Fan Beaten at Levi’s Stadium after 49ers Game Monday Night

In what’s becoming a disturbing annual tradition at Levi’s Stadium, another sports fan was severely beaten at a San Francisco 49ers season opener. The incident occurred shortly after the team’s victory Monday over the Minnesota Vikings.

The graphic video posted to Facebook by Brandon Cosio captures an altercation after the Vikings fan is already on the ground being punch and kicked repeatedly in the head. Several people unsuccessfully attempted to stop the fight while attackers in Niners gear took turns hitting the man on the ground for several minutes. A security staffer finally lifts the man off the ground and guides him to safety before the video ends.

(Warning: This footage could be disturbing for some viewers.)

Here's how Cosio described it in his Facebook post:

I'm seeing a lot of comments talking bad about the 49er fans without actually knowing what happened, so....

Here's the full story:

The Viking fan in the video and a 49er fan NOT in the video were talking smack to each other, getting into each others faces. A lot of fans from both sides were telling both people to stop and just walk to their cars. The Viking fan shoved his wife into a barrier to try to get to the 49er fan, then at that point the 49er fan walked away from the situation and that's when the Viking fan may have got a little cocky. The Viking fan turned around and addressed everyone behind him (mostly 49er fans). He said " what's up, any of you fuckers want some?!" At that point everyone went silent for 2 seconds then as the Viking fan was turning around to walk away, the 49er fan in the black (at the beginning of the video who threw the first punch) tackled him to the ground. That's where the video starts.

Here's my quick opinion:
Don't talk shit like that in enemy territory...he instigated the whole entire situation. Sure the 49er fans may have gone a little too far, but when you poke your chest out asking "who wants it" you're going to get it

I would like to add to this story:
ZERO cops were on the scene. ZERO. Santa Clara Police Department were no where to be found. Hopefully they can show up and arrest the parties in this video. Also give recognition to the security guard in the yellow jacket who was first on the scene, brave man getting in the middle of that brawl.

This incident follows a brutal restroom beating during a Kansas City Chiefs game last October at Levi’s Stadium, which left one man with a serious brain injury. One of the  attackers in that case was sentenced in July to serve a five-year prison term.

UPDATE: Santa Clara police arrested three men in their 30s and a 17-year-old female Thursday night in connection to the beating outside of Levi’s Stadium.


  1. The simple reality is that Santa Clara PD does not have the manpower to adequately staff such a large venue. No matter how many other officers they dual badge from other local agencies, they need more manpower to thwart these types of incidents.

    The 49ers organization cannot afford to have this become the norm and cast a shadow over their venue with the Super Bowl on its way soon here.

    What the general public doesn’t understand is that moving the 49ers to a more geographically accessible location has made it much more convenient for droves of the gang members who wear their colors (Nortenos) to attend the games and act up.

    I’m not saying that many of the people acting up aren’t just alcoholics with attitude issues, but when the dominant gang of the region just happens to wear red, and by proxy consider themselves Niner fans, when you move the stadium closer to them it’s bound to result in gang mentality type problems.

    • Your synopsis sounds both short sided and uneducated….For one let’s state that someone asking for a beating is no reason to oblige him. Common sense would dictate let ignorance be and let that person walk away . Secondly there is a vast difference between an alcoholic and a drunk( in this case people acting in a belligerent manner ) Alcoholism is a disease and has nothing to do with attitude while public drunkenness and bad decision making seem more likely the culprits here. Finally… Red has always been the color of the 49ers and loyal fans have always wore their colors. I can not believe that you have taken the stand that the majority of the fans are as you say “Noretenos” ….You should not speak on topics of which you have no idea. In your logic one could make that assumption that you are saying all Hispanics wearing 49er red are gang members…wrong!!!! I do not believe the “gang” affiliation had anything to do with this and I almost certain you are completely wrong.

      By the way I am a Raider fan and have never been a fan of the 49ers but have many friends who are . The only thing that makes sense out of everything you have said is …Yes maybe more police officers were needed and Yes that security guard in the yellow was very brave in coming to the rescue of the Vikings fan .

      • I apologize as my retort was directed at the commentary previously and not to Matthews reporting of the story. Matthew thank you for your contribution to the story.

      • Joe,

        I never wrote a “synopsis” regarding the article, and could you enlighten me as to what you meant by “short sided?”

        I never said anyone should have obliged the man who was allegedly asking for a fight. I agree with you, Alcoholism and public drunkenness are different, however the two concepts are often (not always..) a package deal.

        Where did I ever write that “the majority of the [49ers] fans” are Nortenos?!!! Did I just leave blank spaces all over my comment for you to adlib? I never wrote that this incident had anything to do with gang affiliation.. Maybe I’m confused, but you could afford to read my comment again and absorb what I actually wrote.

