Final Election Results In, Voter Turnout Up in Santa Clara County

More Santa Clara County voters cast ballots in the June election than in 2014 and slightly more than in the Tea Party-dominated 2010 midterm primary, according to election results certified this week.

Nearly 44 percent of registered voters (369,332) cast ballots this past June 5 for the statewide primary, county Registrar of Voters (ROV) Shannon Bushey said.

“We are pleased to report that voter turnout increased nearly 11 percentage points compared with the last gubernatorial primary election in 2014,” she said in a press release issued earlier this week.

The county, which was the last in the state to finish its ballot count, beat the statewide turnout of 35 percent and had the highest turnout rate for all 58 California counties with more than 500,000 registered voters, per the ROV.

There were seven local contests with valid write-in votes, which require manual tallies. The ROV also conducted manual tallies of ballots cast in 1 percent of total precincts to verify the accuracy of the machine count. According to the ROV, no discrepancies were found in the manual recounts.

“We are extremely grateful for those who stepped up to serve their community and perform the duties vital for a successful election,” Bushey said. “Their dedication to democracy resulted in the contribution of over 37,000 volunteer hours on election day.”

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