Weekend Shooting, Stabbing Investigated in San Jose

San Jose police are investigating a shooting and a stabbing Saturday night, each of which resulted in one victim with life-threatening injuries being transported to local hospitals.

The first call was a 9:46pm report of a shooting in the 3000 block of Cadillac Avenue.

Next was a 10:41pm report of a stabbing in the area of Union Street and South Almaden Avenue. A second person in this incident was taken to the hospital but is expected to survive the injuries.

Police tweeted a little before midnight that they are searching for the suspects and investigating the motives of each crime.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.


  1. The weather is warming up. Nothing like a hot Saturday night to bring out the primordial instincts. And, a good time to deal with those who “disrespected” someone. Whatever that means in what is SUPPOSED to be a civilized society.

    Aren’t the social justice warriors currently trying to stop SJPD from putting in a shot recognition system in that exact area?

  2. The woke will want shot spotter equally placed in places like Almaden Valley where there are almost never any shootings. When you’re woke it makes perfect sense

  3. You are correct about the “wokees.” If a black womxn commits a crime, they want an equal number of white men stopped and questioned about the crime. Lunatics!

  4. Re: “wokees”…. ROTFL!! I love it! (Where are the memes for laughing when you need them??!)

    My question is…. Since the want to defund the police, we never hear/read about how many social workers were on scene.

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