Newsom Announces Anti-Hate Campaign, Promotes Ethnic Studies in Schools

In the wake of a recent shooting of a Southern California business owner over the display of a rainbow Pride flag, Gov. Gavin Newsom is announcing an anti-hate campaign that includes a letter to school leaders outlining their responsibility to teach the adopted ethnic studies curriculum that will be required in two years.

The curriculum focuses on the history, culture, struggle and contributions of African Americans, Native Americans, Asian/Pacific Islander Americans and Latinx Americans. The model curriculum also includes lesson plans on other communities, including Filipino Americans, Jewish Americans, Arab Americans, Sikh Americans, Armenian Americans and others. School districts can adapt the curriculum to reflect the demographics of their community.

“California students are wonderfully diverse, and celebrating the contributions of our various communities in curriculum gives students a chance to 'see' themselves in the fabric of our state,” states the letter.

State legislation requires local school districts to offer high school students at least one semester in ethnic studies beginning in 2025. The course will be required for graduation in the 2029-30 school year.

The letter warned that some vendors promoting materials for ethnic studies did not meet the requirements of the legislation, which includes not promoting, indirectly or directly, discrimination based on disability, gender, gender identification, nationality, race or religion.

As part of the anti-hate campaign, Gov. Newsom also announced plans to launch a media campaign entitled “CA vs Hate,” that will include print, radio and digital advertisements in multiple languages, as well as the donation of $91.4 million to 173 local organizations that work to prevent hate and to support victims of hate crimes.

“An attack on any of our communities is an attack on everything we stand for as Californians,” Newsom said. “As hate-fueled rhetoric drives increasing acts of bigotry and violence, California is taking action to protect those who are targeted just for being who they are. We're bolstering our support for victims and anti-hate programs and tackling ignorance and intolerance through education to prevent hate from taking hold in our communities.”

Diana Lambert is a reporter with EdSource, a news partner with Bay City News.



  1. Only if you figure out how to use “allowed” properly. Maybe you could use some more schooling yourself.

  2. Wow this is such a bold leadership step – wonder how he’ll tackle other controversial topics such as pizza or puppies…

    Newsom’s biggest challenge will be how he operates on the national stage without the support of local publications that gladly polish his image just because he is a member of the “party”.

  3. CA teaches classmates and friends how different they are from each other based upon the color of their skin. This is so wrong. It pains me to see state sponsored hate training like this. You’d think we wouldn’t bring back ideas from the 1800s in 2023 in the greatest melting pot in the world. How sad and misguided.

  4. Why doesn’t Gavin worry about the Fentanyl crisis in cities all over CA. Why doesn’t Gavin worry about all the stores closing in cities all over CA due to mass shoplifting? Why doesn’t Gavin worry about my Irish family who suffered from being indentured servants? Why doesn’t Gavin do his job instead of setting the ground work for his run for president? DO YOUR JOB GAVIN!!!!!

  5. All the ethnic studies curriculum does is promote hate and confusion. My kid in high school and her friends all think the constant demonizing of one group is annoying and frustrating. They see their friends and know just because of how they look (reasons outside of their control), it doesn’t determine if they are good or evil. And, they all know when a boy or man is pretending to be a woman and the VAST MAJORITY of girls do NOT want boys in their restrooms and on their sports team.

    Anyone who thinks the Ethnics Studies curriculum is “equity” hasn’t looked through it. It teaches ideology and activism from a hard Left perspective. And, it’s taught by your math or english teacher who have zero clue what they are talking about, and usually the worst ones are the white liberal teachers. This is the reason every year since 6th grade my daughter hasn’t enjoyed english or history class due to the strong emphasis on teaching hate and division. My daughter is also mixed race, so could use these teachings to feel like a victim – but thankfully she knows better.

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