South Bay Officials Condemn Trump’s Decision to End DACA

The dream could soon be a nightmare for 800,000 undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children and granted legal protections under the Obama administration.

On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced it would rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. Enacted in June 2012, the policy allowed undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States as children—often called “dreamers”—to obtain a work permit, a valid Social Security number and a contingent promise of deferred action with regard to deportation. However, DACA did not create a path to lawful permanent resident status, U.S. citizenship or legal immigration status.

President Donald Trump announced his decision to rescind the executive order in a brief tweet, noting that Congress could take up the matter. It is believed the Trump administration will create a six-month window for legislative action.

Silicon Valley’s elected officials and business leaders were swift in condemning the decision, and press conferences are planned across the South Bay. Below is just a snapshot of the reactions.


  1. Those whose lives are about to be disrupted by this decision can thank liberal politicians like Zoe Lofgren. It’s HER fault for giving their parents the idea that they could illegally sneak themselves and their families into this country without consequence. Zoe Lofgren should be humbly apologizing to these “dreamers” not shamelessly blaming the very people who want to put an end to the perpetuation of this ridiculous, perfectly preventable problem.

    • Just the kind of comment we’ve come to expect from an angry marginalized conservative white voter. If you’re so unhappy with the way Zoe Lofgren is doing her job (at the behest of the majority of her constituents I might add),call her office & tell her so. Let’s see just how much influence you & your big mouth actually have here in South Bay politics,I’m guessing none. Those who can do,those who can’t just bitch endlessly on San Jose Inside. I’m sure we’d all enjoy the company of “Dreamers” over your company any day of the week & twice on Sundays. And before you start counting your chickens,rest assured that enough GOP legislators will join with the Democrats to put a Bill on the President’s desk to stop any “Dreamers” from ever being deported. So Trump reversed another Obama policy (pretty much all he’s accomplished since taking office),but if he really wanted to deport them (like he promised) he wouldn’t have given Congress six months to turn Obama’s policy into a law protecting them for ever.

      • Waxy you’ve again succeeded in your admirable pursuit of indignant reaction from us angry white male conservative trolls. Your mother must be very proud.
        I incessantly and predictably bitch and moan about the state of our City, country, and state. You incessantly and predictably bitch and moan that there still exists a small minority who bitch and moan.
        I’ve given up corresponding with Lofgren because it’s clear that even though I’m technically her constituent she doesn’t give a shit what I think. And I don’t disagree with you Waxy that she IS doing the bidding of the majority. I happen to believe that that majority is misguided and just herds together in ovine conformity, never questioning the direction in which the herd carries them. So I post comments here. Maybe one of the sheep will read and decide to break from the herd, quit being a sheep, and become an individual. Maybe you, Herb Waxman.

        • My late mother was a lifelong Democrat & was quite proud of my outspoken liberal political viewpoints until the day she died. So was my late father who retired after twenty-four years as a Business Representative for a labor union. I’m just concerned that the sheep might get the impression that the paltry few conservative commenters here either a) don’t have all of the non-biased facts b) are ever correct in their reasoning c) don’t have a personal axe to grind or d) are in any way representative of the total readership. Providing a counterpoint to the comments of those with whom I strenuously disagree provides the readers with another diverse point of view. Pointing out that while those with a conservative agenda seem to monopolize the comments herein,it’s acknowledging that they only represent a handful of readers that goes far in diminishing their value. Since my views are more likely to be shared by SJI readers (& local voters),I’m certainly intent on culling a few more sheep from your own quickly dwindling herd,by Gally Johnny. Of course if I think that a little rabble rousing is ever necessary,I’m always happy once again to do my part. Why ? It’s a family tradition !

          • Well whaddya know. Just like the rest of us, you’re a product of your environment. Your parents and your upbringing had great influence on the person you’ve become. I can appreciate that Waxy. But don’t be so frightened about what lies beyond your apple tree or so dismissive of the experiences of others that have led them to see things differently than you and your fellow cud chewers.

          • Waxman,

            You may equate the regional popularity of your politics as sufficient evidence of their legitimacy but stating it here, repeatedly, only exposes you as a lightweight. There have been plenty of well-reasoned thoughts and objective facts presented by conservative commenters on this site but you reflexively dismiss them as counterfeit because, in your opinion, they are not representative of the total readership. This kind of mob mentality is not surprising as it is widespread among the Left and absolutely consistent with the bulk of your hyperbolical blather.

