More Contagious? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Mutating Virus Now in California

As California continues to ride its worst wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, public health officials have more unsettling news: Six cases of a worrisome, potentially more infectious new coronavirus variant have been detected in California.

The new strain, first detected in the United Kingdom, also has been seen in Colorado and Florida and 33 other countries.

Last week, San Diego County reported it had identified the new variant, called B.1.1.7, in a 30-year-old man with no travel history.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the discovery in a live streamed event with Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading voice in the pandemic.

Over the weekend, San Diego county health officials reported three additional cases.

Fauci said this news was expected, since international travel is ongoing and viruses generally mutate. “RNA viruses, they make a living out of mutating,” he said. “The more you replicate the more you mutate.”

However, the lack of travel history in the San Diego case is an indicator that the new form of the virus is circulating among the community, health officials there said. By today, the number of cases with the new variant had grown to six—four in San Diego, with one hospitalized, and two in San Bernardino, the governor announced.

“What’s really important is that detecting this lineage here doesn’t really change what we need to do other than we need to do it better,” Dr. Kristian Andersen, an infectious disease and genomics expert at Scripps Research in San Diego, said in a news conference. That includes wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

Here’s what Californians need to know about the new coronavirus strain.

How was it discovered?

The new virus variant was first reported by England’s public health agency following a surge of cases in the southeastern part of the country. The first two samples were discovered in Kent and in London in September.

While mutations in viruses are common, this particular strain stood out because it carries more genetic changes than is typical, according to researchers.

What’s the concern with this coronavirus variant?

Public health officials say the new strain seems to be more easily transmitted than the standard form of the virus.

This means people who are exposed are more likely to become infected.

According to health officials in the United Kingdom, evidence shows that infection is growing more rapidly in geographical areas where this variant is found. A study from The Centre for the Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases in London shows this particular strain is 56 percent more transmissible. The study is still being peer-reviewed.

As Dr. Mark Ghaly, California’s health secretary, recently explained it: “For Covid to enter a human cell, it needs to bind to a receptor, a sort of front door on a human cell,” he said. “And the new, mutated Covid virus seems to bind a little tighter, a little more easily and enter the cell of the human body easier than our current Covid virus.”

It remains unclear how this mutant form of the virus has contributed to the current surge in California. Officials have said its prevalence here is still likely low.

On Dec. 21, Ghaly said that California had been checking thousands of specimens daily over the last month, looking for mutations. “We’re concerned because of the unknowns,” he said. “We’re concerned that we aren’t sure how this impacts the broad-scale efforts to contain and mitigate the virus as it exists now.”

What is California doing in response?

The California Department of Public Health said health care providers are currently collecting specimens for genetic sequencing, and the state is analyzing samples suspected of being variant strains. “As variants and mutations are found, that information is used to inform public health decisions and critical information is shared with the public,” the agency said in an email.

How widespread is the new strain?

After the new variant was detected in the United Kingdom,  some 40 countries restricted travel from the UK. The variant has since been reported in FranceJapan, Spain, Sweden and Canada among other countries. The first known U.S. case, in a Colorado National Guardsman in his 20s, was reported Dec. 30.

Two variants that share some mutations with the UK variant also have been reported in South Africa and Nigeria, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “We know there’s more. We don’t know how many,”  said Andersen, the infectious disease expert in San Diego. “Its prevalence for now is relatively low.”

Will it make me more sick?

Right now, there’s no evidence that this new Covid variant has a higher fatality rate or causes more severe illness than the currently predominant strain, according to the CDC. A recent UK government study compared patients infected with the new variant to those with the predominant strain and found no statistically significant differences in severity of illness, deaths or reinfection. Scientists around the world are still studying the UK variant, however, and more answers may come soon.

Will currently authorized vaccines protect against this new strain?

Scientists believe they will. Fauci told Newsom last week that the variant “doesn’t seem to evade the protection that’s afforded by the antibodies that are induced by vaccines.”

But scientists are testing the variant against the currently authorized vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna.

The CEO of AstraZeneca, which is developing another Covid-19 vaccine candidate, told the London Times that the company’s scientists believe the vaccine will protect against the new variant. But some scientists believe it’s possible that the UK variant, or future variants, may prove tougher for vaccines to overcome.

