Restricted Free Agent John McEnery Continues Hold-Out

SuperBlogger Demands New Contract

As internet blog sensation (SJI) gears up for the fast approaching mayoral runoff election, a conspicuous, if not gaping, hole has opened up in their writing stable over the past two weeks as marquee blogger and star of the site, John McEnery IV, continues to hold out over a contract dispute.

The disagreement began approximately three weeks ago when SJI editor-in-chief Jack Van Zandt refused to submit new contract demands by Mr. McEnery’s ICM agent, Oscar “Big Swifty” Moscowitz, to the SJI Board of Directors.  Although Mr. McEnery’s initial contract was good for another 18 months, blogosphere insiders sided with the popular writer that a reported contract amount of $5 million over three years was a gross underpayment of a man with his talent.

SJI Board of Directors spokesman and Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, said that although he was confident the popular political website could make it through the election season, Mr. McEnery was the star power the site needed to propel it into the future.

“It was inevitable that such a unique talent would be discovered and sought after by other sites,” admits Mr. Jobs, “but this would be like the Colts letting Payton Manning get away.”

He referred reporters to the contract offers SJI made public as part of a strategy to deflect anger towards the site if, in fact, McEnery decided to leave.  The offers are as numerous as they are varied and include a co-writing position with Aaron Sorkin’s new NBC series, “Studio 60,” a staff writing position on Huffington Post and a featured op-ed column with the New York Times.  All offers are reportedly in the $10 million range for two years.

When reached by phone at his luxurious summer home overlooking the sea in Kennebunkport, Maine, Mr. McEnery was reluctant to talk but did say he wanted all of his fans to know that it wasn’t about the money and that he loved San Jose and wanted to stay if at all possible. 

“I just want to get my freak on, baby.  Let’s get on with the writing.”


  1. John, go for the bucks!!  This is your shot at fame and money. 

    (Hey #2, what’s wrong with using a plastic fork to comb your hair?)

  2. Rich,

    Yes, we all know about your shiny new blog.  You do not need to keep advertising it here on for free.  If you need the traffic, why don’t you support by purchasing a Google ad?

    I have read a few entries and your writing is a bit shrill, possibly repelling many readers.  I think you could learn from Tom’s examples.

  3. #2 misses the point.  plastic forks can not only be used to comb hair, but can also serve as internal support devices. 

    I once made a beehive 3 feet tall with the assistance of nothing but plastic forks, hair extensions, and Aquanet.

  4. Sorry, off topic…

    Earlier this month, Governator Jr posted on Mayor Watch how San Jose Inside Violates Its Own Policy.  GovJr went on to say we at Mayor Watch have posted every single comment we have received because none have presented a “clear and present danger”.  Perhaps the hypocrisy of free speech was exposed last night when the following comment in response to What a difference a website makes was deemed a “clear and present danger”</a>:

    Wow Jacquie “sanjoselady” Heffner! What an unbiased review…

    Shouldn’t Cindy get a lower grade because she forgot to add you as an endorser?

    I guess Chuck got a D for events because you didn’t host a neighborhood fundraiser for him.

    And why did you give Cindy a B and Chuck a D for technology usage, when Cindy doesn’t have a blog other than this unbiased one? I mean after all, you work for Joe Trippi!

    Tell us, is it ethical for a city commissioner to blog about her council liaison’s campaign?

    Mayor Watch has been unusually silent today.  Perhaps the bigger question than who has a better mayoral campaign web site is, are these type of people we want running our Democratic Party?

  5. All of this talk about plastic forks ignores the larger issue: plastic spoons.

    As a child I learned that plastic spoons make an effective launching device to propel grapes across a school cafeteria.

    If Saddam had plastic spoons he might still be President of Iraq.

  6. Times are lonely in rantville.

    Given that your 11 posts have generated a total of 5 responses – you should consider having your service provider embed the sound of gently chirping crickets into your blog.

  7. Don’t sell yourself cheap…it’s been lonely on the blog without the Friday morning chuckles! “Studio 60” would be a good fit for you, but weigh it out, Aaron Sorkin vs SJI, tough decision!

  8. John, you better knock off your illusions of grandeur and settle before you find yourself talking to yourself in a public library combing your hair with a plastic fork.

  9. Sorry dear contributors and readers,
    Just below the banner of SJI blog is written: “A look inside SJ politics and culture”.
    I see a lot of below the belt politics (signifying nothing), but almost no culture.

  10. Culture is what you are, what you value, and what you remember.  You can get quite a bit of these three items from sji – you just have to be open enough to see them.  Oh, and we will not submit to financial blackmail from John or any other of our writers.      TMcE

  11. Richard,

    If traffic is a little slow on your Blog site, you might consider contracting Reality Check and Downtown Brown to chime in.  Surely they could use the work and would appreciate the offer; and you could get them for next to nothing. 

    Just be careful.  They’re well connected to folks in high places who may declare your compensation unfair and force you to pay more than you agreed to.

    Just trying to help.

  12. TMcE…

    Culture is what you get when you leave a ripe mix of organic stuff sit too long.

    Sorry.  I couldn’t pass up the opening.  I love your wit and views.  Keep it coming.


  13. In San Jose,  at our City Hall, culture is “the corruption of good government in municipal life, especially the general customs and beliefs of our public officials that see the world as it should be, but have not the courage to create it.” Also refer to Reed’s “culture of corruption” and John Dean’s “cancer on the Presidency.”  That is, they do as labor, big developers, and special interests tell them. Do not read,“Profiles in Courage.”  See also, “lobbyists, South Bay Labor, and jellyfish.”    TMcE

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