Palo Alto Daily Post: Neighbor Rallies Support for Kavanagh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford

Republished with permission from the Palo Alto Daily Post

When Kristen Podulka saw the news vans outside and read the vitriolic attacks online about her neighbor, she decided to help out.

Podulka lives a few houses away from Christine Blasey Ford, the Palo Alto University psychologist accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault when the two were in high school. On Monday, the day after the Washington Post identified Ford as Kavanaugh’s accuser, Podulka called on others to mail postcards of support and appreciation to Ford at her office.

“I didn’t want to go to her house and have a candlelight vigil,” Podulka said. “I chose the card-writing because it’s an un-intrusive way of showing support.”

Podulka, a Detroit native and self-described “Hillary supporter,” said she got the idea from postcard campaigns she’s worked with for local progressive groups and the ACLU.

At first, neighbors and friends dropped off postcards at Podulka’s house to forward to Ford, but then Podulka wanted to expand the effort without sharing her home address publicly. She posted Ford’s work address to Nextdoor and Facebook, where it was shared by the Sister District and Together We Will political groups. Podulka said other advocates have shared the message as far away as the East Coast and Singapore.

Hate Mail

The purpose of the effort, Podulka said, was to counteract the hate mail and violent threats that Ford has received.

“The trolls online and the people with negative thoughts … tend to speak the loudest, so I would like to send her notes of appreciation to try to drown that out if possible,” Podulka said. “I thought, ‘OK, let’s counteract her hate mail with love mail.’”

Podulka said the only negative feedback she’d gotten so far had come from a few commenters on a Nextdoor thread who objected to the post’s politics. One commenter, south Palo Alto resident Tanya Berlaga, wrote that “not everybody believes that (Ford’s) actions are honorable.”

Another, Mountain View resident Adam Brand, called Ford a coward for waiting 36 years to come forward. Podulka said she doesn’t think anyone who hasn’t been sexually assaulted is entitled to an opinion on Ford coming forward when she did.

“What woman would want to go through this? She hasn’t been back in her house for three days,” Podulka said. “She has children, a career… She has nothing to gain from this and everything to lose.”

On Tuesday, Ford’s lawyers sent a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, stating that her family has been forced into hiding after receiving vicious harassment and death threats. Her email was also hacked and she has been impersonated online, her lawyers said.

Podulka said she thinks Ford’s story resonates with many women because most sexual assault victims know their attacker. “I have had so many women in my life that, well, everyone’s had a story,” Podulka said. “Her story is everyone’s story.”

‘I Believe Christine’

Palo Alto Mayor Liz Kniss counts herself among the women who relate to Ford’s experience. Kniss said that she remembered “something like that happening to me, and I still remember it very well.”

“I simply can’t believe she would have come forward otherwise,” Kniss said, calling Ford’s alleged assault an “incredibly horrifying experience.”

Kniss said she thought that counter to anyone who suggests the alleged assault was a “youthful prank,” that sexual violence exhibited by a teenage boy “is probably going to be pretty consistent for the rest of his life.”

Kniss added that she thinks it’s “outrageous” that the Senate Judiciary Committee is continuing to consider Kavanaugh.

The postcard project isn’t the only way Palo Altans are showing support for Ford. A group of local mothers have been signing a letter to Ford telling her that “We wanted to tell you that we are here, and we have your back.”

“If there is anything that we, your neighbors, can do to help or support you or your family, please know that we are here,” the letter states. “We will bake you cookies, bring over dinner, lend a hand with your kids, help with your pets, protest in front of City Hall, sign petitions, runs for office, write to the media and to lawmakers, form a human chain to protect your house, your workplace, your kids’ schools.”

Come Sunday, six local progressive groups will hold a candlelight vigil on the corner of El Camino Real and Embarcadero Road that they’re calling “I Believe Christine.”

Advocates from groups including Orchard City Indivisible, the Santa Clara County Democratic Club Women’s Caucus, Families Belong Together San Jose and Women’s March San Jose will hold signs at the intersection starting at 8pm.


  1. I am more convinced than ever we need term limits… Watching republican members responding to Anita Hill hearings 27 years ago and now to bully Dr. Ford is proof our congress is no longer interested in what is good For American but they do what is good for republicans. We are becoming a banana republic. The American people can no longer believe our President or Congress. We are in a dangerous time for our government. With the president now using his powers to punish his political foes, something I am sure he and Putin discussed, we the people become more and more cynical of all government.