CalMatters Covid-19 coverage, translation and distribution is supported by generous grants from the Blue Shield of California Foundation, the California Wellness Foundation and the California Health Care Foundation.


  1. Calmatters trumpets its bipartisan motives and nature.

    I find it unsettling that they are ‘Generously funded’ by three healthcare powerhouses.

    Conflict of interest, much?


    Interesting study of “Contract Tracing”

    ~82% of all transmission are, or what you are forced to do:

    74% household transmission
    8% Healthcare delivery

    All the things we are not allowed to do that is destroying America right now, a totla of 3.46%:
    1.43% Restaurant and Bars
    0.69% Church
    0.49% Elementary
    0,46% High School
    0.19% Middle School
    0.14% Hair and Personal Care
    0.06% Childcare

    You are 23x more likely to get Rona at home than putting your kids in school, going to church, going out to eat, getting your nails done


    Inconveniently that means your stay-at-home lockdowns are actually the killing grandma, not some fool without a mask at the grocery store.

    You, all of you coronabros, are idiots and killers.

    This is the problem with one-sided propaganda sites like SJI, SJS, NYT, Mercury news, MSNBC, etc.

    You politicized this virus with no data and misleading communications from the WHO and CDC to turn the population against each other. And now you’ve killed grandma.

  3. > Six cases of a worrisome, potentially more infectious new coronavirus variant have been detected in California.

    > The new strain, first detected in the United Kingdom, also has been seen in Colorado and Florida and 33 other countries.

    Well DUH!

    Viruses spread. It’s what viruses do.

    Looks like Gavin Newsom’s science-based data-driven business-crushing pandemic policies aren’t doing squat.

    The guy should probably be recalled.

    Unfortunately, recall won’t be too much of a problem for Governor Gavin.

    Dominion Voting Systems will probably keep him in office no matter what the voters say.

  4. > Officials have said its prevalence here is still likely low.

    Prediction: the prevalence will soon be high.

    Does anyone want to take a bet?

    Lockdown tighter. Expand social distancing to 25 feet. Crush more businesses.

    Still, the prevalence will soon be high.

  5. > What is California doing in response?

    > As variants and mutations are found, that information is used to inform public health decisions

    “And our public health decision is still: ‘there’s nothing we can do”.

    > and critical information is shared with the public,”

    “Dear Public; Here’s some critical information: ‘there’s nothing we can do'”

  6. > Interesting study of “Contract Tracing”

    ~82% of all transmission are, or what you are forced to do:

    –All the things we are not allowed to do that is destroying America right now, a totla of 3.46%:

    Excellent observation, Mr. Kulak.

    You deserve an extra scoop of swill in your supper dish.

  7. My humble observation,

    SJ Kulak, your report is discussing a “news report” from a Real Estate Online publication, not a real news source.

    SJ Kulak, the report does not provide the source material that forms the basis of the information you discussed.

    And finally, it did actually say “HOUSEHOLD/SOCIAL GATHERINGS” and not HOUSEHOLDS EXCLUSIVELY, thus again SOCIAL DISTANCING and limitations on SOCIAL INTERACTIONS appears to be the greatest method of controlling spread.

    Scientifically it appears that whoever prepared this information did not properly understand that many of the categories are not exclusive cohorts. For example if one goes to an outdoor restaurant with more that 4 people and is served by 2 people, that is both a SOCIAL GATHERING and a RESTURAUNT AND BAR which means you add the two factors together 73.84% and 1.43% to come up with an infectious percentage of 75.27%.

    The same can be for a SOCIAL GATHERING and a RELIGOUS ACTIVITY which combines 73.84% with .69% which results in 74.53%.

    Obviously this failure to establish EXCLUSIVITY in the table made it in effect not a valid report. I do think Cuomo may have to get that work revised or redone to establish a more scientific study. But as SJOUTSIDETHE BOX did note, it was not a peer reviewed study, and I equally find fault with Junk Science regarding the N.Y. Governor.

    But if you really want to understand things, this report was written on December 11,2020, and is now about 1 month old, which in effect makes it out of date.

    Next time SJ Kulak, please use more up to date and scientifically valid resources, please?


    I don’t see a link anywhere. But to try to claim out of date or un-scientific is a joke. There is no science that says locking up everyone at home stops the spreading. And any study prior to 2019 says masks are just a courtesy.

