Chuck Reed’s Endorsements: What Does the Mayor Want?

San Jose’s Mayor Reed is perhaps the most popular and powerful leader in the Bay Area.  Reed was re-elected mayor by a landslide.  No serious challenger took him on for the very simple reason that it was clear that he couldn’t be defeated.  It’s only a matter of time before Chuck Reed’s name will be mentioned as a candidate for state or national office in the next election cycle.

It’s high season for newspapers, political parties, and various interest groups to publish and distribute their lists of endorsements and recommendations to county voters.  One wonders, who does the mayor of the nation’s tenth largest city support?  What does Reed want?  Here’s a list of the candidates that Mayor Reed has endorsed thus far:

Water District

S.J. City Council

Berryessa School Board
David Cohen

Eastside School Board
Manuel Herrera
Frank Biehl

Evergreen School Board
Sylvia Alvarez

Alum Rock School Board
Aaron Resendez

Campbell School Board
Julie Constant

Debbie Giordanno (Mayor)
Armando Gomez (Council)

S.C. County Board of Supervisors
Mike Wasserman


  1. Reed has no clue of what he is doing, he has fooled a lot of people but he’s a joke.  He is a befuddled “OLD MAN” with old world ideas. 

    Reed is rude and smug with his remarks to citizens about community concerns during Council meetings.  These people pay for his nice home and all the goodies that go along with being mayor. 

    National office, Ha! that’s a joke.  If you look at the San Jose Rotary Club members list, which Reed and all the Candidates belong to, you will see the dirty connections.  Hmmmmm? Soooo I guess you can say that most of our local elections are “Fixed” in a way. 

    Actually law precludes any government employee and or sitting “in office politician” from endorsing or stumping for other candidates using their official titles or capacity, which appears to be what Reed is doing… a total misuse of his powers. 

    No one ran against Reed due to the high level of corruption in the City of San Jose.  Who would want to inherit or be tied to something like corruption as a new term mayor.

    • So the President can’t fly in Air Force One to a campaign event in California?  Come on, I don’t think the law is that strict….

      He probably can’t endorse from the council chambers, but as a citizen, he can do what he wants (freedom of speech.)

      And we can think what we will about it….

  2. Pete you can’t be Serious,
    You are incorrect on your commentary about Mayor Reed. First of all, Mayor Reed and his wife PAID for their own house long before he was Mayor. Both Mayor Reed and his wife had/have excellent jobs that afforded them a decent income, a beautiful home, made wise investments along the way, and to imply otherwise is outright untrue/unfair of you.

    As a Council Member and Mayor he didn’t/doesn’t earn that much. Also he refused any raises other members of the Council took so don’t make it sound like he is earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Our Mayor makes LESS than our City Manager, and other City officials.

    Secondly, Mayor Reed, like any other elected can endorse whom he wants. He isn’t breaking any laws by doing that. The President of the United States is even campaigning for candidates so please get your facts straight.

    Thirdly, while I don’t agree with Mayor Reed on everything he does, or whom he endorses, I know one thing for certain, he loves San Jose and is doing what he thinks is best for our City. And while I don’t agree with his treatment of Unions, or his stand on many issues, I believe he is trying his best to get the budget under control the best he can. His efforts to curb spending got him re-elected, nothing else.

    And finally, Mayor Reed has no intention of seeking higher office. He made that pretty clear during his run for Mayor. If he has changed his mind and does run for a higher office then he has my vote. If you look at who is running for Governor, Senate, Congress, etc., you have to admit he would be an awesome representative for our State because he puts his citizen’s well being ahead of all else. I am certain that Mayor Reed with all his faults means well, and is doing his best, which is more than I can say for a lot of electeds today.

    • No, he’s a registered member of the Democratic Party.  I believe he was an independent when first elected in 2006, but subsequently re-registered as a Democrat.

      In any event, he’s a pretty good Mayor (although the only time I voted for him was in the run-off against Cindy Chavez), and I’d positively love to see him challenge Zero Lofgren in the 2014 Democratic Congressional primary.  I’m pretty sure he lives in her district.  But if he wanted to move a couple miles away, into the 15th District, and run against Mike Honda, well, that’d be good too.

