Former Palo Alto Mayor Pat Burt Announces City Council Bid

After a few years away from City Hall, former Palo Alto Mayor Pat Burt is looking to claim a seat once again on the City Council.

Burt—who served as a council member from 2008 to 2016 and as mayor in 2010 and 2016—has announced his bid for one of the four council seats up for grabs in November.

Attorney Rebecca Eisenberg, planning and transportation commissioners Ed Lauing and Cari Templeton and Councilwoman Lydia Kou are also in the running.

As a 40-year Palo Alto resident and former CEO of TheraDep Technologies, Burt said he can draw on his experience in helping the city emerge from the 2008 recession. With COVID-19 expected to impact city’s revenues for years to come, Burt said he wants to help steer Palo Alto through this crisis. And eventually, to rebuild.

“Budget and policy decisions made in the coming months and years will affect our city’s future for decades to come,” he said. “Our civic leaders will need to make careful, well-informed and transparent decisions to retain the services we value. I believe I have the skills and experience needed during this crucial period and hope to help develop strategies for recovery and vitality.”

As a member of the council, Burt said he helped enact pension reform, launch an infrastructure master plan that funded more than $300 million in capital investments, modernized 911 communications while reducing costs and invested in a citywide bike network. During his tenure, he served on a number of committees including the San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority Flood Control Agency, the Peninsula Cities Consortium on Rail and the Advanced Water Recycling Committee.

Since leaving office in 2017, Burt has continued to stay active by advocating for renter protections and opposing state efforts to take over local zoning decisions in order to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Burt also led a group that supported a business tax to fund traffic relief, train separations and affordable housing. “I have the experience and vision to help us move through these challenging times,” he said. “I will work with everyone with an open mind to achieve the results we need for Palo Alto today, and for future generations.”


  1. Pat Burt has my vote. He brings the experience we need during this difficult time. He is thoughtful, and works to build consensus among his fellow council members. That’s the kind of experience we need right! He also knows how to provide policy and leadership rather than deferring to staff. So glad he’s coming back!

  2. That’s good news! I’m glad to know Pat Burt is running again. It was a sad day when he termed out. I have missed his leadership on Council. He’s capable, smart, open to new information and willing to change his mind if the facts are persuasive. Equally important, he gets how the system works and can hit the ground running.

    I’ll vote for Pat Burt again!

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