    Actually this study, which the King of NY sites, points to a different conclusion. Which makes sense, air volume and UV light makes being outside intrinsically safer. Locking people up in their homes concentrates viral load and allows the virus to be protected from the sun.

    All of this lock-down and closing the churches, restaurants and schools is a logical conclusion, there simply is not enough numbers to prove it works scientifically. Now there is plenty of evidence quarantine of sick people work, but that is not what is going on.

  9. I wrote a reply, but the SJI squirrels ate it.

    Bottom line, if you are claiming any of these decisions are based on real science you are a joke.

    Even the WHOI says lock downs don’t work. All these “measures” are induced based on doing “something” rather than “nothing.”

  10. What’s a real new source anyway?


    You think any large news outlet isn’t bought and paid for and intentionally hopelessly biased?

    And you can lie to yourself and say scientific sources are valid, but those too stink of financial and political bias, which these days are the same thing.


    no link to the study :(

    but plenty of spin…

    and talk about an unscientific statement:

    The governor explained the rise in household gathering spread by the fact that other indoor establishments have been closed. “In many ways, you can understand what happened. You close bars, you close restaurants, you close theaters, you close stadiums, you close mass gatherings. Where do people go? They go home… Compound that by the holiday season.”

    That is not evidence home is safer than being outside. It could very well be being outside is just safer.

  12. SJ Kulak,

    Please locate where in the report that the contact tracings was able to EXCLUDE all other cohorts in the infection statistics?

    Remember this report was published on Dec 10-11, of 2020, long before the restoration of the lockdowns. And also they never disclosed the METHOD of either sampling or statistical analysis.

    In any case, the likelihood is that we have at least one more month of CODE BLUE because the latest news is the bay area ICUS are at 6%, and unfortunately we are going to have to bear more burdens from other regions because they ran out of beds.

    Maybe these people should provide us what statistical approach they used for their work as well. There are several different ones, but they all have advantages and disadvantages regarding what useful information they provide. In effect just taking averages or means are flat analytical approaches. And since this appears to have at least 20 different contributing factors that cannot be separated because human behavior crosses the lines. It makes trying to put information in as simple as these tables very difficult to be dependable too.

    But the politicians are stuck with presenting information to the public that in most cases cannot understand information unless it is greatly simplified. And in this case I think it was over simplified, thus giving a potentially dangerous position for the future.

    In any case one “contact trace” report is not enough, it must be done with a statistically significant sample, in each specific locale or region, and it also must be repeated to ensure reliability and validity, so far that has not happened YET.

  13. SJ,

    If anything, thank you for your honesty.

    I think what is a real problem is that the lack of urgency from the Federal Government to actually take this situation seriously, and not fund these necessary actions is bad because we don’t have good information to work with. So much that was not done, no “medical” army was every drafted to deal with it.

    The States did not have these resources, and in fact because of the required emergency steps they had even less resources.

    So yes, I welcome more research, get us more knowledge to work with, I will not argue that it may pan out that much of some arguments made might be right. But we DON’T KNOW it. Guessing is shooting a rifle with a blindfold on.

    I cannot prove it, but I still believe that we had the chance to really weaken COVID early on. Especially when the infection rates were improving so much prior to summer. Please tell me you agree with this?

    That was when the infections were quite smaller, and the deaths were still well below 100,000. We had less than 1,000 new cases in the month of May. By July it was close to 7,000 during the smoke it went down to about 3,000 until October. Then the rocket took off and in December we had 37,500 new cases

    What can I do to demonstrate that when we tried to depend on the relaxation of social interaction control, EVERY time it got worse? Please understand, I am not blaming any one person, it was the fault of a group mentality here.

    But in effect I am BEGGING, please everyone, work to help each other and stop any extraordinary risks that led us to this place?

    It is so scary to hear we lost 4,000 people today, 16 in Santa Clara.

    I know it is intolerable, and I know it is distressing, and the idea that we cannot assume our normal lives for quite a while longer is not helping. We need to get a long term design in place, provide for physical and psychological well being for ALL of us.

    When we DO overcome this crisis, if we do it right, we will come out stronger, more respectful to each other, and even have fully funded and arranged plans for not only a pandemic, but any other crisis we may have in the future4.