  2. > The American people can no longer believe our President or Congress.

    Nor can the American people believe “the three megaphones”:

    1. the corporate urban mass media, (“New York Times”, “CNN”, “Mercury News”)
    2. the corporate mass entertainment industry (“Hollywood”},
    3. academia (“Stanford Law School”, “Palo Alto University”)

    • You forgot FOX News. All media is corrupted. The watchdog of government does not exist. It is all about keeping those that pay for their adds happy.

  3. > ‘I Believe Christine’

    > Palo Alto Mayor Liz Kniss counts herself among the women who relate to Ford’s experience.


    Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz made the rounds on Fox News this week, saying that he rejects the idea that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, should be automatically believed just because she is a women – and that people who say “I believe her” are basing that opinion on virtually no evidence.

    “The most disturbing thing is these people who are on television, . . . [who say] ‘I believe her,'” said Dershowitz, adding “You never met her. You don’t know anything about her. Are women born with a special gene for telling the truth, and men with a special gene for lying?”

    • I believed, believe, and will believe Christine! Did you, said, say, said,…bubble? No, women are not born with a special gene for telling the truth A$$ES! We have faced oppression, some have been raped, have faced institutional corruption, and discrimination just for being a woman. So this Dershowitz is non-sense. Men are not born with a special gene for lying; they are socially conditioned to think with their pen&ses and learn to lie to cover up. Even high level education is not enough for some to avoid being subjected to these sexual perversions the American Culture has made them entitle to. If a man who brags about grabbing women by their pusiiis…. becomes the president of the United States, then a man who subjected Christine to such sexual attack will become a Supreme Court Justice! President Bill Clinton and Bush senior are also sexually perverted. These guys are just about every political affiliation, social economic sphere, and creed.

      Dear lord please help us!

    • Here’s a good one: How do we know that Liz Kniss is honest?

      Because Rich Robinson SAYS she’s honest!

      “San Jose icons Carl Guardino, Bob Kieve, Susie Wilson, Dianne McKenna, Liz Kniss, former Assemblyman Dom Cortese are also good public policy validators, . . . .”
      “They are all honest people.”

      And you know this is a weighty and significant endorsement because Rich just doesn’t cast bouquets in any direction:

      “On the other hand, if you get messages from the local Tea Party—you know right away the information is a lie.”

  4. Subpoena her and have a hearing. Since when does a witness get to dictate the terms for her testimony before the US Senate? Her story is important, let’s hear it.

      • > Excuse me A$$, she is not a witness but the victim!

        Dear Feeble 0017:

        “Victims” make statements to law enforcers.
        “Witnesses” provide testimony to Senate hearings.

        Your “victim” filed no complaint nor made any statement to law enforcement. Therefore, she is NOT a victim.

        And you’re addled, confused, and wrong.

        IF she ever testifies to the Senate, she will arguably be a “witness”, but more accurately she’ll just be the political version of a rodeo clown trying to distract the Republican bulls from butting Schumer and Feinstein out of the way.

        • Here comes again, the male with three bubbles two just by his pen&s level and one replacing his brain. Did you said Bandura’s theory was too much for your neuronal potential?
          I remember, seeing videos of San Jose Police Department officers harassing Recall Persky signature collectors. Then these videos were deleted. Other police departments such as Gilroy and Oakland have faced serious sexual scandals. Sexually perverted law enforcement cannot protect women and children from sexually perverted males. Even less when the Santa Clara County judiciary was ruling all the departments. That power ended and was given back to the people.
          Santa Clara County corrupted “leaders” be prepared for your past to come to light! No more breaks for sexually perverted men, Dems, Reps, Green, purple, rich, poor, documented, undocumented, smart or stupid! Who should be next?

          • > No more breaks for sexually perverted men, Dems, Reps, Green, purple, rich, poor, documented, undocumented, smart or stupid!


            It sounds like the world is a scary place for you.

            Have you ever considered committing yourself to a nunnery?

            I’ll bet there are nunneries that are surrounded by barbed wire and have bars on the windows.

