Watch Now: SJ Mayor Liccardo Delivers State of the City

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo delivered his state of the city address virtually Wednesday.

While 2020 will be over in less than 40 hours, the address caps off a tumultuous year in which a deadly pandemic flipped what was a record-breaking period of economic growth into an unprecedented downturn.

“Our city is suffering, as it has never suffered before," Liccardo said in a prepared statement ahead of the State of the City address. "Between days filled with wildfire smoke, and nights of with civil unrest, weeks of rising hospitalization, and months of unpaid bills, we have been bruised and we have been battered...But we remain unbowed.”

Even so, Liccardo promised a "message of inspiration, hope" and a view into a a "better normal," in his speech.

Watch the address here:

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  1. Our city was doomed the day you became mayor. YOU have been the reason for the suffering, long before 2020. The year 2020 was nothing but your scapegoat, and we all know it.

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