    Why can’t we start fresh RIGHT NOW, especially since in 12 days we might have the kind of Federal Government ready to finally take this on, and win for ALL of us?

  14. “I cannot prove it, but I still believe that we had the chance to really weaken COVID early on. Especially when the infection rates were improving so much prior to summer. Please tell me you agree with this?”

    Not really. The United States is complicated by design and a free nation. States do have a lot of resources and they have almost 100% of control within the state. It my observation much of the problem was this virus was politicized. And I outline that below. However, the region that is most comparable demographically, economically, in terms of transparency, climate is Europe. If Trump and the US government is so bad how did it do compared to Europe, with its almost ubiquitous National Healthcare?

    EU cases: 15,857,298 deaths: 376,891
    US cases: 22,049,452 deaths: 371,465

    I can not pull from the same data source, because they no longer make it easy to find aggregate EU numbers. Another subtle roadblock. Your idea of locking people into their homes, I guess China style, is not realistic. Look at California, one of the more stringent laws and the largest problems. In my opinion one cause is there have been so many lies and politicization of this:

    Misleading statements on human to human spread.

    Misleading statements on asymptomatic spread.

    Misleading statements on surface contract spreading.

    Misleading statements on mask utility.

    15 day flattening the curve promise in March that is turning into a 15 month lockdown.

    No real consideration on the vast differences in how this affects different age groups and preconditions, but constant talk on how it is disproportionally worse for blacks and latinos.

    Misleading statements on herd immunity, 30%, no its 60%, no its 80-85%, herd immunity? – okay Trumptard – there is no such thing as herd immunity, you made that up.

    “Where the tests? Trump is blocking all the testing!” but no discussion on how useful those tests are, false positives and false negatives. Or how we were supposed to have 100Ms of test for a novel virus in storage.

    School lockouts, business lockouts, rent cancellation, taxes still due, bills still due, mortgage still due.

    Censorship of inquiring on or discussing the source of Corona, man made or naturally occurring.

    Covering up by the media on missteps by state officials but 100% blame on Trump, most notably the Cuomo Nursing Home coverup.

    “Racism is a worse virus than corona”

    PCR is not a diagnostic tool, it is a forensic tool.

    Trump has the blood of 300,000 people on his hands, he’s killed more than Stalin and this is worse than Watergate.

    Any truth about how these vaccines are not really vaccines.

    It is the first mRNA based “vaccine” I am aware of, but little discussion on how dangerous that is.

    Straight up censorship on anyone asking any questions or expressing doubts about this, even scientists.

    So many lies, so much bs, so much economic devastation for what, based on what? Science? Please. They have no idea what to do scientifically, there is simply not enough information or studies to determine what works and if what they are doing is actually helping or hurting. They are simply covering their butt trying to do something rather than nothing, and if my memory serves me write, you’re an engineer, and we know there is no corrective action unless you know the root cause and tested so you aren’t making the problem worse.

    And you don’t know if forcing people to stay inside hasn’t made it worse.

  15. > When we DO overcome this crisis, if we do it right, we will come out stronger, more respectful to each other, and even have fully funded and arranged plans for not only a pandemic, but any other crisis we may have in the future4.

    “fully funded and arranged plans”?

    Military axiom: “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”.

    Military axiom #2: “Generals always plan to fight the last war”.

  16. SJ Kulak,

    Again all you need to do is look at the SCC DPH COVID dashboard, the flattening did succeed until May 2020. There was never any “guaranty” that the curve would be controlled in 15 days, it was publicly described as a hope from the very beginning But as you also know it was a “novel” virus, thus thus the people rightfully should have been prepared for things to not go as planned

    Yes the COVID was politicized by the people in business constantly lobbying and getting the Federal and State governments to relax prevention rules and regulations. It was in June where the so called color tiers and county controls were enacted, because businesses demanded it.

    The stupidity that an airborne virus could be controlled on the county level, when travel across counties was not enforced, made that idea so ill conceived. County based control would REQUIRE that no one could travel across county lines. So yes it was politicized in such a way that it ran out of control.

    All I can say is that when this crazy idea was hatched, in many ways it sealed the doom regarding COVID infections. And now? It simply may be too late to get it under control until we do have a vaccine it works, and hopefully we do not learn one year later it does do something adverse and permanent to us. Only after giving it to millions of people.