            Since you describe yourself as an outspoken liberal, I invite you to provide some well-reasoned thoughts to explain how, by issuing a particular class of illegal aliens a two-year deferment from the threat of deportation, former president Obama accomplished or even attempted to accomplish anything beyond a political stunt. I ask this because, as a conservative, what Obama did seems very similar to what so many deadbeat dads do when, after fathering a child, they make some empty promises to the child’s mother and depart the scene, leaving the child welfare in jeopardy and its fate up to someone else.

          • > my outspoken liberal political viewpoints

            How is shouting what the mob overwhelmingly believes being “outspoken”?

            I would call it just being a loud conformist.

            “Providing a counterpoint to the comments of those with whom I strenuously disagree provides the readers with another diverse point of view.”

            But if the overwhelming numbers of SJI readers already agree with you, how are YOU providing “diversity”?

            It’s those with whom you “strenuously disagree” that are providing “diversity”.

          • Herb, the only thing you’ve made me realize is how lucky I was to have parents that each had their own political views….and that was ok. My family has always been very diverse in not only race and religion but political views and guess what? ….we all get along great and treat each other with respect. We are allowed to be different. We are allowed to have our own thoughts and beliefs. We don’t call each other mean names because we sometimes have different views. Did it ever occur to you that maybe some of these people you keep degrading for being “white” are not racists but perhaps believe in upholding and following laws? I think people might take you more seriously if you weren’t always in attack mode.

        • Frustrated – blah,blah,blah right -wing talking points & propaganda. I’d don’t need to show you no stinking badges gringo,it’s people like you who make Caucasians like myself wince every time you open your mouths. I’m a native Californian,why don’t you go back where you came from (you won’t be missed here). Why do you think it’s called San Jose instead of Saint Joe,it’s because the Mexicans were here first. I’d rather socialize with illegal aliens than Christian conservatives,in fact I detest & avoid them altogether. Why do so many of them insist that the Earth is only 10,000 years old instead of 4 billion years old ? Because it helps prove my conclusion that in the big scheme of things organized religion is nothing more than a fad based on faith,fiction & superstition. It’s nothing more than modern day mythology & will eventually be scoffed at like the Greek & Roman gods. Anyone who actually buys into that heaven & hell stuff is as delusional as they are gullible. This is why more & more people are fleeing the church,synagogues,mosques & organized religion every day. Televangelists aren’t the only con men lying & stealing in their lord’s name,religion is the greatest fraud ever committed on mankind. The Republican Party consists of the rich,the racists,the religious right & those naïve or ignorant enough to be duped by them. Resist them ! Comments ?

          • “Why do you think it’s called San Jose instead of Saint Joe,it’s because the Mexicans were here first. I’d rather socialize with illegal aliens than Christian conservatives”

            Historians say the Valley was inhabited by the Tamyen aka Tamien tribe (part of the Ohlone tribe) long before the their virtual enslavement and cultural destruction by Ortega and Fr. Serra. The Spanish destroyed virtually all cultural artifacts of the societies they invaded and we’re left with very little except through their interpretation.

            Interesting choice of company you prefer to keep and your rationale.

          • > ,it’s people like you who make Caucasians like myself wince every time you open your mouths.

            > Comments ?


            I want to see your Caucasian card.

          • Waxman,

            You’re are as predictable as you are pathetic. Just like the bandito in the Sierra Madre, what you “don’t got to show” is what you don’t have, which in this case is an answer to a very simple question about the actions of the manipulative racist who recently vacated the White House for the yachts and mansions of his billionaire friends. Obama’s concern for the “Dreamers” was as brief and spurious as was his father’s concern for him.

            As for San Jose, it was named by white Europeans (the Spanish), a half-decade before Mexico began its brief and inept rule of California. Compare what Mexico did with California during the three dozen years of its rule to what was accomplished over that same amount of time by the Americans and it’s the difference between a weed patch and a bountiful garden.

            Why you chose to go off on a religious rant is anyone’s guess (seizure?), but in directing it at me you are wasting your time. There are no nerves to strike.

