SVLG Executive Carl Guardino Takes VP Job at Bloom Energy

Months after announcing his retirement, Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino revealed today that he’s joining Bloom Energy.

“Bloom’s mission ‘to make clean, reliable energy affordable to everyone in the world’ is not only inspiring, it is essential,” he said in a press release.“ In a post-COVID world, resilient communities sit at the intersection of social, economic, and environmental security. From India to Indio, California, Bloom is focused on building sustainable communities that can improve the lives and livelihoods of everyone on our planet.”

Guardino has served as SVLG’s head honcho for the last 23 years and has worked in public policy his entire career. More recently he led the campaign for FASTER Bay Area—a $100 billion transportation bond that has been put on hold for the time being.

Starting Aug. 3, Guardino will be part of the green energy company in the newly created role of executive vice president of government affairs and policy.

Bloom Energy has recently been in the news for its work in repairing broken ventilators for COVID-19 patients that were sent to state of California by the federal government.

“Carl’s community development work on issues like mass transportation and affordable housing will serve as foundational experience in Bloom’s push to reimagine the future policies, financing, and operating models that will sustainably power all communities,” Bloom Energy CEO KR Sridhar said in the media release. “Carl has been out in front for years, advancing approaches to environmental, social, and governance issues at the regional level, and we look forward to his leadership on these same issues in a new context and at a national and global level.”

In May, Guardino was also appointed to the San Jose Water Group’s Board of Directors.


  1. How much is Mr VP Guardino getting paid in cash, delayed comp, stock options, etc, and how much is he getting from the water utility, and what explicitly is he expected to accomplish in these supernumerary positions?

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