand jury hearing last year.

As hard as it may be to believe, Campos’ time in office has actually been worse than we initially feared. Riding his sister’s coattails into the District 5 seat, he has been one of the least effective members of the council, a pocket vote for labor and consistent investigatee.

How can anyone in good conscience vote for Campos knowing that the District Attorney’s office and the Fair Political Practices Commission are actively investigating his previous campaign? And this comes after he was investigated in the theft of $1 million from MACSA retirees. Trouble follows certain people for a reason.

Aaron Resendez would also be an upgrade over Campos, but while he is a nice man, Resendez lacks the political savvy to represent District 5 in the manner it so direly needs. His plan to register as a lobbyist for the business association he chairs—in the midst of a campaign—speaks to his acumen.

Carrasco brings experience as a former nonprofit executive and county worker, and she’s beefed up her resume by serving as a trustee on the East Side Union High School District. Carrasco was the best candidate four years ago, and that remains true today.


        • That is what the union hacks supporting Campos would like you to believe. Carrasco apparently did not file her final report for her school board campaign which is pretty common place for Santa Clara County elections apparently. SJI ran an article at the start of the Shirakawa debacle that listed all the recent elections and which candidates had not filed their final paperwork. Xavier Campos as well as many others associated with Shirakawa (including his now fired former Chief of Staff) were all on that list.

          The criminal element comes from setting up the fictitious business account where Shirakawa siphoned off (i.e. stole) campaign donations. Carrasco has never set up a fictitious business account. Xavier Campos on the other hand is currently being criminally investigated for doing exactly that in both his failed school board campaign AND his council race. He infamously pled the fifth to avoid self incrimination before the Grand Jury. He’s running for reelection and expects the public to be idiots and not pay attention to the fact that he’s under investigation and may still be charged and convicted for his part in all these dirty dealings. Whether you vote Carrasco or Resendez any vote is better than Campos.

    • This is more interesting because it is factual not simply slanted positioning. Campos must be worried that without Shirakawa to steal the election for him this time that he might actually lose.

      “The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office seized documents in a Thanksgiving eve raid that implicate Xavier Campos’ campaign in funding the red-baiting political mailers that helped him win a seat on the San Jose City Council.”

      “Santa Clara County Recorder’s databases show that Campos and Shirakawa, who is currently serving a year-long jail sentence for pilfering campaign funds, filed fictitious business name statements under the identical names as their political campaigns.”


    • Let’s hope that Campos continues to play Follow the Leader and follows Shirakawa right into a jail cell

      “The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) confirmed Thursday that it has expanded its investigation into San Jose Councilman Xavier Campos’ 2010 campaign. Earlier this week, San Jose Inside reported that Campos and incarcerated former county Supervisor George Shirakawa Jr. created fictitious business filings with the county Recorder’s office under identical names as their campaigns. The unconventional finance practice could have allowed the two men to funnel campaign contributions into secret bank accounts.”


  1. Is there something in the air or water in D5 that causes memory lapses re compliance with political statutes?

  2. The Big camera Upstairs sees it all. May The Master of The Universe bless the winner of Distric5 with lots of wisdom,clarity and understanding on what needs to be done in District 5 for many years to come. Amen,and Amen. May all of District5 staff and citizens be blessed with blessings,peace,love and prosperity for years to come. Amen,and Amen. Bless Up.

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