    And by the way the “EU” is not a single country so trying to bundle all of the European countries to make it “look” like we didn’t make our situation the worst possible outcome during COVID is not appropriate. Many EU countries had their own individual responses, like Sweden, which thought just let it go and it will die off on its own.

    Look at Britain and its continuing lockdown, it seems the closest comparison to us given they responded in the similar way we did. But they are doing more controls and are getting better results than us.

    In the end we did the best job in the world in making COVID succeed in breaking the way we live in the U.S.


    Unfortunately those not willing to learn from history are DOOMED to repeat it.

    Spanish Flu, Polio, AIDS, all were living examples that should have made us prepared.

    The price of liberty is the cost of eternal vigilance.

    Yes we are going to have to spend A LOT more money and have A LOT more supplies, A LOT medical expertise, and A LOT more policies in the future to have a RAPID response to another Pandemic threat.

    But of course you don’t want to “tax” the country, states, counties and cities enough to have proper preparation. Thus we will be in the same mess when the next one comes.

    This was a biological hurricane Katrina but it hit the entire country.

    Trump said, “the task force did a great job”.and “we will have it under control and it will be a miracle in the summer”, and “hydroxychloroquine is the cure”.

    Reminds me of when George W. bush said to Michael Brown, “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”

  18. From the New York Times, “As Coronavirus Mutates, the World Stumbles Again to Respond”, 1/9/2021:

    “…With the world stumbling in its vaccination rollout and the number of cases steeply rising to peaks that exceed those seen last spring, scientists see a pressing need to immunize as many people as possible before the virus evolves enough to render the vaccines impotent.

    ‘It’s a race against time,’ said Marion Koopmans, a Dutch virologist and a member of a World Health Organization working group on coronavirus adaptations.
    The vaccine alone will not be enough to get ahead of the virus: It will take years to inoculate enough people to limit its evolution. In the meantime, social distancing, mask-wearing and hand-washing — coupled with aggressive testing, tracking and tracing — might buy some time and avert devastating spikes in hospitalizations and deaths along the way. These strategies could still turn the tide against the virus, experts said.

    ‘We do know how to dial down the transmission of the virus by a lot with our behavior,’ said Carl T. Bergstrom, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Washington in Seattle. ‘We’ve got a lot of agency there.’…”

  19. One of Goldsteins — Steven — observes:

    > SJ Kulak, your report is discussing a “news report” from a Real Estate Online publication, not a real news source.

    I agree. Using a real news source is a good idea.

    Can you name some?

  20. SJ,

    Nice rhetorical question.

    You know whatever news source I provide you would disregard anyway.


    Trump never “mobilized” a “medical army” to fight the “clear and present danger of COVID”. Instead he “downplayed” it to the public when he told his friends and interviewers in private it was an oncoming disaster.

    There is no excuse to be made here, he created a worse disaster because he interfered with the experts from the start, and refused to give good safe truth to the people starting in January 2020. He made the COVID invasion succeed. In effect he was the Benedict Arnold of the COVID wars. And the history books WILL indicate that, his “legacy” is forever ruined, and his future is in a lot of doubt.

    That is why he is constantly asking for money by those foolish enough to give it to him.

  21. One thing that’s been left out of the discussion of B.1.1.7 is why isn’t the UK being criticized for keeping it secret for months, just like China? They knew they had a new strain spreading in September, but didn’t report it to the world until December.

    That’s fairly analogous to China’s response: the disease was spreading at least by November, 2019, by December there were several undiagnosable pneumonia cases in the Wuhan hospital, but by last January Chinese researchers had published the complete RNA sequence of Covid-19.

    If the British had been honest about their new homegrown strain when it first showed up, the world could’ve banned trade and travel with the UK months earlier and been spared another pandemic of yet another novel coronavirus. But the UK government covered it up for months to protect their economy at the expense of world health.

  22. By the way it appears we are now in CODE BLUE indefinitely.

    Because it will take months to get back our ICU beds, or unless the people here propose turning off their life support, JUST KIDDING, I hope no one even thinks that.

    Too many people suggested unsafe higher risk behaviors, and now the price has to be paid.