      • If you are so sure Mr Galt is wrong and Zoe and her colleagues are correct, why was DACA an executive order to begin with rather than a legislative bill? Why didn’t Zoe and Pelosi, Feinstein et al actually do their job and send a bill through Congress? Californians are tired of footing bills for non citizens. Despite the pomp and circumstance of protests and marches the wasting of CA tax dollars on issues like this will take a big toll. Are you ready for a Republican Governor once again? Cheating, lying, taking cuts and breaking the law is no way to get sympathy for your cause. Trump isn’t the bad guy on this issue. Start with the parents that broke the law and set their children on a life of fear of deportation, add the Congress that failed to act responsibly and pass a bill that either endorsed deportation and enforcement of existing law or created a path to citizenship, don’t forget Obama who simply deferred action then didn’t act to take it up with a more permanent protection. Lastly add he So-called dreamers who are no longer children but mostly young adults or adults (many married with children at this point) that knew their status, relied on DACA but still haven’t applied to be legal residents or citizens. Shame on them for thinking cheating should respect Lenin them winning. But oh wait, that sounds exactly like typical Clinton supporter logic.

    • I agree. Make the status quo politicians do their job. Pass comprehensive immigration reform bill. Lots of tweets condemning the decision with very little solutions. What else is new.

      • Bravo. There’s ample lead time for elected officials to do their job instead of governance by dueling executive orders. If congress continues to dawdle, deportations are estimated to create 700,000 job openings, and we may need to expand our guest worker program.

        • Yeah,Trump needs more visas for busboys,servers,housekeepers & groundkeepers from Eastern Europe for his Florida resorts. It’s not that these jobs couldn’t be filled by unemployed people already residing in Florida. No it’s either because they expect to be paid a competitive wage or their skin isn’t white enough to suit Trump & his guests.

          • Unlikely that the 250 Apple Dreamers Tim Cook mentioned are working in the capacity of un/semiskilled labor since Apple contracts out that type of work.

            Our unemployment rate is about 4.3%. Economists estimate that “full employment” is reached when the unemployment rate is 5.0-5.3%. Almost every retailer I visit has “Help Wanted” signs. Ditto for construction sites I see, and the tech sector is offering enormous hiring bonuses and relocation packages. Being unemployed is a life choice in this economy.

            Carl Guardino & tech execs are acting out of self-interest but masquerading as compassionate. They’re rightfully concerned where to find tech talent; They like Dreamers and H1Bs as it’s 21st Century serfdom. As Anon urges, congress needs to fix immigration.

          • Waxman! You are back! We missed your insightful commentary, with absolutely no room for doubt! You are the best! We should all drop what we are doing, and hang on your every word! You are sincerely the oracle of our time. How do you always get things so right? We should all worship you, and take everything you say as gospel!

  2. A short list of SHAMEFUL people:

    San Liccardo
    Rep. Zoe Lofgren
    Cindy Chavez
    Jen Loving

    These people are colluding with corrupt banana republic kleptocracies and promoting, advocating and providing political cover for human trafficking in children.

    So-called “human beings” don’t get much lower.


  3. > South Bay Officials Condemn Trump’s Decision to End DACA


    There. I fixed it for you.

  4. The dream could soon be a nightmare…

    It has been a nightmare for the tens of millions of American citizens getting paid less due directly to the flood of illegals. When will we read an article about the Americans who lost out?

    The solution is crystal clear: If the country wants millions more immigrants, CHANGE THE LAW.

    Raise the number of legal immigrants. Simples.

    But enabling the current flouting of our laws is corruption. Is that what these politicians want?

    Apparently so.

  5. These people who you so besmirch we’re elected by the vast majority of your neighbors & are doing the bidding of their constituents. Most of these people vehemently disagree with you & I’ll bet even fewer want anything to do with you. Despised,belittled & avoided on a daily basis,what does it feel like to be a member of a minority group windbag ? Too bad we can’t deport you,or can we (let’s see ‘your’ birth certificate) ? Just thinking about putting you on a bus & sending you back to Alabama in the 1950’s or better yet the1850’s,sure puts a smile on my face. Adios anciano !

    • Herb, take a deep breath count to 10 and try to compile your thoughts in a way we can understand. Without insults and the injection of race.

      (I don’t think you can do it, or you will just insult us with a different name)

      • Your inability to count higher than ten or comprehend the written word (if it contains more than two syllables) speaks volumes about you not me. You right-wing hypocrites love the insults when they spew from your own the pie holes,but whine like babies when you’re on the receiving end of a liberal tongue lashing. Then you play the victim card,you posers are just pathetic. If I ever decide to lighten up on you faux patriots I’ll change my name to JUST A NUN FOR NOW !