            That will keep those testosterone crazed zombies away.

        • The only rodeo clown I know is an orange type male that brags about grabbing women by their pussies.

          The world is not a scary place to me. Men like me and fear me, not all to be fair. I just have no idea why they fear me? I am a sweet woman!

  5. I am disgusted by the fascist feminists screaming ” I believe Christine” They do not care one iota about justice or fairness. If it’s a man accused by a woman he’s guilty…. Unless of course that man is my son, or brother or father.

    I have an adult daughter and a young adult son. I’m closer to my daughter but fear more for my son because he is far more likely to be falsely accused of abuse than she is to experience it.

      • I know this is an old message but…

        Wow good to hear it. As I understand it EVERY male member of your entire family has been accused of sexual assault and/or rape. Since you don’t care about facts, evidence, or that every other person that is asked say it didn’t happen I hope your knife is sharp enough to get through all of them. This includes your husband, and if you’re not married every man you have dated, and will potentially date in the future is included in these accusations.

  6. Christine, the Bay Area Women have your back; we believe you. You are a decent person and woman. Do not be intimidated by those who insist on supporting the oppression of women and keep supporting sexually perverted men with “high office” status. You are a decent representative of the psychology field. Thank you for being an agent of change and for not being a status quo psychologist! We must be enemies of the corrupted systems in order to be friends of the people we serve.


    Ana Gabriela Hermosillo
    Bay Area Professional Mental Health Provider
    QPR Suicide Prevention Trained Clergy
    Psi-Chi (1039425)
    Feminist Christian Activist

    • > Bay Area Professional Mental Health Provider

      You sure as hell don’t sound like a professional. You sound like a politically biased quack.

      If you “treated” any male client, it would be malpractice.

      What licenses or certifications do you hold?

      • Who gave you license to be a bubble head? Dear lord Jesus send this guy his ticket to hell ASAP. We have too many of these types. Can you take this one and a thousand like him and send back John McCain? PLEASE?

        • > Dear lord Jesus send this guy his ticket to hell ASAP. We have too many of these types.

          Dear FEeble 0017:

          You flunked out of tolerance school, didn’t you.

          By the way, I’m sure there are ZILLIONS of people out there who want to follow your lead and vote for the candidates that you find inspirational.

          Who would those candidates be?

          • Yes, I have Zero tolerance for males’ stupidity. I know you have this sick fixation for Michelle Dauber. Now you are trying to know about my political taste. I do not endorse candidates. I dislike politicians in general. I vote for issues and support causes. I like Hillary Clinton; I liked John McCain. I voted for those two. HAPPY?

        • “with the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful; with an upright man, thou wilt shew thyself upright; with the pure thou wilt shew thy pure; and with the froward thou wilt shew thyself froward, (Psalm, 18: 25-26)…” God has never asked men kind to be stupid only righteous.

          In the Bay Area, men and women, gay and straight, believers or non-believers, White and non White, Dems or Reps and all in between, rich and poor, documented and undocumented, all men kind of good consciousness will unite and fight those who continue to support the status quo patriarchy and oppression.

          Christine, come back home; the bay area is your home. WE BELIEVE YOU AND HAVE AND WILL HAVE YOUR BACK!

  7. Of course people have questions and opinions about who to believe.

    But the issue is really not about whether to believe Brett or Christine. Both could be telling the truth, their truth.

    It’s also possible that Brett DID behave like an entitled male boor and was so moved by his drunken, predatory behavior that he worked hard to become the protector, nurturer, and supporter of women (so much so that 70 women signed a letter of warm support for his candidacy) that he has become known as in his post high school career.

    But what this is REALLY all about is fitness for Supreme Court justice. If he did what he’s accused of or lied about it, he is not IMHO worthy of the appointment. I would also question his fitness based on Senator Hirono’s castigating remarks of the ignorant, racist things he wrote in an opinion she quote when she questioned him during the his recent appearances before the Senate Judicial Committee.

    Also, the lack of availability of his documents during the Bush Administration is not encouraging for his candidacy.

    I’d say there are ample reasons to doubt his fitness even before and without Christine’s accusations.

