Former 49er Dana Stubblefield Found Guilty of Raping a Woman at His Morgan Hill Home

Former San Francisco 49ers defensive end Dana Stubblefield was found guilty today on charges that he raped a woman at his Morgan Hill home in 2015.

In a Monday hearing at the San Jose Hall of Justice—following a trial that started earlier this summer—the jury found Stubblefield, 48, guilty of rape by force, false imprisonment and forcible oral copulation, according to authorities.

He was found not guilty of two other charges: oral copulation of a person incapable of giving consent and rape of a victim incapable of giving consent.

Police investigators and Santa Clara County District Attorney’s prosecutors have said that the victim in the April 2015 incident was developmentally disabled.

The victim told investigators that Stubblefield brandished a handgun during the sexual assault incident, according to court records.

Stubblefield was arrested by Morgan Hill Police in May 2016, following a yearlong investigation into the rape accusation. The female victim told police Stubblefield raped her at his home April 9, 2015. The woman arrived at his home after Stubblefield contacted her for a job interview through a babysitting website, according to police.

After a brief job interview, the woman left, according to police. But Stubblefield called her back and offered to pay for her time. When she returned, he allegedly carried her to a room, raped her, forced her to perform oral sex and then gave her $80. The woman drove directly to the Morgan Hill police station from Stubblefield’s home to report the incident.

Stubblefield claimed he had consensual sex with the woman. His attorneys have argued that the woman was not disabled.

Stubblefield was drafted by the 49ers in the first round of the 1993 draft, and played for the team until the end of the 1997 season.

He then played for the Washington Redskins, and returned to the 49ers for the 2001 and 2002 seasons. He then played for the Oakland Raiders in 2003.


  1. Stay strong, Dana baby, should the mainstream media and its obedient subsidiary, the Democratic Party, get its way a new day is a coming. And won’t that be great for progressive young women (at least those who don’t need to seek babysitting work).

    “That means we need to have a real conversation about decarceration & prison abolition in this country.”
    — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC Oct 7, 2019

  2. > In a Monday hearing at the San Jose Hall of Justice—following a trial that started earlier this summer—the jury found Stubblefield, 48, guilty of . . .

    A trial? A jury? You mean, like, due process of the law?

    How odd.

    Aren’t we in the era of “wokeness”? Isn’t it now the practice to just gen up a mob, bypass all the judicial nonsense, and just go straight to social justice?

    Oh, wait. Stubblefield is black. Too much social justice might look like a lynching.

  3. Bubble, I don’t care if this m@therf@cker is Black. He is a f@cken rapist who took advantage of a woman working for him. There was a trial, jury…JUSTICE WAS SERVED! I hope he is not given three months in jail…!

  4. Danna called her back and offered pay for her time…$80?!!!…WHAT? I am sure a sex worker would gave ask for more! This guy is a sexual predator. I hope he did not give this woman a STD. I expect maximum sentence Jeff Rosen. Remember you have to practice not giving passes to privileged perpetrators of violent crimes! The Santa Clara County community is sick and tired of your leniency for influential sexual criminals including the clergy type!

  5. You referred to Mr. Stubblefield as privileged, despite his skin color. Are you suggesting that in this country privilege can be earned? That strikes me as a dangerously unwoke thing to insinuate. Best keep you real identity hidden lest you find yourself kicked off Twitter, banned from Fakebook, and targeted for a BLM blitzkrieg.

  6. I can see you are a f@cken idiot and so this explains why you are cheering Dana. Privilege not only refers to race or skin color but also socio economic status…so on. In this case his 49er (celebrity for some), his financial status compared to the financial status’s of the person he raped, and being a male places him in a position of power compared to the position of the raped victim. Remember that Black males were grated the right to vote in this country…before females…even if a Black male’s vote counted less than a White male’s. Entiendes Méndez or te explicó Federico? It is a fallacy to assume that being Black grants you a saint status. Equality is the same in all aspects. All races, ethnic groups, religions, sexual orientations, have decent men and m@therf@ckers. Dana is a Black m@therf@cker rapist!

  7. Did he use condoms?? A sex worker would charge a lot more than $80. It would be at least $500. Most sex workers would turn down the appointment. We don’t do outcalls, we insist on condoms, and we sure as hell won’t do anything rough.