        • Right on cue. Your dribble is as much comical as predictable. For that reason I don’t care to know what your are trying so hard to convey. I just move on to the next comment. You must get that a lot in life.

          However, I was surprised to read that you are so old. Your wisdom escapes you. Seriously, I thought you were in your early 20’s. Glad that you made your Mom proud.

          I’m chuckling again. Thanks Herb. Feel free to come back with some more dribble but I won’t be reading.

          • > Thanks Herb. Feel free to come back with some more dribble but I won’t be reading.

            HERB! HERB!

            IGNORE ANON!

            Keep posting your dribble! We LOVE your dribble.

            YOU are a blessing and a Godsend to the snark community. Snarks are lining up from here to Mira Lago to see what the tribalist underclass is talking about while munching on possums around their campfires.

            Honestly, we realize that snowflakes are delicate and fragile creatures, subject to triggering, and often in need of safe spaces, so we are trying to be considerate and restrained.

            Nonetheless, we ARE enjoying your circus. It’s a bit dispiriting to “white supremacists”, especially after your claim of membership in the Caucasian tribe, but it’s a jolt of ethnic pride to other (non-white) supremacists.

            Dribble away, Waxy!

    • @ H.Waxman:

      I proposed a straightforward remedy (the same remedy the President is proposing): that President Obama’s undemocratic Executive Order should be put to a vote of our Representatives in Congress. They are the ones who can change the law, raising the number of LEGAL immigrants.

      What’s wrong with that?

      But after reading your wigged-out reply to my suggestion, I can only conclude that you’re borderline insane. Your other comments support that, for instance:

      “Trump needs more visas for busboys,servers,housekeepers & groundkeepers from Eastern Europe for his Florida resorts. It’s not that these jobs couldn’t be filled by unemployed people already residing in Florida. No it’s either because they expect to be paid a competitive wage or their skin isn’t white enough to suit Trump & his guests.”

      You’re implying that the President is taking this action to fill jobs that he couldn’t fill at prevailing rates. If you believe that you need professional help, Waxman. Seriously.

      And after reading about your dad’s accomplishment (“my late father who retired after twenty-four years as a Business Representative for a labor union,”) I’ve previously mentioned here that I was elected twice as a statewide officer of an international labor union, and elected four times as President of my Local—among numerous other elected union positions.

      So instead of resting on your father’s laurels, Herb, what exactly have you accomplished? List your own union bona fides here instead of bragging about what someone else did. What have YOU accomplished?

      More to the point in this discussion, how many “undocumented” (meaning: illegal) immigrants are you providing for? Can you name even one?

      It’s easy to go all ad hominem on someone—but that’s all you have for an argument. You are simply unable to explain why Congress shouldn’t change a law that Congress itself passed.

      Once again: why isn’t a vote of our elected Representatives a better solution than Obama’s arbitrary, undemocratic, and autocratic DACA order?

  6. “They are as American as any of us – except for paperwork.” — Zoe Lofgren

    What an illuminating and ugly example of Representative Lofgren’s disrespect for the citizens who’ve served this country in war and peace, paid their taxes, built companies and communities, educated the young and cared for the old. To disparage their efforts and allegiance, along with that of their forefathers, as counting for nothing that can’t be supplanted by a bit of paperwork is the mark of someone rotten to the core. My wonder as to how she can even look in the mirror has just increased tenfold.

    • The shamelessness of this creature knows no bounds.
      Ms. Lofgren is fortunate to hold her elitist position as she foments a yet more elitist society. Her elitist job is secure. Her elitist pay. Her elitist attitude unassailable as her numerous assistants filter out any dissenting points of view. Even as she uses her elitist position to put the livelihoods of her supposed constituents at risk, she Herself will never one day walk into her office to discover she’s been replaced by an illegal alien who’s willing to do her job for half the pay.
      But Ms. Lofgren evidently is without a conscience and has made the calculation that her career is best served by routinely making decisions that are popular with illegal aliens and their lobbyists even though they very directly negatively influence the lives and careers of her American “constituents”.

  7. It’s no surprise that the people who bought us the lawless sanctuary cities and state are the same ones that would condemn the concepts of the rule of law and borders. We have obama and the dims for this mess. When you build your policy on unconstitutional acts and ignoring laws that exist and picking and choosing which laws you want to abide by, what can go wrong?

