Milpitas: Hundreds Rally Against Anti-Asian Violence

Shouting “hey hey, ho ho, racism has got to go!,” hundreds of demonstrators marched against anti-Asian violence Sunday in Milpitas.

The event, one of several throughout the nation this weekend, came in response to recent attacks in Atlanta and the Bay Area.

Protesters walked about a mile from Lee’s Sandwiches, a Vietnamese American fast food restaurant, to Milpitas City Hall, chanting and waving signs.

“Racism and oppression against Asians is longstanding and ongoing,” said Emerald Rubio, who organized the Milpitas event, which followed similar marches in Berkeley, Dublin, San Francisco and Saratoga. “Now this discrimination is coming to light.”

“In the Asian American community, we were taught to keep our heads down, but now we are speaking out against the increase in violence against our community and our elders,” Rubio said in an interview.

A diverse crowd of protesters, young and old, marched down Calaveras Boulevard in Milpitas to City Hall. As they shouted such chants as, “When our elders are under attack, what do we do? Stand up! Fight back!.”

Passing motorists honked in solidarity.

Rallies have taken place locally and nationally following an attack in mid-March in which eight people, six of whom were Asian women, were gunned down in and around Atlanta. Bay Area Chinatowns have been rocked by violent attacks and robberies as well.

Covid-19 was first reported in Wuhan, China, and former President Trump has used the phrase “China virus,” which many believe has contributed to anti-Asian violence.

“Asians are not viruses, but racism is,” read Diego Coronel’s sign, a response to the former president’s comments.

“Elders are being attacked just for being Asian,” Coronel said. “A friend of mine’s mother is afraid to leave her home to buy food.”

Jonathan Cabrera, president of PUSO, which stands for De Anza College’s Pilipino Unity Student Organization, said in an interview: “We’re standing up for all Asian Americans who have been attacked.”

Addressing the crowd at City Hall, Milpitas Mayor Rich Tran told the crowd, “Here in Milpitas, we are diverse, and we stand up for each other. We are here to support our fellow cities, counties and states.”

Organizer Rubio told attendees, “We must be bold and break the silence. We must speak out so we can heal as a community and a nation.”


  1. Seeing all those videos of elderly Asians being assaulted and robbed by young black men, and then learning from this article that the crimes were inspired by Trump’s words, suggests that the former president really did win widespread black support. Funny though, he didn’t carry the vote in any of the heavily black big cities.

    It’s just getting harder and harder to figure things out, these days. For instance, the abundant video evidence of these assaults reveals the attackers as young blacks, yet these protesters, who say they’re protesting to make it stop, carry signs and make statements suggesting they intend to remain silent about this very pertinent fact. Were their thinking clear and unbiased I would expect these demonstrators to march where the attacks are occurring (pressuring authorities there) or in black neighborhoods (where the families and ubiquitous community leaders could call for an end to the attacks). Could it be they care more about promoting their anti-Trump, imbecilic political agenda than they do soldiering in defense of the most vulnerable of their own communities?

    I suspect the Asian community intends to tiptoe around the issue of the race of the assailants the same way the Sierra Club ignored the involvement of illegal aliens in forest fires (marijuana growers) and river contamination (litter, battery acid, etc.) and the ACLU has abandoned its longtime commitment to free speech. Tiptoeing has never solved any of our most pressing problems, but it sure has made things easier for the problem creators.

  2. Propagandizing violence against a race for the sake of distraction and the never-ending gluttony for power is disgusting. This problem won’t be solved by perpetuate lies and sloganeering.

    I will supply the source of Table 14 in a subsequent message as this site will likely block this entire post if it is included. Table 14 tells the tale, as it frequently does. Expect this publication to end its life under Biden.

    Blacks make up 13% of the population yet commit 27.5% of the violent crimes against Asians, 2.11x (+111%) over proportionally doing so.

    Whites make up 67% of the population yet commit 24.1% of the violent crimes against Asians, .35x (-65%) under proportionally doing so.

    As pointed out in other posts, blacks also disproportionally commit hate crimes.

    You are lying when you blame violence against Asians on Trump, this is dangerous propaganda that doesn’t even come close to standing up to first pass scrutiny. It will not help Asians blaming the wrong people and the wrong cause.

    But you don’t want to help Asians, like my two boys and my wife, you want power. Had you wanted to help Asians, you would work on dealing with this problem based on facts, doing very hard work through outreach and education, and stop discriminating against my kids with outrageous penalties on education admissions.


  3. So which intersectional group gets priority here? Black thugs who snatch old Asian womxn’s purses or Asians? This is all so confusing. Is it racist to point out that AAs commit most of the crimes against Asians? Or is it racist to point out that irrespective of the crime being committed against them, Asians still do better than AAs?

  4. The backlash bot variants are all over this one. From putanella to Kulak to HBO, it’s White eggshell fragility on full display ( The elephant in this room is, in fact, one too many nincompoops with six-figure incomes and two-figure IQs.

    Pissed off, if you haven’t noticed, is a multicultural, multi-ethnic condition. The working class, in all its glorious racial and ethnic diversity, has been battered and immiserated across the board by the neoliberal political economy and neoconservative foreign policy of Democrats and Republicans since the days of Carter and Reagan. Trump deftly and cynically played on working-class discontent and appealed to slices of all races and ethnicities. Thus, there are Blacks for Trump (;; Latinos for Trump (; and Asians for Trump (

    But Trumpista libertarian wankers cannot conceive of the possibility that the Blacks attacking Asians could be Trump supporters. Why not? One can be Black, a Trumpista and an assailant in anti-Asian violence at the same time. Wouldn’t Black Trumpistas be as susceptible to incitement from the capo as White Trumpistas? What are you, racists or what?

