Report: San Jose Police Have Spent $1.3 Million on Riot Gear

By the Numbers: $1.3 Million

San Jose police have been stocking up on riot gear, and at a faster pace than some other law enforcement agencies. That’s according to MuckRock, a journalism nonprofit that publishes data gleaned from public records. Documents unearthed through a Freedom of Information Act request found that the San Jose Police Department have shelled out $1.3 million since 2012 for helmets with visors and throat guards, aluminum batons, less-than-lethal weapons and other defensive equipment. The city authorized SJPD to spend $530,000 on protective gear in 2015 through last year. To San Jose’s credit, MuckRock notes, the agency has spent less on weaponry than other major cities.


  1. Oh good you never know when you may have to quell another Trump uprising, or push angry residents back into the rising flood. Did they get a good deal?

  2. Whoever scanned this stuff in needs to re-do it. I shouldn’t have to download the PDF and rotate it a bunch of times. That’s silly.

    Having gone through every page I don’t know what they’re is getting at here. This PDF is a mashup of various kinds of documents. We have RFQ’s (Request for quotation), some quotes, and some invoices. I see some documents going all the way back to 2013. Not all of these documents represent a dollar spent. Again, some of them are quotes. There’s even part of a brochure in there too (Strike Face Armor Plates).

    Thankfully, this isn’t SJI’s bad journalism. Muckrock? Never heard of them, but it just looks like they entered every page into a single column and added it up. Again, RFQ’s and invoices are 2 different things.

  3. Is this the journalistic definition of riot gear. Or the soft body armor aka bullet proof vests that cops wear when they go to work? The invoices look a lot like the vests that are issued to patrol and have an expiration usually 5 years. Can we get some facts instead of inflammatory sensatiionalized stories? Where is Jenn when you need her?

  4. Let’s not forget that the riot gear may be needed for when the legal majority of residents of San Jose rise up and demand that we do not want to be another illegal “Sanctuary City”.

  5. Oh and thank god to SJPD credit they have spent less money on those killing machines that the storm trooper cops strap to their waists. How do people with critical thinking skills not see through this crap style of writing?

    • Its just the usual weekly sighting through SJI sniper scopes. This is beyond bad tabloid journalism. Get your facts right before drumming up another anti San Jose PD hit piece. Wheres that troll from the other thread that claims cops “hijack” the comments? Josh, Jenn anyone?

  6. The photo caption says the cops “hold the line” at a Trump rally. They held the line alright, as they watched anti-Trump thugs beat people up. Who needs riot gear when all they do is stand and watch the lawbreakers?

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