    • What a crock ! Sanctuary Cities aren’t unlawful,because states & municipalities are not obligated to enforce or cooperate in the enforcement of Federal laws. President Obama as the Head of the Executive Branch & his administration were well within their rights as the chief law enforcement entity to determine the priorities of immigration enforcement. While DACA was challenged in the courts it was never determined by any court to be unconstitutional. Anyone including the present Attorney General Jeff Sessions who says otherwise is either lying or expressing their own biased politically motivated opinion as fact. Don’t kill the messenger,but don’t believe a word they say either. This sort of specious nonsense masquerading as fact is to be expected from Obama’s rightwing detractors & is par for the course. It’s obvious that 1101REALTY is completely detached from 2017REALITY & anything he says is suspect !

      • DACA hasn’t been found to be constitutional either. 10 states mounted legal challenges that I believe they agreed to drop if DACA were rescinded. Note that this followed a 26 state challenge to DACA during the Obama administration.

        A significant part of the problem (please disabuse if incorrect) is that states are not compensated for the burden of supporting illegals. Texas claims that 220,000 have registered under DACA. These incur a significant cost to taxpayers. Using prevailing figures, the public school cost alone works out to about $28M just for Texas to educate K-12.

        • The only states challenging DACA (or anything else President Obama Administration did) are controlled by Republicans ! The states suing the Trump Administration are controlled by Democrats. Federal District Courts located in conservative & liberal areas have generally ruled accordingly. All of these lawsuits are politically motivated & the judges often strive to find legal precedent to rule along party lines. That’s why the Supreme Court is the final arbiter & earlier ruling are usually nothing more than window dressing. We can agree to disagree about the issue at hand,but justifying your point by applauding biased lower court decisions is as ridiculous as it is ludicrous. Any time you need another Civics lesson all you need to do is ask ?

          Insofar as being a burden on the taxpayers goes,illegal aliens contribute far more to our economy than they receive in return & it’s measured in billions of dollars. They’re also far less likely statistically speaking to be arrested & convicted of a crime than the rest of the population. Considering that they give more than they take & are better behaved than American citizens,the truth is they’re no burden at all. Most of the recipients of government welfare,food stamps & medical care are lazy,ignorant Caucasians. Many of the flag waving,bible thumpers demanding their deportation don’t appreciate or love our country half as much as these grateful people. In fact removing Hispanics is all about politics & racism & the more of them living here contributing to our economy,the better off America is !

          • Herb Waxman:

            “Don’t kill the messenger”

            But Herb, that’s what you constantly do. It’s your modus operandi.

  8. America belonged to the indigenous Indians 300 years ago & then the White people took it from them by force. California was a part of Mexico 200 years ago & then the White people took it from them by force. If anyone has a right to decide who gets to stay & who has to go,it certainly shouldn’t be White people !

    • > America belonged to the indigenous Indians 300 years ago & then the White people took it from them by force.

      So, Herb, are you proposing that we reject rule of law and go back to tribal warfare?

      Which tribe are you going to support?

      Which tribe do you think is going to win?

      The losing tribe gets to be either slaves or dinner for the winning tribe.

    • > California was a part of Mexico 200 years ago & then the White people took it from them by force.

      This is perhaps one of the biggest lies perpetrated by Latino’s today to their children. What you describe leaves out so many details…

      President Polk ordered General Taylor and his forces south to the Rio Grande, entering the territory that Mexicans disputed. Mexico laid claim to all the lands as far north as the Nueces River—about 150 mi (240 km) north of the Rio Grande. The U.S. claimed that the border was the Rio Grande, citing the 1836 Treaties of Velasco. However, Mexico rejected the treaties and refused to negotiate, instead still claiming all of Texas.[45] Taylor ignored Mexican demands to withdraw to the Nueces. He constructed a makeshift fort (later known as Fort Brown/Fort Texas) on the banks of the Rio Grande opposite the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas.[46]

      What happened after that? Mexico got it’s butt handed to it from the US. Mexico had already defaulted on several large loans from the US, and as a part of the peace treaty gave up California not just as a good will gesture, but to settle it’s large debt with the US.

  9. Maybe we should just send the Statue of Liberty back to France with the note: Sorry, the dream you had for us was just too damn noble.

