SJ Council Tackles End-of-Year Budget Adjustments, New Fire Stations, Bond Oversight

To ensure that San Jose stays within budget for the brief time left this fiscal year, the City Council will vote on some adjustments to balance the books.

Among those adjustments is a net revenue increase of $61.8 million from the sale of the Fire Training Center site to Google for $37 million, and another $7.8 million from the sale of the Hayes Mansion.

City staff recommends an increase of $16.3 million to the 2018-19 ending balance reserve, which would bring it up to $43.2 million.

Other adjustments resulting in a positive impact to the general fund include a $735,000 reimbursement for overtime and equipment costs incurred by the San Jose Fire Department and grant money from several agencies, including Santa Clara County, AARP, Lyft and Viva Calle.

The addition of a new sewer fees for city property will cost an additional $514,000 than anticipated, while retirement and overtime in the Public Works Department will require another $500,000 allocation. Outside legal counsel and software for the Office of the City Attorney will cost $363,000 more than originally budgeted.

The Digital Inclusion Program, however, took a $380,000 loss, however, because of lower-than-expected revenue. The Emergency Medical Services Trust Fund weathered a hit, too, of $354,000. Final adjustments will be submitted by Sept. 30.

More From the San Jose City Council agenda for June 18, 2019

  • The city will consider proposals to build a total of three new fire stations in Willow Glen and the Santee and Ramblewood/Sylvandale neighborhoods. Two existing stations will be relocated to Downtown East and the Berryessa neighborhoods, respectively.
  • Adobe is asking for permission to build a pedestrian bridge over West San Fernando Street to connect its current headquarters to its proposed expansion building.
  • The city will consider annexing approximately 30.9 acres bordered by Martial Cottle Park to the north and west, Chynoweth Avenue to the south and Snell Avenue to the east.
  • Officials will vote on establishing the Measure T Community Oversight Committee to oversee the spending of Measure T bonds. The board will consist of 11 San Jose residents appointed by the council. Measure T, which passed in November 2018, authorizes the city to issue $650 million at an estimated tax rate of $0.0184 per $100 in assessed property value to upgrade emergency and disaster response, repair bridges vulnerable to earthquakes, repave streets, upgrade flood protocols and “repair critical infrastructure.”

WHAT: City Council meets
WHEN: 1:30pm Tuesday
WHERE: City Hall, 200 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose
INFO: City Clerk, 408.535.1260


  1. Any consideration for funding road repair in San Jose so the fire trucks will have something to drive on. I have seen better roads in Tegucigalpa, Honduras!

  2. Those adjustments should include letting go the city’s vanity employees. These are the employees that only want to build “an important person reputation” by working for local officials and then move to the “non-profit” to make big money. Enough with your corruption Liccardo and county supervisors. We know your game of creating your corruption elites.

  3. San Jose and Santa Clara County residents, it is time we vote LICCARDO and the supervisors out of their job. LICCARDO the google’s puppet!

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