San Jose State Offers New, Easier Transfers for Undergraduates

A new California State University program is set to make it easier for community college students to attend San Jose State University and earn a four-year degree.

The new Transfer Success Pathway or TSP Program guarantees first-semester community college students admission to SJSU if they meet specific requirements.

Students must sign up for a major, finish their community college degree within three years and maintain a C average or better in their classes. This guarantees them a spot in their chosen major at SJSU, the university said on Tuesday.

The deadline to apply for the new TSP program is Sept. 30.

“By applying to SJSU through the TSP, students can be confident knowing that a place at SJSU awaits them and the Spartan community is here to support their higher education journey,” said Interim Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education Heather Lattimer in a statement.

During the first year of the program, SJSU is offering guaranteed admission to 14 majors, including many in sought-after fields of study, including business, engineering, public health, political science and child and adolescent development.

In the future, SJSU plans to expand the program to include most majors that grant bachelor's degrees.

“The California State University has historically guaranteed that students can transfer to a CSU campus after completing their community college degree, but there has not been a guarantee to get into a specific major or a specific campus,” said Faculty Associate Dean of Special Initiatives Matthew Capriotti in a statement. “The TSP program provides students the chance for dual admission to the major and CSU campus of their choice.”

The program also offers first-semester community college students early access to resources at a four-year higher education institution, including academic advising and library services at their chosen campus or a CSU school near their residence. Students also receive financial information.

“This goal of the program is to help improve the transfer experience for students, especially those who may have encountered personal, academic, or financial hardships,” said Capriotti. “We want to make the pathway to a four-year degree easier and accessible for all students.”

Click here for more information about the Tranfer Success Pathway program .


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