    The big takeaway from U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin on Criminal Victimization in 2018 is the quarter-century secular decline (1993-2018) in the portion of U.S. residents who were victims of all types of serious crimes (Figure 3). Regarding Table 14, the real story is that the most frequent perpetrators of violent offenses against each designated racial group–except for Asians– are other members of that same racial group.

    In 2018, Blacks were a bit more likely to physically attack Asians but non-Blacks accounted for 73% of all attacks on Asians–exactly the opposite of what HBO and the Informant claim. The 2020-2021 numbers aren’t yet available but expect significant changes in the racial and ethnic composition of anti-Asian assailants (

  5. Mr. Trouble strikes again.

    Sure there may be many latino, black, and Asian Trump supporters, which exactly explains this propaganda push. The DNC and the progressive are desperately worried the plantation is collapsing, so why not vaguely implicate Trump and “whites” in all these “protests.” The DNC desperately needs Trump back on the news because its getting harder and harder to explain away the kids in cages on the border and the saber rattling by Biden’s Administration. No one delivers the seethe on Morning Joe and Maddow like Mr. Trump.

    But your source outs himself in the small print.

    “Bardella, a Korean American and former Republican, appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” with Daily Beast columnist and author Wajahat Ali on Tuesday morning to discuss a recent Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism report that found anti-Asian hate crimes in 16 major U.S. cities (including New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle) spiked 149% last year, jumping from 49 incidents in 2019 to 122 as the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. And this jump in anti-Asian crimes came while the total number of hate crimes against all minority groups dropped 7%.”

    He cites a “Cal State” study on “Morning Joe” from March 2020, not an FBI one, cherry picks comparison data which in explicitly inconsistent with FBI data, pointing out an increase in 16 major cities, all of which are blue as blue can get filled with intersectional and lawless mayors and cities councils. These cities are not filled with legions of MAGAs by any measure. Had they pulled stats from lets say a rural county and said there was a massive spike in Idaho or Wyoming or even just Utah, then maybe.

    Seven of the cities, San Diego, Cincinnati, Chicago, Phoenix, Denver, Houston, and DC had less than 5 incidents in 2020. It was Seattle, LA and NYC that had the massive growth.

    You think this guys is a part of this spike?

    69% of the AAPI Populations happen in California, 20% in New York, 7% in Washington, and 4% in Illinois. You’d get assaulted for wearing a MAGA hat in those states. There not even conservative democratic states, they are low down, defund the police, lawless gangland states. With the exception of Washington, but I’d bet my bottom dollar that 7% is in Seattle. Looks like the GOP trinity of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming have exactly zero percent.

    Did you even read the study?

    This is your proof of Trump being the driving force behind the hate?

    You’re slippin’ dude.

    But its got great little tidbits.

    The google searches for “ch**a virus” peaked 3/15/2020 at 100. Not 100K or 100M, 100. And effective dropped to zero by April 2020 and then pop back up after Biden was sworn in. K**g f*u peaked in June at just under 100, and then back down to zero. Why they even added in this chart is mystery. Google gets 1000s of searches a day for “ashfljkdsh”

    Of the 24% of the population that is very or somewhat concerned about being close to an Asian (from April 2020), average breakdown by party as follows:

    DNC : 24%
    GOP : 27%
    IND : 21%

    With no margin of error given, so statistically DNC and GOP equally concerned about catching the Rona from an Asian. What’s funny is you DNC stooges are afraid of getting close to everyone not just Asians, so I think maybe a bit of lying on this survey, no?

    One study actually samples 10 times for GOP than either DNC or IND, which sounds a bit suss to me.

    This paper is a joke and you using it as evidence damages what little respect you have earned by hating both DNC and GOP, which is a valid position. But arguing Trump is the engine for anti-Asian hate finds no quarter in this paper, the opposite actually.

  6. Wow!
    Good thing those people weren’t carrying signs reading Asian Lives Matter as Fake News would have labeled them as “White Supremist Racists”.

  7. “In 2018, Blacks were a bit more likely to physically attack Asians but non-Blacks accounted for 73% of all attacks on Asians–exactly the opposite of what HBO and the Informant claim.” — Facendo Guaio

    For this data to be used in this context in any publication is just further proof that, despite all the hand-wringing about the issue, political rot has become the lingua franca of the news media. The issue, as has been magnified and broadcast loud and clear, is COVID-related hatred for Asians, yet to counter the appalling and inexcusable number of Black on Asian attacks our attention is directed to (and our understanding diminished by) data indicating Asians are three times more likely to be victimized by other Asians than by Blacks. The intent is clear: to have us compare apples, the race-related victimization of Asians by Blacks seen on news videos, and oranges, a statistic about Asian on Asian crimes that have nothing to do with anti-Asian sentiments.

    What, did we lose our way… or just our integrity?

    By playing politics with these outrageous examples of mindless brutality, as well as with so many other serious issues, the message is clear: those behind the propaganda simply do not care about the victims, the truth, the solutions; they only care about their politics, and given their influence that makes them even more despicable than the dim-witted criminals.

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