#NotMyPresidentsDay Protest Ignores Rain for City Hall Rally

Heavy rainfall Monday didn’t stop more than 200 anti-Donald Trump activists from rallying in front of San Jose City Hall with protest signs and rain ponchos, chanting— “tiny hands, tiny feet—all he does is tweet tweet tweet.”

Opposition groups around the country turned Monday’s federal holiday, Presidents Day, into #NotMyPresidentsDay events in an attempt to further the resistance movement. The South Bay’s Indivisible chapter teamed up with Rise Up for Justice to co-sponsor Monday’s event at City Hall.

Judge Ladoris Cordell, San Jose’s former independent police auditor, opened the event with a message for President Trump: “We, your bosses, are not afraid to confront power with truth.”

State Assemblyman Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) made an appearance at his old stomping grounds, encourage people to continue mobilize. “District by district, neighborhood by neighborhood, house by house— that’s the only way we take back our state and our country,” the former councilman said.

Following Kalra’s speech and several Anti-Trump chants, the event became an open forum for residents to take the megaphone and express their thoughts.

Diana Weir, a Campbell resident and member of Orchard City Indivisible, touched on the #grabyourwallet movement. Weir pulled out a Macy’s credit card from her wallet only to cut it to shreds with scissors, prompting other members of the event to cut up cards from businesses that have ties with Trump’s known business interests.

San Jose resident David Marsland said he couldn’t think of a better way to spend the federal holiday than attending the protest.

“I want to help grow this movement, to stand up fight back and do the right thing for America which is impeach President Trump—now,” he said.

Orchard City Indivisible hosts its weekly 6:30pm Tuesday meet-up at Campbell United Church of Christ.


  1. Two hundred? TWO HUNDRED!!!!


    I’m of the school of thought that says that the anti-Trump demonstrations are last-gasp tantrums because the progdolytes are completely out of options and completely out of ideas.

    I assume it’s possible that George Soros has turned cheap and just doesn’t want to pay for a decent, credible demonstration any more. And so the only people that show up are the true believers who are so dim that they don’t have enough sense to come out of the rain.

  2. With folks being evacuated around you due to flood waters, I am so sick of you, still being a clog in the wheel of Democracy…Get over with yourselves….

    • They seem pretty involved in democracy, meaning, not a clog, whatever you mean by that. Maybe you should get over yourself.

      Also, the floods hadn’t really started yet when this was happening so, not sure what your point was there.

      And, many of the people involved in these groups are helping with flood relief so again….maybe you should get over yourself, or out of yourself, seems like your head my be up your ass :)

      • You just said that “the floods hadn’t really started yet when this was happening” then you go on and say “many of the people involved in these groups are helping with flood relief”. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t be helping in flood relief before the flooding started!

        • Floods happened after the gathering on Monday. In the days since Monday, folks have been helping with flood relief. I can draw a timeline if that would be easier for you to understand :) Cheers matey

  3. Yep, fourteen. Including the kids they dragged along.

    #NotMyPresidentsDay Protest…

    Then who is your President? Vlad Putin?

    And here’s a question for Jay, who wrote: They seem pretty involved in democracy…

    “Democracy”?? Do you always pitch softballs, Jay?

  4. The Democratic Party should be labeled as a terrorist organization. They are running out of pathetic ideas. At some point the DNC better decide what they are and what they stand for, other than crying, displaying tantrums, or making false narratives.

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