Prowler at Santa Clara Elementary School Assaults Staff, Restrained by Parents

A  prowler at Bowers Elementary School in Santa Clara at the end of the school day Tuesday who threatened students and assaulted staff was apprehended by parents before his arrest.

At 2:20pm, the City of Santa Clara’s Public Safety Dispatchers received multiple 9-1-1 calls from community members from Bowers Elementary on Barkley Avenue, Santa Clara.

According to the callers to 9-1-1, a male subject had walked onto the Bowers Elementary School campus as students were being released from school. A staff member noted the subject was acting erratically and had begun approaching children.

Police reported that "the staff member intercepted the subject and got into a physical altercation with the subject."

Police said the man "then attempted attempted to gain access at a different part of the school and got into another physical altercation with another staff member."

Several parents witnessed the incidents and helped to restrain the man until the Santa Clara police officers arrived.  He was taken into custody without further incident and charged with battery and "willful disruption of a pupil on a school campus."

The man was identified as Kyle Quintero, 30, of San Jose and Santa Clara.

Police said there did not appear to be any connection between the subject and any students or staff on campus. There were no reported injuries as a result of this incident, police said.

"Staff and the parent community at Bowers Elementary School are being commended for their quick action to keep the students safe during this incident," the police department said in a statement.


  1. Vagrant? possibly on drugs or mentally ill?

    Thank the City Leadership bowing to special interests, Progressive DAs and weak judges who support $0 Bails, Fail to Prosecute crimes, early-release violent criminals and let Vagrancy get out of control.. crime is RISING, with entire neighborhoods awash in Filth, Chaos, and Lawlessness.

  2. Yeah, we don’t need police on campus! This just proves it –NOT. And, let me say, with over much emphasis, how lucky they were that this guy was so far out of it that he couldn’t resist effectively AND that he did not have a weapon. If he had even had a small pocket knife, this outcome could have been tragic.

    That said, kudos to the staff and parents — I hope that you gave the creep one extra “what fur.”

  3. Another drunk junkie bum the city allows to commit crimes with impunity. Kyle is arrested damn near every week. Why would you let your kids go to school in this city anymore? The schools can’t protect our kids. The city protects the criminals. Someone is gonna start taking these bums out one by one.

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