Pete Constant Changing Party Affiliation

San Jose City Council member Pete Constant is the closest thing that this city has to a Tea Party Republican in local politics. Or at least he was. In a surprising announcement late last night, Constant said that he is abandoning the Republican Party and registering as a Democrat.

“I’ve been watching a lot of Rachel Maddow,” he explained. “It’s one of my guilty pleasures. And by gosh, she makes a lot of sense.” The former police officer went on to explain that seeing events unfold in Wisconsin and Sacramento made him increasingly aware of the important role that unions play in defending the rights of public employees.

“The challenge,” Constant went on to say, “is to find ways to address the concerns of those who voted for me because of my conservative bona fides, while remaining true to my liberal convictions. I’ve already discussed this with the Mayor, and he agreed that I can serve as a bridge uniting both sides of the political divide.”

Appearing with Constant at his press conference was former City Councilmember Nora Campos. “Pete was always a formidable opponent,” she said, “but I knew that he would eventually come around. I am glad to have him on our side now.”

This was echoed by George Beattie, President of the San Jose Police Officers Association, who called the announcement “quite a surprise.” He said he is confident that Constant’s conversion will help to protect “the legitimate benefits enjoyed by San Jose’s finest,” especially as the city struggles to overcome a $105 million deficit.

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  1. “…find ways to address the concerns of those who voted for me because of my conservative bona fides, while remaining true to my liberal convictions.”

    What a complete crock! File that comment in the “All things to all men” folder.

  2. The writing is clear! Pete intends to run for Mayor. Just like Chuck (G)Reed, Pete will be a closet Republican behind a Democrat ticket knowing the city wont elect a republican!

  3. Fortunately, this story is as much a joke as Pete is. I don’t know why any Party would claim him but he fits perfectly in the diminishing Tea Bag Party.

  4. You mean this once die hard, against the unions…just a couple weeks ago, now sees the light and the importance of the unions…and NORA FELL FOR IT?????? What a crock. How can ANYONE trust this person? This is really scary to see this abrupt change, knowing it is not sincere and knowing the change was only for political reasons. When you see phoniness and untruths such as this, it really makes one very doubtful about the person who is doing it. I heard, and I don’t know how true this is, but I heard that mayor reed is really a republican but ran as a democrat so that he could get elected. I am suspecting that pete is doing the same thing. I am wondering why he thinks people are so stupid that they can’t see through this. It reminds me of a child who is sticking his hand in the cookie jar but thinking that if he plays like he is invisible, his parents won’t see him doing it. How stupid does he think people are and that is what is really scary…he doesn’t think anyone will notice.

      • It took me all of three minutes. So, I have to admit that I was stupid for three minutes. HOWEVER, equating that with some of the other statements he has made, such as his not needing a secretary because he can answer his own phones…I didn’t put it past him…for all of three minutes.

    • Yes ‘Okay…’, but which one of the ‘Fools’ are you? Which one of the 3 or 4 commenters who were duped by this preposterous story are YOU?

      Come on. Fess up. You’ll feel better. You don’t need to have this secret weighing on you like an albatross around your neck.
      Was it Bugsy? Nah. Too self righteous. Bugsy’d never admit to being wrong, even anonymously. It would be more than his public employee ego could handle.

      Napper maybe?  Could be. Not much data to form a conclusion there.

      JMO? Honest Irish blood… Old Testament kind of guy… A lawyerly interest in the truth. But would an inherently honest person use a pseudonym while owning up to a mistake? Hmm. Doesn’t really make sense.