  23. Steven — one of the Goldsteins — remarkably posts TWO truthful statements on the same day:

    1.) ” I don’t have any answers”

    2.) “it appears we are now in CODE BLUE indefinitely”

    Alert the media.

  24. I didn’t plan it but it does seem to be appropriate.

    Parler is being taken off Apple app store, and Google Play.


    AMAZON hosts the servers of Parler, they are dropping the contract for the services, most likely refunding the payments made to Parler, and then dropping the servers for them. Last I heard it will begin on Sunday.

    What was interesting is it advertised itself as a “free speech” portal with ” no fact checking”. What it really was is a cult reinforcer because only those who views were shared would be talking and reinforcing the beliefs without any reality checks. And there are resources like this that tended to do the same thing until someone discovered it and started reality checking the posts.


    But given what happened in the Capitol, it seems a good thing.

    These are PRIVATE companies not subject to the First Amendment.

    Paler is going to have to buy and maintain their owned data services. And they are going to have to find a way to market their services independently from Google and Apple.


    They might just be out of business.

  25. She could have left it alone to be worked out. Her selfishness and lack of empathy get in the way of resolving any conflict.

    She always needs to be right, even when she is wrong. There is not a single person that will argue that harming children is right, but V. has argued the opposite. She does it again just to show everyone that she didn’t do anything wrong. It’s like dealing with a two year old, only more dangerous.

    She poisoned me again. Nah nah nah nah nah.

    She is getting another child raped. Nah nah nah nah nah.

    Meanwhile my son is strung out on drugs and is suicidal. The pictures on his social media are gruesome to look at. And my health has deteriorated from all the poison.

    Not a single display of concern.

    Then she wonders why she “lost a lot of business.”

  26. Silence! You will stay at home until we let you out. You will do as we say and wear a mask or you will not be allowed to buy food or water. You will not be allowed to work unless the State deems you to be essential and you will stand in line for your vaccine which we will decide to give you depending on how the State evaluates your worthiness. Now, get in line, keep your mouth shut and obey! You go to the right, you go to the left! You will wear the gold Star of Covid on your outer clothing at all times and the State will decide which business will be allowed to operate. Covid will never end! It will keep mutating until tyranny is achieved.

  27. > And they are going to have to find a way to market their services independently from Google and Apple.

    > They might just be out of business.

    What’s wrong with this picture, Mr. MBA.

    Executives of three or for large corporations can among themselves decide on some coordinated “business practices” that will put a competitor out of business, with no continuation alternatives, and harm the competitor’s owners and customers.

    Did your postmodernist business school teach you that oil cartels were bad but social media cartels are OK as long as they weren’t racist?

  28. WOW!

    All I can say is goodbye to Parler. they “paid” AMAZON to “HOST” their servers, but the contract clearly indicated what conduct the AMAZON servers were allowed to be used for. In other words, Parler did not own the AMAZON equipment or infrastructure ever, so they are not ENTITLED to use it as long as any part of the Amazon Web Services contract is not complied with. It does look like they did violate that contract. Amazon says(

    “4. Your Responsibilities.

    4.1 Your Accounts. Except to the extent caused by our breach of this Agreement, (a) you are responsible for all activities that occur under your account, regardless of whether the activities are authorized by you or undertaken by you, your employees or a third party (including your contractors, agents or End Users), and (b) we and our affiliates are not responsible for unauthorized access to your account.

    4.2 Your Content. You will ensure that Your Content and your and End Users’ use of Your Content or the Service Offerings will not violate any of the Policies or any applicable law. You are solely responsible for the development, content, operation, maintenance, and use of Your Content.

    14. Definitions.

    “Acceptable Use Policy” means the policy located at (and any successor or related locations designated by us), as it may be updated by us from time to time.”

    And mores specifically the Acceptable Use Policy states (

    “No Illegal, Harmful, or Offensive Use or Content

    You may not use, or encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to use, the Services or AWS Site for any ILLEGAL, HARMFUL, FRAUDULENT, INFRINGING OR OFFENSIVE USE, or to transmit, store, display, distribute or otherwise make available content that is illegal, harmful, fraudulent, infringing or offensive. Prohibited activities or content include:

    Illegal, Harmful or Fraudulent Activities. Any activities that are illegal, THAT VIOLATE THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS, OR THAT MAY BE HARMFUL TO OTHERS, our operations or reputation, including disseminating, promoting or facilitating child pornography, offering or disseminating fraudulent goods, services, schemes, or promotions, make-money-fast schemes, ponzi and pyramid schemes, phishing, or pharming.

