WATCH: City Hall Camera Offers Fresh Look at San Jose Protests

In the latest batch of San Jose City Hall security footage shot during the early days of the George Floyd protests, police can be seen making demonstrators retreat toward the street and breaking up parts of the crowd with batons.

Despite its limited vantage point, the video released late last week in response to a public records request by San Jose Inside offers a new look at the May 29 protest that erupted in the heart of the city after George Floyd’s killing by a Minneapolis cop.

Previous footage requested by this news outlet was filmed by surveillance cameras affixed to City Hall and peering over Santa Clara Street.

The latest video comes from a camera with a view of Sixth Street, where police escalated tensions with skirmish lines and so-called less-lethal projectile.

Much of the conflict happens beyond view of the camera, which shows police eventually disbanding protesters from City Hall until members of the SJPD and Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office are the only ones left.

Despite repeated requests from the City Council and media outlets, the San Jose PD has yet to release body-camera footage from the protests. So, the security footage shown below offers a fresh angle from all the media clips and cellphone videos that have already been circulating for the past few months.

In a July 23 memo, San Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia said his department was conducting more than 20 Internal Affairs investigations as a result of about 1,000 complaints lodged in response to the protests this past spring.

At least one lawsuit has also been filed over the city’s protest response and more are expected before the six-month statute of limitations expires.

“At this time, body-worn camera footage and police helicopter video footage have been withheld in order not to compromise the department’s Internal Affairs investigations,” Garcia explained in his recent memo. “Such footage may also be related to impending litigation, which may require continued withholding.”

The San Jose City Council will discuss the release of the video clips, police reform and police misconduct complaints from the protests, at its meeting today. To read the full agenda, click here. To watch the meeting, click here


  1. These chest cameras will truly show the “Chatter” and “Locker Room” conversations of the officers at the San Jose Police Department.

    These chest cameras are gold and Garcia knows it….

    From my personal experience the City and PD will do everything to hid their misconduct. Nothing will change….

    There’s the right way….. then the San Jose way….

    We need Regime change now….

  2. Totally agree. Thank you for being a long time pioneer at reporting these injustices and corruption in San José and Santa Clara County!

  3. Here’s a nugget uncovered by REAL journalist Andy Ngo: the antifa “GoFundMe” spreadsheet documenting how much money antifa is collecting and spending to bail violent “peacefulprotesters” out of jail.

    How much is in the GoFundMe spreadsheet to bail San Jose’s violent “peacefulprotesters” out of jail?

    “Antifa militant & convicted pedophile who stabbed black Trump supporter in Portland released on $250,000 bail by antifa group”

  4. Here’s what antifa is spending their $1.3 million GoFundMe dollars on in Portland:

    > Repair for car window broken by police $245.00

    Any lawyers out there?

    I know where you can find $1.3 million to pay for car windows broken by antifa “peacefulprotesters”.

  5. Generally, protesters demonstrate their cause by marching carrying signs and such, but these ‘protesters’ are purposefully harassing, yelling at, screaming at, pushing, and worse – the police ‘everywhere’ they go, and then scream bloody murder when the police react… this is stupid, and it is insanity. Protest the police, the Govt, your neighbor, or who and whatever you want, but you can not purposefully push police, even if there are bad cops, we are a democracy we can vote, change policy, but we must protest ‘peacefully’ as any other cause for ‘any’ reason can ‘also’ then justify their violence using this skewed logic, and ‘neither side should ever tolerate violence’.

  6. here is a short vid of well known, respected black men discussing racism in America today. It would be interesting to get a “progressives” view on this – – – but I’m certain that sound and practical truth cannot be outshouted or drowned out with ugly swearing and dismissal – – so no one should expect a progressive response to this

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