      So that leaves only one other possibility and it makes perfect sense. ‘The Commenter Known Only As ‘Okay…’’ MUST in reality(?) be ‘The Commenter Known Only As ‘Oh This Is Scary’‘.  A careful review of the timestamps on the comments reveals that ‘Oh This Is Scary’ made his misguided observations at precisely 12:22 PM. Exactly 3 minutes later, at 12:25 PM ‘Okay…’ chimes in with comments that can only be construed as regretful and conciliatory. The obvious conclusion is that ‘Oh this is scary’ read the article, hastily and angrily fired off a response (probably rooted in some deepseated hatred of Pete Constant) then, and only then, did he read the comments that had already been posted which revealed to him that the article was just an April Fool stunt. Suddenly he realized what an April Fool he had been and in a sudden impulse of atonement, posted the anonymous confession.
      The pieces of the puzzle all fit. Does it not follow that a person who would use a disposable pseudonym in one post would make up a brand new one in his next?
      This has all- every bit of it- been a fascinating and revealing study of human behavior and motivation… testimony to the idea that the entire universe can be discovered on the tip of an eyelash.

      Thanks to Silicon Valley Newsroom for demonstrating how easily a gullible public’s opinion can be manipulated by the media, and for the reminder of the importance of always thinking things through with your own brain.

      • You are correct. I was THAT fool. I forgot which day it was and really believed it. I am honest. I fessed up. The laugh is on me. Good one. I am laughing at myself.

        • That’s EXACTLY what I thought. It sounded like something he would do, so not realizing what day it was, I believed it. Next year, however, I will be ready!!! Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice…nope, won’t happen. It was fun though.

  5. Republican Tea Party Pete vs Progressive / Chamber Give Taxpayers Money Away Sam

    – Slam dunk for Sam, both bad for San Jose but Will not vote for either

  6. That cracked me up, but it looks like most of the people who commented on this article weren’t “reading for content” or whatever the education term is for “actually reading”. LOL.

    Great job.

  7. Actually…interesting (even though its a joke.)  The new primary system suggests some potential new dynamics in partisan races.  Top two primary finishers go to run off which means most SJ races will have two democrats in the runoff for Assembly and State Senate.  I’m thinking a drift towards decline to state might benefit some.

    Think about it, a conservative pro-business democrat against a liberal pro-labor democrat?  How about someone sneaking in from the outside lane as a progressive “decline to state”?  It’s the fastest growing political affiliation in the state and could overtake both parties in the future as people get more disenchanted with coalition (machine) politics that serves the powerful and not the people.

  8. What would have been a really good April Fool’s joke is if you said Pete had decided to give up his disability retirement from the police department and actually go back to work rather than milk the system.

  9. Good satire for me is stating what on the surface is fairly absurd, but when taking a second thought, realizing the absurd in life is too often very possible. By that standard this revelation excels. I would not say I was duped, reading after April 1, just dazed, as my mind attempted and failed to make sense of the surreal.  After all, we already have the other guy at center stage of Chambers, who scapegoats workers for societal ills with full applause of the Chamber and Merc, who has no viable revenue generating proposals other than pot and gambling, who rather than presenting to citizens a case for tax increases, goes with the current fad that City services can be provided at discount rates etc.  Now what party would this guy who has cut pay to workers who’s take home pay was already a negative over the last decade affiliate with?  This mystery man is yes, inexplicably a Democrat!  But still, thanks for a genuine chuckle, at the deserved expense of The Divisive One.

  10. I dont know what to think of all of this…………First Sam Licardo, then Pier Oliverio, now Pete Constant……It seems the city council is trying to distance themselves from the havoc Mayor Reed has created with his employees.  Maybe I’m wrong but I think these council people have finally come to realize the destruction of their work force is going to do nothing for their political career.  They’ve spent and spent and spent and now they’re blaming and blaming and blaming (their employees). 