    Infringing Content. Content that infringes or misappropriates the intellectual property or proprietary rights of others.

    Offensive Content. CONTENT THAT IS DEFAMATORY, OBSCENE, ABUSIVE, INVASIVE OF PRIVACY, OR OTHERWISE OBJECTIONABLE, including content that constitutes child pornography, relates to bestiality, or depicts non-consensual sex acts.

    Harmful Content. Content or other computer technology that may damage, interfere with, surreptitiously intercept, or expropriate any system, program, or data, including viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, or cancelbots.”

    It would be very clear that Parler violated the Acceptable Use Policies, thus violating their agreement for services

    Reports are coming in that that companies lawyers are starting to drop them.

    So much “conspiracies” and “attack the “LEFT” wing agendas”

    Parler is like any cult systems reinforcement, they proclaim it to be free from “fact checking”, thus you get a circular reinforcement system by the users. This makes them more and more “militant” and slowly removes any self-discipline regarding thought TO ACTIONS. This is the definition of “DOMESTIC” threats to the constitution and the people of the U.S.

    Eventually they will build their own equipment, or not, if vendors decide not to offer equipment or services to them.

  29. Mr Goldstein, I do not think your posts will age well and i hope you and others will come to see the folly of your current opinion sooner than later.

  30. Work90,

    I actually hope so.

    2020 and 2021 so far has been so bad.

    Please give us something positive to live through soon?

    My antidepressants are not working anymore, the world has become so bad.

    But so far we aren’t even close to going in the right direction, CODE BLUE is likely to stay for at least 2 more months

    Parler has had a serious data spill, and people are working through 70 TBytes of data, Much might be disclosed as being threatening and clearly in violation of AMAZONS terms, thus making it harder for “robust” vendors to agree to service Parler. Since they have a proven record of not complying with contract terms. They may return but greatly reduced resources, I have heard they did re-register their domain, but that does not mean they are equipped to start operating yet.

  31. Mr. Goldstein,

    The world is not bad, the news is a façade, a trick, its all fake.

    Call your kids, take a walk, get another degree, teach someone something, paint a picture, craft a table.

    Don’t watch news, if you want information read it. TV News is designed to make you equal parts angry and helpless, so you keep watching and clicking and raging.

    – from the farm

  32. SJ Kulak,

    A President attacks his own country.

    Domestic Terrorism warnings.

    A pandemic out of control.

    People in this country talking about CIVIL WAR.

    Evictions are going to skyrocket.

    My apartment Balcony is dangerous because it is not waterproof, and it has cracks in the support beams along with damages floorboards. I am working to make a public video to demonstrate it. It is unsafe and not in compliance with the new CA Balcony law.

    In the end, I have a lot of problems in the world, most not in my control

  33. SJ Kulak,

    I would have preferred a Koala, but I got a Grizzly. And it is eating me up.

    You said the world is not bad, right? I was demonstrating that REALITY is that it is.

    Now you say I just have to bear it.

    Talking about moving goalposts.

    Now we are losing more than 500 people a day in CA.

    Please give us some evidence that the world is not going down the toilet?

  34. Mr. Goldstein,

    What are the annual death totals for the U.S. over the last five years?
    I think if you look them up you will have some questions. In my opinion they are “evidence” that the world is not going down the toilet.

    The glass is “half full” my friend.

  35. Mr Goldstein,

    My proof?

    Life doesn’t suck because:

    My youngest fought for A last semester in Biology after starting at a C
    I love my wife
    Sinfonia Concertante is free to listen to over and over and it is beautiful
    It is snowing outside right now and that is beautiful
    Chick fil-a makes great sandwiches
    My kids are over their friends house having fun
    The early seasons of Expanse is quality entertainment
    The choir at our church is amazing
    Commercial interest rates are 3.5%
    I finally found Black Sabbath and their first two albums are beyond amazing
    Kyoto is a hell of a city, so is Paris
    I haven’t been to Colombia, Argentina, Vietnam and I will go there soon
    Bergen Norway is amazing

    I can go on and on…

    Life is great if you choose it to be, it is miserable if you choose it to be.