    • He’s a democrat on paper.  In practice, you have to be a democrat in Santa Clara County to hold public office (outside of maybe a few districts or sections.)  Even in non-partisan races, being a Republican was the kiss of death and the independent expenditures would be sure an “out you” in the non-partisan races.

      What happens when everyone has to be a democrat to rise is that you start seeing diverging opinions in the party with conservative, moderate and liberal wings all serving under the same banner…sometimes at cross purposes.

      Same thing occurs in authoritarian countries where you have to be a member of the ruling party..(Mexico, PRI/PAN, China, Communist Party, Russia, Putin’s Party.)

  3. Sorry we don’t see eye to eye Kathleen, and my goal is to not piss anyone off who have feelings for this guy.  But Reed is two-faced when it comes to meeting folks behind closed doors that can do something for his politically.  I ask you why did he layoff the rank and file and none of the management staffers. 

    Giving police and fire unions a 21% wage increase over 3 years is insane.  I know your gonna say he has no hand in that due to binding arbitration, but they make up more than 57% of the city budget loss with their Minimum 100K Plus a year income. 

    As for the City manager… $300K a year is just too much for any city employee no matter what the job. 

    Reed does not put the citizens first as he never lets them talk at meetings, never returns phone calls, nor does Pete Constant.  I have known both of these men prior to becoming politicians, unfortunately they forgot where they came from.

    Please check the policies on endorsements regarding elected and non elected State, County, City Employees. 

    They can not stump using their official titles as this creates a conflict of interest.  If they are allowed to stump while using those titles in essence they are saying that we the “people” / voters who they serve as elected officials agree with their endorsements.  Which is untrue.  Although as a private citizen he can endorse anyone he likes.  As the president also is allowed to do, if you notice he never says “as president” I endorse whomever.

    Reed’s plan for the City of San Jose is to “Contract Out” or “Out Source” all jobs normally held by faithful long term City employees.  Reed’s master plan is to kill the unions and payoff his friends who supported him whom may have businesses that do “like” jobs or functions as city employees. 

    He will be rewarding them with contracts and of course telling them to bid low as the city always goes with the lowest bids.  Mean while more of the excellent long term City staff will be laid off until all city functions will be staffed by low bid contractors with no attachment to the city or citizens.  Hence the Contractor issues at the Airport, Convention Center and so on…  I would like to know where my tax dollars are really going, and I don’t want my money going to contractors. 

    Please look up the definition of the word “Con”  you’ll be surprised. 

    We have shades of Ronnie Gonzales and the Garbage Company fiasco, he was a real thinker too, more like stinker…. shoveling money into his pockets from the contractors, and ooops! he got greedy and got caught with his pants down so to speak.   

    One more thing…Please explain to me where the missing $750K is???  Reed allowed Team San Jose to lose this money on top of the millions in prior years.

    Have a nice day!

    • Pete you can’t be Serious?
      We can agree to disagree on our views of the Mayor, but I do agree with how you feel about Unions being railroaded. Especially regarding the POA. In 30 years, they’ve only been to arbitration twice and that was at the City’s request.

      BTW-The City Manager took a sizable pay cut. She makes around $250K now, and given the time commitment and her duties, I think she earns every bit of it. Also, managers, etc. aren’t in the Union that might be why they didn’t lay them off. They also took pay cuts. I do agree that some of them need to go to help lower the budget and keep much needed City employees on the job.

      I have expressed my unhappiness to the Mayor about limiting public comments to 1 minute. He said the problem lies with Council Members spending hours talking, asking questions, etc. If he allowed everyone 2 minutes, they’d be there all night! I agree, so call and write your Council Members and ask them to research their material before they get on the dais.  Some of them drown on and on needlessly asking questions they should already have answers to, especially during campaign season.

      It might help if groups chose one speaker to represent them them and stood together. I get sick of hearing 50-100 people saying EXACTLY the same thing over and over again. :-(

      I agree that the Mayor, and Council’s staff are a sleep at the wheel. They are terrible at constituent contact. They should oversee them better that’s for sure.