    But she was not a sex worker. She did not consent. He is a rapist and deserves many years in prison, because that’s what rapists get.

    It doesn’t matter what color he is. Rape is reprehensible. This woman is brave. Driving straight to the police station after the attack was the right thing to do.

    It seems to me you’ve decided privilege is yours to define, which, assuming you have no delusions of infallibility, means everyone else has the same right. This of course means the word has no agreed upon definition, rendering its use, even by determined lunatics like yourself, decidedly stupid. All of which causes me to wonder why you felt compelled to insert the word into your rant in the first place. The man was convicted, which strongly suggests that, regardless of his celebrity, socioeconomic status, or gender, privilege was not seated at the defense table. Yet you rail at it nonetheless.
    That’s not to dismiss the possibility the prosecution’s case was aided by privilege, as its quite apparent that a great many irrational women automatically award credibility to any female claiming to have been sexually victimized by a male. Who knows, maybe one or more of the jurors, or even the judge, suffers from the same cognitive limitation that affects you.

  9. > There was a trial, jury…JUSTICE WAS SERVED!

    It seemed to work out.

    Maybe we should make this a regular procedure before depriving people of their civil rights and and liberties.

    Seems to be a fairer and more rational approach than just letting Michele Dauber yell at people with her bullhorn.

  10. Look idiot, employment, non discriminatory laws and rights were created by others not me. The purpose of these laws is to prevent those in position of power and privilege from taking advantage of others. I said it, you are a F@KEN ignorant with the sole mission of cheering up Dana RAPIST! The woman he raped was looking for a decent way of earning a living. He took advantage of her need for a job to rape her. The job offer was just a strategy to lure her to his place. Dana is a F@KEN SEXUAL PREDATOR!

  11. Well said Samantha! I am sure you know there are those idiots that see no wrong about raping a sex worker. I am sure Phu is one of those who see no wrong on that!

  12. “The purpose of these laws is to prevent those in position of power and privilege from taking advantage of others.” — FEXXNIST

    How in the world can the exercise of privilege be outlawed? Did you add the word to your rant against power because you’re delusional or are you really ignorant of the difference? Privilege in the law begins and ends with those making them, beyond that it is undefinable (despite the efforts of those passionate about their victimhood). The difference between power and privilege is the difference between raping a woman at gunpoint (a distinct act) and seducing a woman via charisma and sex appeal (an act indistinct enough to sometimes leave a woman at a loss to understand her actions the next morning). No woman raped at gunpoint ever doubted her reasons for submitting.

    The war on privilege is a totalitarian assault on individual liberty and a recycled tactic for fostering class warfare. Perpetuating it is destructive, falling for it is dumb.

  13. The f@ken delusional here is the one who is attempting to excuse a rapist because of his 49er status Hx….and being Black! I am sure you and Dana belong to the same rapist club! At the same time you are promoting punishment for Jenny B related to the auto felony case. Talk about sexism!

  14. Its quite amusing how you’ve convinced yourself that my sarcastic post about Dana Stubblefield’s conviction (which was really about AOC’s lunacy) constituted a defense of his actions. Likewise for my comment about Jenny B (which was about impartial treatment). You have the reading comprehension and mental sophistication of a house cat, which leads me to suspect you might be a recent graduate of an American university.

    Try to catch your breath once in a while, and don’t be afraid to seek help from grownups.

  15. Meeeeh…yes…no…>Stay Strong, Dana baby… [F@CK AOC…dictatorship apologists! Kamala Harris VP! Del plato a la boca se cae la sopa! F@CK RAPE CULTURE!]

  16. Did he do it or did she lie, no one knows because they weren’t there. But all this arguing is a waste of time as the two of them will get their true individual judgement by the only real “jury” when they both go. Trust in that and leave your own opinions without proof to yourselves. As for the defense of house cats intelligence, if they can sleep all day, have someone massage them when they want, be fed upon request, and have your crap picked up, seems pretty intelligent to me.

  17. “But all this arguing is a waste of time as the two of them will get their true individual judgement by the only real “jury” when they both go.” — SHARX

    The discourse you branded as a waste of time is the reason the comment section on this site exists, and the existence of the real jury in which you believe is not provable, so I’m not surprised you admire the intelligence of house cats.

  18. Yep he is a rapist found guilty 100% , the only thing that pisses me off is why and how Brock Turner got off .

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