Report: Jail Deputies Party Without Masks Despite Sharp Rise in Covid-19 Infections

Photos of Santa Clara County jail deputies partying without masks have surfaced amid a new Covid-19 outbreak that’s spread to at least 30 inmates, according to media reports.

The Mercury News broke the story Thursday about the off-duty revelry, which reportedly took place on Dec. 6 and appeared to involve a gathering of more than three households—a violation of public health rules.

In a statement to the daily newspaper, sheriff’s officials said the agency expects employees to abide by public health guidelines and, as members of law enforcement, to hold themselves to a higher standard.

“The behavior depicted in the Facebook post in question are not representative of these expectations or the agency as a whole,” the Sheriff’s Office told the newspaper in a prepared statement. “If in fact they are sheriff’s deputies, they are expected to adhere to public health guidance as well as conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, whether on or off duty. The matter is being looked into.”

As of Thursday, the county’s online dashboard tracking coronavirus cases in local jails recorded 117 cases since March and 34 active infections.

The latest tally of active infections among staff includes 19 correctional deputies, 11 on the patrol side and five non-sworn employees.


  1. It appears these deputies can do anything without anyone stopping them. SHAME ON SANTA CLARA COUNTY OFFICIALS. Corruption and despotism fill its veins.

  2. “Corruption and despotism fill its veins.”

    That picture is neither corruption nor despotism,

    That’s people with a stressful, dehumanizing job blowing off some steam.

    They are called human beings.

    Good for them, even if I think beer bongs are a waste of beer.

  3. SJ Kulak, my comment was not on those people but the county which usually let its employees do as they please not as they should. Talking on those people, that behavior is very unprofessional. Are these employees allow to have these parties at all? Now, this is the #coronavirus era. Not following guidelines make this behavior even worse. But you have defended Trump’s behavior, so this is just potatoes for you. You are one of those who believe the virus is just like the flu right?

  4. Ms. Fexxnist.

    There is a big difference between these people and Newsom. These are employees, they exchange their time for labor. They aren’t consulted on these matters, they have no say, they show up and go home and they are living their life the best they can. Corrections, to me, is a soul crushing occupation, I would hate ever minute of it. And worse society is the epitome of hypocritical towards it.

    We expect to segregate criminals to make us feel safe while we look down upon those that to the segregating. We recall judges when they don’t sentence severely enough but march against it in the streets to signal our virtue. Being safe has a cost, you have to put people in jail. And its not just in real estate, utility and labor costs, there is a human cost to being someone’s captor. It would turn even the best of us, Stanford proved that.

    So if these people who are doing a service that we need but will not admit we do need, get together and drink a bit of beer, it could not be any more different that Newsom eating dinner with the mayor of San Francisco yucking it up in the face of people whose lives they are responsible for destroying and hacking the small business loan program to the tune of millions while living part time in a gifted $3M mansion.

    The fact that this rag even shows these pictures and isn’t probing Newsom Section 51 style on the daily is just more evidence it is a propagandist rag not worthy to collect bird droppings.

    And throwing the Trump card won’t change that or save your weak position.

    That’ll do, now move along.

  5. SJ KULAK, just because working with jail population is an undesirable job for you, it does not mean others share your opinion. I have worked with this population. Seeing some of these people receiving treatment for addictions, MH, DV, and becoming part of their families and communities again is highly rewarding. Newson and even those cleaning the toilets in these places have to follow standards of conduct and professionalism. There are not only codes of behavior but also code on horseplay, dress, and alcohol. Judging by the picture, this looks like a night club’s party! Again, sexually perverted Trump is your mantra of behavior right corazón?

  6. dont trip Ms Fexxnist from your backpedaling…

    throwing the trump card a second time doesnt make it more compelling

    take your meds, binge some Handmaid’s Tail, stop obsessing over Trump and let some kids having a good time, you’ll feel better in the morning

  7. It is not an obsession but your historical background on comments in this media. Notice how you bring Newson to the topic all the time. I am not pro party but pro the people. The jail population has been categorized a vulnerable population exactly because some believe they do not deserve high standards of care and service. You are obviously one of those who feel they do not deserve much. Right SJ Kulak?

  8. You have reading comprehension problems like your friend Mr. Goldstein.

    I am neither pro people nor pro party but pro freedom.

    I hate cops, but acknowledge the need for them

    I hate prison, but acknowledge the need for it.

    Rehab and compassion in prison is a LIE, anything more than calling it what it is a self-aggrandizing self-delusion. They exist to segregate criminals from people that haven’t been caught committing a crime yet. You want rehab and compassion go to church, not jail. If you want as a Catholic to go to jail and show compassion, fantastic, please shepherd more souls into the Kingdom, that is our true meaning in life. But don’t lie about what jail is.

    I don’t shyt on people who are doing their job to pay their rent and feed their kids even if they run the jail or walk a beat. I don’t shyt on people that are having a rough time of it as long as they are on the path to being responsible. I do tell them the truth and shyt on those lying to them telling them it is okay to not pay your rent or not be responsible for yourself. Empty kindness is a destructive lie for the benefit of the liar, constructive truth is the most humane, even if it sounds unkind.

    I do hate to my core the people who wiggle their way into power just to sit and make decisions to cover their ass or improve the position of their friends by consciously destroying that freedom I so greatly value or others ability to maintain theirs. I hate rent control, I hate “Equity”, I hate causa justa, I hate lock-outs, I hate political violence, I hate fines, I hate recalls of judges because they are white and didn’t sentence a white kid hard enough, I hate intersectionality, I hate regressive taxes, I hate the “induced demand” lie, I hate wealth taxes, I hate stupid useless wars even if the public has been dumbed into apathy by Obama or we have managed down the political costs of them, I hate the patriot act, I hate the lying about how welcoming San Jose is, I hate sanctuary cities, I hate rent seeking, I hate false hope, I hate censorship in the public or private sphere, I hate the death penalty, I hate double standards.

    I am one man hate group.

    All of these things are unnecessary intrusions on freedom and are the abuse of government’s monopoly on power. Every post, even if my poor erudition, grammar and spelling betray that, should convey that because that is what I am.

  9. How dare they party like Governor Newsom and Mayors Liccardo and Breed!

    This is the ninth month of lockdowns that are beginning to look endless.

    Human beings are social creatures that go loony when prevented from engaging in normal human interaction.

    The harm to small business and the psyche of our nation is vast and will have lasting repercussions.

    Does Newsom get that?

    Of course he does. In his kingdom, small business owners can be destroyed while Hollywood gets to feed their casts and crews in the same parking lot that restaurant owners cannot. Why is Hollywood more important than small business?

    This pandemic will end when people tear off their masks and stop minding fecal stains like our ‘leaders’ who demand we obey their inane laws that that don’t believe in themselves.

  10. This pandemic has not ended because it has been politicized by members of both parties. The lack of census within politicians and scientists have resulted in people having doubts about the best course of action. When this happens those who prioritize their human socializing and sexual life will choose to do that. Those who prioritize their health and life will use any resources to preserve that. Not only COVID is up, sexually transmitted diseases too. At the end some will be poorer and alive. Others will be in a grave! These are the choices and freedom people have. Each person is free to choose. I am a believer of leaving the past in the past and looking back only to prevent making the same mistake. The history is there. There is noting that is happening today that it did not happened before! I lost a business too. I will rebuild after this. I am not risking my life just to dine out or go shopping. The hell with that!

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