      About the $750K, can’t answer what I don’t now, but I’m with you on being outraged about it. I doubt very much that our Mayor is cool with it either…

    • “Reed’s master plan is to kill the unions and payoff his friends who supported him whom may have businesses that do “like” jobs or functions as city employees.” 

      I think the Unions killed themselves off, and I’m a huge Union supporter. They have been arrogant and sometimes ignorant of the facts. They’re selling others out for a Two Tier System. Their leaders have blown it for them by being lazy or divisive.

      Members pay their dues, walk around deaf dumb and blind, and only pay attention when it hits their wallets. They don’t educate the public on the realities of their plight until they are in deep crap like now. And they don’t scream about government overspending until it is too late. That’s why business always wins.

      Business are taxpayers, they tout more jobs and bring IN TAX revenue, while Unions COST taxpayers and the City money. Simple Economics One A.

  4. Chuck Reed is working more for residents and small businesses than any of last 3-4 Mayors who with labor Council majority caused the current budget problems  

    City budget rose 3-4 times faster than taxes because Council majority drove jobs and business out of San Jose which spending and obligating city budget with

    1) Taxes lost – labor’s political agenda: living wage requirements, opposing large retailers, creating nightmare maze of government policies, regulations, public meetings and approvals taking 2-4 times longer to maybe but not always get city approvals after paying big fees to former Mayor, Council or city staff lobbyists to get Council approval votes so jobs went elsewhere while San Jose built houses and little used downtown

    2) Large Cost Increases – in city employee pay and pensions and lots new VERY high paid city management jobs when city did not have money then, now or in future to pay, without cutting services again, again, again with more cuts in future

    3) Job Development Money wasted – Labor Council insisting new retail, hotels and millions city budget be spent on problem ridden unpopular downtown giving away 100’s millions needed economic / jobs development funds while city got little or nothing back

    4) High Taxes drove out jobs – as more jobs left city raised taxes, fees, service charges again, again and again with more raises in future city,  so more more jobs and taxes left San Jose to lower cost business friendly neighboring cities

    5) Converting 1500 + acres of jobs / business lands to unneeded homes and excessive low income housing losing more 100’s millions tax revenues while increasing services increased budget costs as political paybacks to campaign contributor developers and former city politicians

    Reed is trying to clean up labor and housing developer created budget mess

    Don’t agree with everything Reed’s done especially his ” political friends ” but he is making budget better than any of last 3-4 labor elected Mayors who overspent while neglecting, postponing or obligating San Jose into this huge budget mess

  5. ” San Jose’s Mayor Reed is perhaps the most popular and powerful leader in the Bay Area. ” 

    NOT – Newsome is more popular and Reed is not even in the Top 5 of Bay Area powerful political leaders – he can’t even get a Council majority to pass important votes and his previously endorsed candidates have lost – Dah

    Look like after Nov elections, Reed might have Council majority – on some votes  

    Reed is consider by a few to be a powerful political leader, more from South Bay Labor past numerous political mistakes city spending problems, not listening to voters and continuing downward political practice of supporting weak and problematic labor loyal candidates that will owe South Bay Labor political paybacks,

    Sometimes making fewer political and endorsement mistakes than your opponents, by default gives you political power but that does not make you a powerful political leader if you can’t control majority votes all the time

    • Newsome couldn’t get any traction on his run for Governor, so he’s running for Lt. Governor.  Outside of SF, I don’t know anyone who takes the guy seriously.  He’s more a game show host than a leader.  The Mayor of Oakland Dellums has been MIA the entire time.  You say Reed isn’t even in the top five, but don’t list anyone else.  Great argument!

    • Thank you Pete you can’t be Serious? In the end and at the end of the day, I don’t think we are really that far apart on the issue of Unions and how they are being treated. I will be voting NO on V and W because I honestly feel spending 1 million dollars on a ballot measure is wrong in this economy. As a mediator and arbitrator myself, I believe that our City should have acted in good faith and tried to negotiate with the Unions like the City of Campbell did instead of rushing a ballot measure.