    I’d also say that the Senators will not decide whether to confirm him or who is telling them the truth based on strongly held beliefs on both sides. The Repellicans seem hell bent on getting a justice who will protect the crotch-grabbing, misogynist, women user (and booster– like his nominee) president from justice for selling the country out to the Russians. Let’s not forget that is Trump’s main focus as it has been through firing James Comey, threats to re-staff the Justice Department until it is solidly pro-Trump and dedicated to his protection. The Dems are very focused on how their treating women– both out of conscience-conviction and political need for a winning issue.

    Those political positions will determine their votes. What happens in the testimony of Brett and Christine will be an interesting part of the whole thing. So will attempts to do right what the same committee did wrong with Anita Hill— namely listen and allow for the possibility that she is right and should be listened to. Even those who attacked, maligned, and abused her 27 years ago (read: Joe Biden) acknowledge their error and would like to correct it and be SEEN to have learned from their past mistakes.

    So, watch the dramas of “What happened in the bedroom of the teenage party years ago?” And does Brett slide through all the muck and land on the Supreme Court. But look most closely at the Senators’ votes and see whether the political concerns of the Repubs wins out over the women’s rights voices of the Dems. That’s where the history is going to be made or slayed.

  8. > But look most closely at the Senators’ votes and see whether the political concerns of the Repubs wins out over the women’s rights voices of the Dems.

    At the end of the day, the “evidence” boils down to the testimony of the therapist of a person with a faulty memory.

    How absurd is it that the United States Senate is going to decide to confirm a Supreme Court nominee based on what a therapist BELIEVES a client COULD have remembered but didn’t.

    If Dems think this is going to win an election for them , well . . . .why not just have a therapist help Dem voters to remember that Hillary was elected President.

    • Remember you said Persky was not going to be recalled? He was. This guy is going to be out! Would there be access to justice for victims of sexual assault when the judges in supreme courts are themselves sexually perverted guys?

      • > Remember you said Persky was not going to be recalled?

        No. I don’t remember.

        Quote me, and prove to me how bad my memory is.

        I OPPOSED the recall of Persky. I WISHED for it to fail. I never PREDICTED it was going to fail.

  9. Palo Alto University

    Academic staff: 81
    Students: 1081

    Just wondering . . .

    How diverse is Palo Alto University?
    What percent of students are “minorities”?
    What percent of faculty are “minorities”?
    What percent of students are Asian?
    What percent of students are Hispanic?
    What percent of students are African origin?
    What is the student male/female ratio?
    How many students are “non-binary”?
    How many students are LGBTQ?
    How many students are “transgender”?
    What is the annual cost (tuition and fees) per student?
    What percent of students have student loans?
    What percent of students are Christian?
    How many white Christian male students are enrolled?
    What percent of the faculty are registered Democrats?
    What percent of the faculty are registered Republicans?

    What federal government support or grants does Palo Alto University receive?

    • > How diverse is Palo Alto University?

      Well, well, well.

      The internet knows all, sees all.

      Here is a powerful commentary that speaks to Palo Alto University’s “diversity”:

      Faculty: 67% female, 33% male

      Student body: 79% female, 21% male

      “Core values:

      1. Social justice, cultural competency, diversity”

      Looks to me like Palo Alto University has the problem of toxic masculinity well under control.

      • Very Diverse. Of course if the numbers were reversed you’d have a complete fit about a lack of diversity. Also what is the Ethnic diversity, or does that not matter as long as females greatly outnumber the males. And of course the most important issue in all of this, and the most important thing that our country MUST focus on as much as possible, starting as soon as possible…. SOCIAL JUSTICE. So much more important than ACTUAL JUSTICE.

  10. FEeble 0017 said:

    > Yes, I have Zero tolerance for males’ stupidity. I know you have this sick fixation for Michelle Dauber. Now you are trying to know about my political taste. I do not endorse candidates. I dislike politicians in general. I vote for issues and support causes. I like Hillary Clinton; I liked John McCain.


    Have you ever met Christine Blasey Ford?

    I understand there are Republicans on the Senate committee that are HOPING and PRAYING that she is JUST LIKE YOU!

    Can you and Chuck Schumer think of any way that you could testify in place of Christine? Maybe be a pinch hitter or something?

    “Dr Ford/FEeble: You believe that men think with their penises, correct?
    Should men be prohibited from ever serving on the Supreme Court?”

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