Councilmember Matt Mahan will be the next mayor of San Jose. San Jose Inside called the race, based on returns posted this evening showing Mahan with an insurmountable lead over Cindy Chavez with just 10 percent of votes remaining to be counted.

With an estimated 90 percent of votes counted, Tuesday’s report from the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters showed that Mahan widened his lead to 6,351 votes, with approximately 27,000 votes remaining.

In order to surge past Mahan to victory, Chavez would need to get more than 60% of the remaining ballots to win. Her vote totals haven’t come close to that percentage in the eight days of counting since Election Day.

The tally showed 123,436 votes (51.32%)  for Mahan, with 117,085 (48.68%)for Cindy Chavez, with Mahan leading by 2.64 percentage points.

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  1. Congratulations Mayor Matt Mahan – sounds good!

    Now time for some Common Sense Change for the Better.

  2. Honored to know the character and work ethic of San Jose’s next mayor. Congratulations Mayor-elect Mahan! You have created an army of citizens that desire to support common sense measures to enhance the quality of San Jose life for all.

  3. Anyone notice Lisa Gillmor got 14000 votes??

    Rahul lost two

    When you are transferred to food service, Rahiul, work on more ice in the sodas.

    The garlic fries need less salt.

    Rahul, can you also get the buns warmer.

  4. I’m a Centrist Democrat and voted for Mahan. I do not vote for party or any Democrat. I vote for the less evil politicians. I dislike far left politicians as much as the MAGA’s, Trumpists. I’m a McCain Democrat and a die hard Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom supporter. I supported these two with my vote and financial contribution when far left wanted them out of office and races. I voted for Biden when most in California voted for Sanders. I want antisemites, dictatorships’s apologists, communists, and racists, out of the Democratic Party. I counted your corruptions Cindy Chavez and your days out of office too. Congratulations Mayor Maham! #BidenHarris2024 Chip in now!

  5. Boo hiss! Heard you in some County meetings and you have zero concern for people and seem to only care about protecting HOME OWNERS and their properties. NOT actual, literal PEOPLE.

  6. This is Cindy Chavez and other far left politicians concern for the people in Santa Clara County: I arrived to San Jose during my teen years as a Christian Missionary. I married a San Jose Police Officer and was married for 20 years until I found out he was watching Child Sexual Abuse Material. Ethical to my Christian and Psychological standards, (I’ve worked as a professional counselor…) I reported him to Gilroy Police, Morgan Hill Family Justice, Santa Clara Sheriff Department, (he ‘honorably’ retired from SJPD and became a deputy) DA Jeff Rosen Office, Cindy Chavez, Dave Cortese, and others. All these people and different judges protected him with actions or lack of it. I learned through my experience I was only one of many people re-victimized by Santa Clara County corruption and public figures particularly the Santa Clara Family Court. I spent lot of money trying to fight this corruption for years. Ex had engaged in other crimes such as domestic violence during divorce, spousal financial abuse… He kept his job due to the actions or lack of actions from these people, former Sheriff Smith and judge Julia A Emede included. Finally in May 2019, ex attempted to choke our biological daughter. The system again protected him again with false reports or no reports. Zero support from victims’s services agencies in the county. There was no reporting back from them after they learned perpetrator was a law enforcement. My daughter and I attended the Children Forum in 2019 where I shared in front of the public this story calling out Jeff Rosen’s Corruption and the corruption of those who have kept him in office and had increase his salary. Jeff Rosen stayed quiet; he knew I was reporting facts and truth. It is time to bring new people to replace these corrupted people because their lack of concern for the well-being of Santa Clara Residents is proven in ever resident they have failed!

  7. Now start enforcing all laws; remove all the vagrants from the parks, sidewalks, and trails; and put all criminals back behind bars. You know, the common sense approach to a safe, clean city.

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