    • The sentiment inscribed at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty is just that: a sentiment – a sonnet really, called ‘The New Colossus’. written by an American Poet. It was NEVER originally a part of the Statue herself, nor can it be construed to be an official statement of American Immigration Policy. In fact, it never was. I don’t know at what point the US had a genuinely open borders immigration policy, but I DO know that such a policy did not exist at the time the Statue of Liberty was installed, nor at the time when the poem was affixed to the Statue, AFTER it was installed. Currently, as a matter of official immigration law, the US does NOT have an open borders policy.

      Speaking to Mr. Waxman’s absurd and hyperbolic comments regarding the alleged legality of President Obama’s executive order which created DACA, I have the following to say:

      1. At the time he took the solemn oath of office of the President of the United States, he swore, among other things, to take care that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed. There are no exceptions, exemptions or deferrals to this portion of the oath. The DACA executive order created a class of approximately 1.7 million illegal aliens (the so-called childhood arrivals) or 15 percent of the total population of illegal aliens, according to DHS, against whom our laws would NOT be faithfully executed. Supreme court decisions such as Kendall v. US and Angelus Mining Co v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue have established that the ‘Take Care’ clause of that oath is absolutely judicially enforceable against US presidents. This requirement is established in Article 2 Section 3.

      2. DACA conferred a de facto amnesety and federal benefits to this now-protected class of illegal aliens under the false pretense of ‘Prosecutorial Discretion. However, all prosecutorial discretion does is allow a prosecutor to choose not to pursue criminal action against a suspect (illegal alien, in this case) and on a case-by-case basis. ‘Prosecutorial Discretion’ cannot confer federal or any other form of governmental benefits.

      3. At the time the DACA executive order was published, Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution states that the power to set immigraton policy rests with Congress. Since 1952, the law of the Land, established by Congress is the Immigratoin and Naturalization Act.

      In conclusion. while President Obama was free to sign into law any changes to our immigration system which were passed by Congress, his sole responsibility to that point was to ensure that the CURRENT set of immigration laws were
      ‘faithfully executed’. Neither he, NOR the judiciary (see 1889’s Chan Chae Ping v. The United States) have the power to change immigration law. Only to see that those laws are faithfully enforced.

      • OA, Thanks for your posts. They’re informative and fact based. Almost always learn something new and appreciate the style of your arguments. They remind me of some of my favorite professors. Whether I agree or disagree with the conclusions is irrelevant to respecting the logic and carefully crafted reasoning.

        Downside: time consuming. I check your claims and learn even more.

        • Taxpayer,

          Thank you for your kind words. I do try to stay on point, be informative, and stick to the facts. There are far too many people who prefer to make their arguments and hold their positions on the basis of emotions, rather than facts. I think it’s one thing to make an emotion-based decision on an individual level, but a terrible idea when it comes to national policy.

          Because I take seriously the oath I took years ago to uphold and defend the Constitution, it is to that document that I try to defer inasmuch as is possible. Where there may be some ambiguity, the result of the march of over 200 years of history, I then look for guidance in documents like The Federalist Papers. And, regardless of political position, I would encourage anyone to read the Constitution and the Federalist papers. These are documents of profound importance written by remarkably learned and thoughtful men who clearly had an enormous sense of gravity and respect for the task to which they had been set: writing the second major founding document of the United States.

  10. UPDATE: Trump on Twitter – “Congress now has six months to legalize DACA. If they can’t,I’ll revisit the issue”. Less than 12 hours after Jeff Session’s announcement & the “Make America Great Again” guy is already waffling,he’s hilarious ! Smug,inept,deceitful & in way over his head,but hilarious none the less.

    • It’s good to know that Herb is part of the President’s entourage, anxiously following his tweets!

      Furthermore, I would like to know what’s wrong with “Make America Great Again”?

      America became a great country because of our original Constitution and Bill of Rights—the same documents being disparaged by the ‘antifa’ snowflakes. It makes you wonder who’s controlling them.

      To the extent we have gotten away from our original founding documents, America has become become “un-Great”. And that is the goal of the Left: they want us to stop supporting equal opportunity, and replace it with equality of results. And since the smallest minority is an individual, they want to replace individual rights with “race” based group politics. And so on.

      It makes you wonder who’s controlling them.

    • I just can’t understand you Herby. This is more than Obama did for these people which was 100% unconstitutional.
      Now all you have to do is convince a bunch of RINO’s that DACA babes and slave owning business men will vote for them if they open the flood gates to 30 million illegal democrats that will want at least minimum wages, Obamacare, and retirement benefits.
      I’m positive Trump will sign that law.

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