Google Reportedly Halts Negotiations for 2 Million Square Feet of Bay Area Real Estate

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has reportedly halted talks to buy or lease millions of square feet of real estate in the Bay Area, according to The Information.

The 2 million square feet that the tech-giant was trying to amass includes the more than 1.5 million square foot Brookfield Properties’ Pier 70 project. Last December, the San Francisco Business Times reported that the Mountain View-based corporation was in talks to lease the project.

“We don’t comment on rumors,” Brookfield told the Business Times last year. “We’ve seen tremendous interest among a range of companies who view the location as an attractive site for their business and employees.”

The lease would have been the largest in San Francisco history.

Forty miles south in Mountain View, Google has also reportedly ended a verbal agreement to buy a slew of office buildings owned by NortonLifeLock—a software company previously known as Symantec.

In January, commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield began marketing the 10 buildings that compromise 707,000 square feet.

Google, which is slowing hiring through the rest of 2020, has faced other development delays in recent weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak. Last week, San Jose officials announced that city council consideration of Google’s massive project on the western edge of downtown would be delayed from late 2020 to early 2021.

“The city is currently focusing on emergency response to the coronavirus pandemic while continuing to provide essential services to businesses and residents,” the city’s Diridon Station project website read. “While we have had to slow down, work on Diridon projects is moving forward via telecommuting.”

Google has yet to respond to a request for comment.


  1. Even Google is getting hit by the massive overreaction to what is little more than another version of the flu. The PANICdemic “experts”and modelers have yet to predict death tolls, death rates, or anything else with any degree of accuracy. They have consistently overshot the mark. Thousands of people die every day in the US from all sorts of maladies. There is no legitimate reason COVID should be treated any differently. Certainly no reason to trash the Constitution and the entire economy. The press continues to fan the flames of hysteria, blame everything on Trump, and the government jackboots are pressing more and more firmly on our necks. The latest is that people in senior facilities are are dying of COVID. Well, DUH! The vast majority of them would have been dead anyway by the end of the year, of one thing or another. That is sad for their friends and relatives, but it’s just part of life. I’ll be 74 soon, and have a compromised bronchial system, so I guess I’m in one of the groups the “experts“ say are at a greater risk. Que sera sera. It’s time to start putting the economy back together so those tens of millions of us who have been and who are productive can get back to work. The seasonal flu vaccine is only 40%-55% effective, and there is not a shred of evidence to suggest any COVID vaccine that arrives in a year or more from now will be any more effective. So, holding the people, the economy, and the Constitution hostage until a marginally effective COVID vaccine arrives on the market makes no sense to any reasonable person. Let’s produce a vaccine to prevent Democrat progressivism, which is clearly a severe mental disorder, and is the primary reason this country is going down the drain.

    • John Michael, I couldn’t agree more. This virus is less contagious than the swine flu epidemic that came and went when the population acquired herd immunity.

      And it’s less deadly than the SARS epidemic. Remember that one? It also came and went.

      There’s little doubt that this preposterous over-reaction, to what is just another mild epidemic, would not have happened if Barry Obama or Clitler was President.

      Draw your own conclusions…

    • JMO, I believe you’re correct on all counts. The world has no doubt been subject to many similar viruses in the past. We just didn’t notice. They came, they went, were never identified, but afterwards the human race was a little bit stronger and more able to cope with the next one. Why? Because we didn’t hide. We faced it, were exposed to it, and built up resistance.
      I’ve never had a flu shot, never will, and this whole narrative of the “flu season” seems like a fabricated fantasy. But you wait. There will be strong pressure from progressives to make vaccination against coronavirus mandatory.
      F***ing control freaks.

    • Does not appear that you have been reading or listening to medical people or epidemiologists. It is repeated by researchers that this is not just any ole flu. And it is not just old people who die… Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings….

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      Are you OK? I’ve never heard of anyone being distressed by cutting and pasting from OAN?

      It’s a problem I’ve never heard of before.

      Can you you give us an idea of what we’re supposed to do if we come across someone with “OAN cutting and pasting distress”?

      CPR? Smelling salts? Epipen?

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