Are The Raiders Coming To Santa Clara?

Last week, KLIV Radio reported that NBC Sports has learned that the National Football League is encouraging both the 49ers and the Raiders to play in the proposed Santa Clara Stadium.  Will the Raiders and 49ers both call Santa Clara home?

The possibility of the Raiders (or another team) making partial or full use of the Santa Clara Stadium is not really “news.”  The E.I.R. and Stadium Term Sheet both allowed for the possibility.  The Stadium Term Sheet reads, “49ers Stadium Company will have the right to enter into a sublease with a second NFL team, on terms and conditions consistent with and subject to the stadium lease.  Conditions of repayment to the city, forgiveness of advances, and additional revenues to the City of Santa Clara are defined in the term sheet’s outline of conditions.

If the NFL is encouraging both teams to play in the new stadium, why doesn’t the City of Santa Clara invite the NFL to the table and negotiate with them directly?  Make the NFL and its huge financial resources a full partner in the program.  After all, if two NFL teams make use of the new stadium, why does the City of Santa Clara and its redevelopment agency have to put up one dime?

The NFL generates billions of dollars every year.  They could easily afford to finance the public subsidy that Santa Clara is being asked to put forward.  What’s more, perhaps the deal could be made even bigger and better.

Consider:  Why doesn’t the NFL purchase the Great America amusement park from Cedar Fair and turn it into a football-theme destination for tourists?  A West Coast wing of the Football Hall of Fame could be added to the property along with football-theme sports restaurants and shops.  (ie Montana’s Steak House, Shula’s, etc).

This new, “NFL Disneyland” complex would be a fantastic showcase for the NFL.  The new complex would be the permanent home for the Pro Bowl, home to the “Hall Of Fame Game” (every other year), and a prime location for frequent Super Bowls.

Welcome to NFL’s Great America!


  1. My good friend and blogging rival, Peter Campbell, has laid on the table a very rational, thorough argument relating to the stadium in Santa Clara.  I salute his effort as he may know, and not know that if the Raiders came in, the costs of the stadium would probably be covered.  The Raiders do not want to do this, but Campbell addresses an idea that I have thought of with relation to Cedar Fair, make it a theme park for NFL football.  Cedar Fair refuses to cooperate.

    1.  There is a internal sense of bigotry in each of the souls of the oppostion group members of Santa Clara Plays Fair.  They think 49er stadium means Raider fans and operations are the secret group in the back of all the efforts.  One officer of Santa Clara Plays Fair, who is linked with the MinuteMen and other right wing groups has been caught saying, “we’ll get the Raiders and all those fans from towns with Latinos will be parking in front of my house near the Central Library.”  That is an actual quote.  I have been an ineffective burr on the backside of Peter Campbell for years, but I have to write this compliment to him for this column, he is getting this attitude flushed out.  Well, we all have a joint team stadium and if we do, then the costs are completely covered, so good for you.

    2.  Do I favor such a project?  Well, I am concerned that the stadium would have two teams and it would reduce the availability for college football teams, and looking at the Emerald Bowl, San Jose State football, and other sporting venues, I would wonder if it could accomodate all of them.

    3.  The initiative being organized in Santa Clara is the best idea, as it is going directly to the voters, so perhaps Pete could ask the proponents of th measure of their views on this.

    4.  My final salute to Campbell for his insightful column is focused on the irrational behavior of the stadium opponents.  For years, the silly antics of Santa Clara Plays Fair, calling all council members corrupt, allying themselves with Mr. Hazel, who last night referred to our Mayor as “butt ugly,” and also claims he is GOD, has blocked all rational dissent.  This Campbell piece should have been a part of the discussion of the naysayers and they refused to do so, instead finding Mayoral candidate retreads like Debbie Bress, who used to borrow money from the same people she attacks now.  My point is that the analysis done by Peter is one the first times we had a discussion on the stadium offering a different point of views that was based on fact.

    Instead, good people like Lisa Lang of the 49ers are now being personally attacked by SCPF for non existent issues, instead of full comments about the issues involving a two team stadium.

    We can only hope that the three most well read blogs in the area, San Jose Inside, Watch Dog, Protect San Jose, and our own cranky danky Lantern, continue to be the places where good people like Campbell can write his ideas without being the subject of political montebanks and brats stupid comments.  Keep up the good work.

    • Pete,

      “When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.”

      By: Catherine Ponder