San Jose Cannabis Dispensary Pays $50K Fine for Illegal Pesticides

In the first civil settlement between the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office and a licensed cannabis dispensary, Relentless Enterprises, Inc. has been ordered by a Superior Court Judge to pay $50,000 in civil penalties and costs for violating laws related to the safe application of pesticides.

Relentless Enterprises, Inc. is a state licensed retail cannabis dispensary doing business as Theraleaf.

Between May and July 2020, Theraleaf cultivated cannabis at its San Jose facility. During that time, Theraleaf applied a pesticide to cannabis that was not approved for cannabis application, allowed a worker who was not wearing any personal protective equipment to enter a cannabis grow room that had recently been treated with a pesticide and allowed untrained workers to prepare and apply pesticides to cannabis without wearing all the required personal protective equipment.

“Retail cannabis dispensaries are part of our community and are required to operate in accordance with the law,” said Deputy District Attorney Christopher Judge. “The citizens of Santa Clara County have an expectation that their cannabis products are produced in a manner that is safe for consumers and dispensary employees.”

The District Attorney’s Office began investigating Theraleaf after a referral from the Santa Clara County Division of Agriculture.

There have been no reports of physical harm to consumers.

In addition to paying civil penalties and costs, Theraleaf agreed to be bound by a permanent injunction never to improperly apply pesticides again. The company also cooperated with the investigation and took steps to improve their compliance with the environmental protection and worker safety laws brought to their attention by prosecutors and the Division of Agriculture.



  1. Legal or not, the industry is, by and large, still run by a criminal element. They really don’t care about your health of safety, they care about selling you dope! And, you may be a dope if you keep spending your money on getting stoned and then complain that you don’t have enough money to pay your bills.

  2. All that’s missing is Doper-Voter Dem registration at cannabis shops, which could exceed success rates at government offices, including for government assistance.

  3. And at lottery outlets (more tickets for the time to register [Dem]), liquor stores, smoke ‘n’ vape shops, TAT-TOO and “body art” shops, and the like. Bars, too.

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