Santa Clara County Filing Period Opens for June Primary Election

The nomination period is open through March 9 for candidates running in the June 2018 primary election. That deadline can be extended through March 14 for contests in which an incumbent doesn’t file.

Santa Clara County’s Registrar of Voters encourages candidates to file as soon as possible to make sure all paperwork is completed and submitted on time. For more information on how to start the process, call the ROV’s candidate services line at 408.299.8639.

“There is no leeway in the filing deadline,” Registrar of Voters Shannon Bushey said in a press release Monday. “It is always best to file nomination papers as early as possible so that any incorrect or incomplete forms may be corrected before the filing deadline, which in most cases cannot be extended.”

The following federal, state and local offices are up for election:

  • U.S. Senator
  • U.S. Representative, Districts 17, 18, 19 and 20
  • Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Secretary of State
  • Controller
  • Treasurer
  • Attorney General
  • Insurance Commissioner
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • State Board of Equalization Member, District 2
  • State Senator, District 10
  • State Assembly Member, Districts 24, 25, 27, 28, 29 and 30
  • Judge of the Superior Court, 24 offices
  • Santa Clara County Supervisor, Districts 1 and 4
  • Assessor
  • District Attorney
  • Sheriff
  • City of San Jose, Mayor
  • City of San Jose, City Council Member, Districts 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9

Candidates running for office in San Jose must go through the City Clerk’s Office. All others have to go to the ROV at 1555 Berger Drive in San Jose.

The county has published a free primary election candidate guide, which is available for pickup at the office or online at under the Candidates and Measures tab.

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  1. Here’s a good question to ask local candidates:

    “Do you support or oppose ‘road diets’?”

    Don’t let ’em tap-dance around. Demand a Yes/No answer. Hold their feet to the fire!

    So far, the traffic lanes on several of our local streets (such as Pruneridge/Hedding) have been cut in half. Where there were 2 lanes each way, now there is only one traffic lane each way.

    That has caused more congestion, and the residents along those roads have a much more difficult time backing out of their driveways.

    For what? What’s the reason for these insane ‘road diets’?

    Answer: the cities and County are catering to peddlers by sticking it to drivers. They have reduced our traffic lanes by 50%… for BICYCLES!

    Count how many bicycles use the former Pruneridge traffic lane, then compare that number with with the number of cars that use the one lane left to them. It’s at least 100 cars per bicycle.

    Simiar lane reductions are already planned for most streets in this County!

    This is being done without any real discusion by the affected residents. Instead, a small committe composed of bicycle activists has quietly decided to remove up to half the traffic lanes we now use.

    The current electeds decided to stick it to drivers on the sly, without any real public discussion. New candidates have a golden opportunity to separate themselves from that crowd by supporting the large majority of voters who drive on city streets.

    Now is the time to get the candidates’ position on these ‘road diets’…

    Then vote accordingly.

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