  36. SJ Kulak,

    Just understand that one accepted view of depression is

    “Depressed People See the World More Realistically

    And happy people just might be slightly delusional.”(

    One observation I notice in more than 75% of your perspective is it is self-centered or only providing benefit to those you care about.

    At least with regards to my perspective, all people of the world, or country must be considered precious and any preventable dis-ease, like the virus COVID and its short or long term disability or death must NOT happen.

    Especially when we have methods of prevention that proven to work, but we don’t commit to them for as long as it takes.

    So yes, I see the REAL world, the whole glass and not just the part with the water in it.

    Time for all of us to start taking in the entire picture

  37. Seems I have been censored, so let me try again.

    Depression and anxiety are not a bad emotion, they are evolutionary useful ones.

    It is how you are addressing your depression and anxiety that is the problem, not that you are in fact depressed.

    You are depressed, you are anxious, so your mind searches for external problems that you have no control over of for the root cause. This frustrates your depression. These emotions are your body informing you that YOU are going in the wrong direction or YOU have made a mistake in the past that needs to be resolved. Your body is far wiser than your conscious mind.

    If Trump gets hung in the town square, your depression will not stop. If people don’t get evicted, your depression will not stop. If your deck gets fixed, nothing will change. You fixing how you spend your time, what path you are on, what you let into your mind, who you let into your world, and fixing past ruined relationships is a far better medicine than trying to solve intractable problems you have no ability to solve.

    Reconciliation and gratitude are evolution’s treasure and are the result of understanding your depression. One synthesizes the other. Depression and anxiety are THEE gifts if you know how to read and use it.

  38. SJ Kulak

    Trumps death is not going to solve my depression problems.

    I had depression long before this situation, actually I was born with a very newly discovered brain damage in 2003, depression is a major symptom of it. I was born in 1967, forced premature, died once at the hospital, my lungs didn’t work and my skull was twisted by the doctors, doing damage to my cerebellum.

    At the same time, I was physically abused by my mother, made a ward of the state upon my parents divorce, physically and sexually abused in the care of a foster family and residential school. So, I am fully aware of PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and many other things.

    Trumps death would not solve anything. But he will be accountable for his failure and crimes. Justice will be met the proper way though. Like the fact that his businesses are being cut off for his failure as the President. He should be prosecuted, and if found guilty serve his time. BUT I DO NOT PROMOTE VIGILANTISM, NOR EVEN THE DEATH PENALTY.

    What we have seen here is the same things we criticized in so many other countries. Donald Trump in effect brought fascism to this country, tried to engage in another wave of McCarthyism, and even a violent attack on the 2nd branch of our constitutional government which is designed to have an equal power over the policies and practices in our republic.

    On top of all of this, he lied to the U.S. about the danger of COVID, constantly gave FALSE hope of the progression of the disease. Promoted unsafe and unproven treatments for the disease. Got himself infected, but given the privilege he had, got every treatment possible, but it may look like after recovery he might have some after effects. His approach will eventually be proven to have cause many hundreds of thousands of unnecessary death, and millions of long term disabilities.

    You wonder why I have such a dark point of view?

  39. Mr. Goldstein,

    You have earned the right to not worry about things you have no control over.

    There have always been Caesars, the variance only attributable to historians.

    They always want power and they use delusions to get and keep it.

    There is no such thing as a President, a Czar, a Chairman, a Senator, a government, or a CEO. They are all made up, shared fictions, and they are all evil because the lust for power is always evil, even when they start out just or think they are the ones that know what justice is.

    My suggestion, forgive all of them and do what you can do to bring some light in your life. Here’s a start – just students!

  40. SJ Kulak,

    Sorry, there have been good leaders, some not so good, and some lousy.

    For the most part no one questions FDR was a great leader, as well as Washington, Jefferson, and Adams, and of course Lincoln. Too bad he was killed right when the country still needed him.

    I cannot forgive anyone when they don’t own their misdeeds and “serve” their sentences. As long as they show no signs of being dangerous and are trying to remedy their past, I forgive them. But I cannot forget 300,000 people dying, 500 in the last week in CA.