    I just hope the change in heart comes in time to repair the damage they have done to their police officers.  Hundreds of junior officers (the hardest working kind) have began the process of finding new jobs.  Many of those officers who bled SJPD are so bitter at the way they have been treated they are willing to leave no matter what happens.  Agencies are licking their chops at the thought of picking up some of these SJPD officers.  Will these city politicians mend the broken fence or will they let Mayor Greed continue to destroy it?  Any thoughts

  11. I came to SJPD as a new recruit about 4 years ago.  I came because San Jose was the best and had the brightest, and I knew I belonged there.  SJPD had all the units, the opportunities, the assignments, the stability, the pay (so I thought).  I knew from the time I was in college, SJPD was where I wanted to work.  When it came time to apply, SJPD was the only place I tried.  I was hired and began one of the biggest challenges of my life.  The academy was grueling, and filled with P.T. and study time.  I made it through at the top of my class.  I went on to work patrol, and made a name for myself, as an officer of integrity and pride, one that made good arrests and investigations.  I aspired to be the best that I could and get into some of the most demanding units, where I could polish my skills.  I continued to work and to stay out of trouble.  I was content and happy with where I was working.

    About 4 months ago Mayor Reed came into our briefing.  He told us cops, that we were on the gravy train and he was willing to lay 200 of us off because we were overpaid.  The Mayor said, “give me 10% and you won’t get laid off.”  A month or so later the mayor changed his tune.  He said give me 10% and I’ll only lay off 250 of you guys.  My heart sank, all the work id done, all the years I spent making this agency proud, keeping this city safe.  I had arrested murders, child molesters, I had been kicked, punched, and spit on (twice).  I’ve seen the dead, the dying, and things no man or woman should see.  I’ve seen mothers holding their dead children, crying for God to bring them back.  I had risked my life day in and day out……….For what?  I wake up every morning and put on a bullet proof vest, and kiss my wife and kids goodbye (maybe for the last time).  Why do I do this?  Do I do it for the measly $1800 dollars bi-weakly?  Do I do it because I like missing my kid’s birthday party, or christmas morning?  No, I do it because it is my calling, my profession, My Duty.

    And now everything has changed.  No matter how good I do, or what rapist or murder I arrest it really doesn’t matter in regards to keeping my job.  I am at the mercy of the all mighty mayor Chuck Reed and his all knowing budget.  There are no more units to go to, no more job security, the pay is not enough to live on.  I am finished, I will work somewhere else, somewhere my calling and profession, are wanted, somewhere I have security, and make enough to pay the bills.  May God protect this city and the innocent victims that fall victim to the evil men and women that prey on them.

      • Don’t think there are cultural/genetic factors at work here? Check out the following links and then come back and tell me that Hispanics don’t abuse alcohol at a rate greater than whites. Med MDH Alcohol and Drug Use, Abuse, and Dependence in Urban Areas and Colonias of the Texas-Mexico Border.pdf

        Anyone who suggests that Hispanics don’t experience, generally, more health problems as well as criminal behaviors related to the abuse of alcohol has clearly not done enough research and is ignorant of the facts and studies which establish this to be true. To suggest, then, that arrests of hispanics for alcohol related crimes (often to include domestic violence) should mirror their population representation, is inconsistent with reality.

        Stop giving Hispanics the scapegoat of racism or racial politics as an excuse for their disproportionate arrest numbers. Doing so is its own form of soft racism as it lets them off the hook for personal accountability. The sooner Hispanic culture(s) accept responsibility for their behaviors and work to make meaningful changes to improve, the better off they’ll be culturally, personally and criminally.

    • If you as good as you say, and if seniority were not the only criterion to keep your job, you would not get laid off.  As long as unions nationwide cling to the notion that layoffs can only be handled on the basis of seniority, good folks like you will lose their jobs to lesser performers.
      Rise up, Young Turks!! and change that antiquated union requirement.

  12. Cops Story:

    Sir, thank you for your service to our city.  God willing another jurisdiction will make good use of your talents and civic-mindedness.  It’s tough to see one of SJ’s finest go in the farce we are all suffering through—some more than others.

  13. Pete, please just go back to you photo business you did on duty as a police officer before your so called disability which allows you to double dip as a council member and lay off true hard working police and fire personnel.

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