      Past history shows that it was the City, not the Unions that bypassed negotiation and moved to arbitration. Also, if the City took Council Member Oliverio’s advice and held public Union negotiations, I think the out come would be very different. My understanding is that many Union leaders are willing to participate in public negotiations. Clearly the City isn’t, hence the 1 million dollar tax payer funded rushed ballot measure.

  6. Mayor Reed endorsed, proudly he says, Larry Pegram in the D-9 election, thus proving he’ll lie down with any slimy beast in order to secure just one more anti-labor vote.

    The Mayor got a signed note from Pegram, promising not to bring his wack-job right wing anti-gay (and etc.) personal opinions to the council if he’s elected. Good enough for Our Chuck…but it makes you wonder if Larry had been a Klansman (or even just a little more anti-immigrant), would a note have sufficed?

    Just at the moment when thinking, caring people are engaged in a dialogue on bullying and anti-gay hate behavior, San Jose’s mayor chooses to endorse…a hate-fomenting, anti-gay candidate for council—just to win a “me to” vote. Or is it because Larry and Chuck see eye to eye on *lots* of issues? Whichever…it’s sad and embarassing.

  7. Reed is the worst mayor San Jose ever had, period.  Only 1 highrise got built downtown.  It’s unheard of! Downtown is being neglected by this lack of enthusiastic mayor.  He’s so dull and never has the passion for this city, and downtown will fail and take the rest of the city with it.  San Jose will be so rotten to its core just like its center city, and nobody will benefit.  You might as well level the whole downtown and the city.

    • San Jose has more downtown high rises than it can use already.  I happen to like downtown (unlike a lot of people, it seems), but there’s no pressing need for more boondoggle sky scrapers.

    • SJ specialized via Redevelopment in Corporate Welfare where wealth transfers occured via tax increment financing and land deals and incentives offered to developers to build, own and operate in downtown SJ.  The logic was that downtown was a risky investment and without subsidies, no one would risk capital there.  So a lot of things got built via wealth transfer from redevelopment to developers, who used the incentives to boost profits and justify the “risks”.  For most, it paid off so well that its now proving impossible to ween them off the “cult of dependency” that infected other welfare programs in this country.

      And the city likes to feeling of power and control it gets when its spending big chunks of money borrowed via 30 years bonds and tax increment financing. 

      Getting back to Mayor Reed – he has not allowed fuzzy book keeping and creative financing at the Redevelopment Agency and they have had to cut drastically and scale back all their projects and plans.  I’d almost say it might be time to phase it out completely.

      I think Redevelopment can be a great tool for fixing up a truly blighted area (think Alviso or Eastridge area about 15 years ago) but in practice its mainly used to launder money and transfer wealth, sometimes for noble social justice projects, sometimes for yuppie treats, sometimes for pet projects, but rarely does it seem to actually address the needs of residents of blighted areas other than encouraging them to move out and commute from Gilroy for their low paying service jobs.

      I propose that Reed sunset the entire Redevelopment Agency and then start fresh with a new, smaller agency and district focused on the Caltrain and 101 corridors where leveraged capital could see public and private investments coordinated to better serve the needs of the entire community.

      • “noble social justice projects” is an oxymoron. It’s just a prettified euphemism for socialism – taking the earnings of one person or entity and transferring it to someone else. Sounds pretty Orwellian to me.

  8. Chucky and Larry are deeply connected. 

    If you watch Chucky and Larry at Council Meetings they communicate with non-verbal hand signals, intense eye contact and a series of nods when certain issues come up that Larry wants to pass.  Then when there is a break in the action Larry goes behind the “dais scene” and chats up Chucky.  Then you can see Chucky’s change in attitude. I am at every meeting so I see these things, what else does an old retiree have to do? 
    I have scene it time and time again with these clowns. 

    Transparent government?  I think not.

  9. Kathleen,

    I agree, I am very concerned with the direction our city is going.  There is no communications between Council and the Unions. 

    Pete Campbell;

    There are many other political figures that are better qualified than Mr. Reed.  The poster chided does not have to name any others, he has his right to his point of view.