        Congratulations on being a Raider fan. Santa Clara PD does not have anywhere close to enough bodies to keep this venue in line. I agree that the security guard was brave. Once again, I never mentioned anything about him. Clearly, reading comprehension is not one of your strengths.

        • Steve-

          Wow…. I can’t comprehend reading? Well as for you Steve…besides being a horrible writer with a narrow view of the world, you simply CANT READ the name is JOSE not JOE.

          • Sorry Jose,

            My mistake. I replied on a mobile device, using a keyboard which allows me to swipe across the keys to write. I guess it didn’t pick up the “S” in your name. Call me Steph if it consoles you.

            I’m no writer by the way. I just have a rudimentary command of the English language and the ability to comprehend what I read, as opposed to making my own adlibs.

    • Steve do you know which agency tasked with policing the ‘inside’ at Levi ?

      I think I know the answer but would like some independent confirmation from multiple sources… in the interest of “educating the public” …. if I am correct, it may provide some more entertainment and perhaps some educational posts from our resident PhD candidate.

      I’f I’m wrong forget I said anything….

      • Meyer,

        I’m pretty sure the whole place is Santa Clara PD. Santa Clara PD does allow a large number of local agencies to “dual badge” for them in order to work the stadium. It is possible that many of the officers working the stadium are from the SCCSO as I know they allow them to dual badge.

      • Santa Clara PD are walking and biking around everywhere when I tailgate. They made 31 arrests at the opener last year.

  2. that’s your story…what is the real story?
    come on people, speak up, you know who was involve. should a little decency and care. it could have been one of your family members on the ground, regardless if they’re niner’s fans or not.

  3. Nice to see you doing an SJI post Crawdaddy.

    I’m pretty surprised there wasn’t any cops around. I went to the Sunday night “Fare Thee Well” dead show, and SCPD was crawling all over the place. They were the nicest, most tolerant PD I had ever seen at a dead show. Maybe they should do less football and more Dead shows at Levi’s. I don’t think there was a single violent incident at any of the Fare Thee Well shows.

    • Ignorant statement. Multiple violent incidents at FTW, including a man in a Phish t-shirt getting the crap kicked out of him by several men in tie-dye. To be fair, he was not sober and he made wildly inappropriate statements about Jerry Garcia’s guitar skills and personal hygiene.

  4. That first kick in the face, when the Viking fan is on all fours and helpless, would probably be good on the field for about 40 yards and hopefully in the courtroom for about two years.

    I wonder how much taxpayer money has already been invested in this mindless thug in an attempt to elevate him from his animalistic roots? My guess is free preschool, free K through 12 (or whenever he dropped out), free meals at school, after-school homework centers, free medical care, maybe some welfare and/or housing assistance, gang intervention counseling, job training, Obama phone…

    still, somehow we failed him.

  5. I attended the Sharks stadium series game at Levi stadium. As a “technology demonstration”, Levi’s made a super high resolution digital image of the entire stadium.

    If these assaults become a regular occurrence, sports venues such as Levi Stadium will likely routinely make gigapixel attendance photos to help identify and catch criminal bad actors.

    Here’s a picture of me at the Levi Stadium Sharks vs LA Kings game:

  6. Trust me, Santa Clara PD, are around but are probably jacking off milking the clock somewhere else .. no wonder fights are common, and traffic are as bad

  7. I certainly hope they apprehend, try, and convict the responsible parties; and that they be placed in general population where they will be given a taste of what it feels like to get punched and kicked in the face. What is more likely to happen is the appointment of a Blue Ribbon Commission to assign blame, and make some high-sounding PC suggestions on how to curb fan violence.
    Maybe the Niners can commission Chris Rock to do a new video—“How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked at Levi’s Stadium.” First scene—don’t get drunk and badmouth the home team or its fans while wearing the opposing team’s jersey. Second scene—if you plan to wear the opposing team’s jersey to a game at Levi’s and shoot your drunk mouth off, bring along a few big, tough friends wearing the same jersey as you. Third scene—if you’re a Niners fan and you hear some drunk wearing the opposing team’s jersey badmouthing your team, just walk away. Etc. The Niners could play it before the opening kickoff, at halftime, and at the end of the game to remind all the morons on both sides how to behave properly, even when they’re drunk. Chris could adapt it for, say, the Raiders, the Dodgers (in Spanish too, of course), etc.

  8. It is not OK to beat up another person but if the Vikings fan pushed a guys wife and mouthed asking for it I’m sorry but in some ways he got what he asked for. If it was my wife he pushed you know for sure I would be beating the vrap out of him. You don’t push, hit or otherwise lay a hand on a women period.

  9. I was actually in the group front row to win this awful event occurred. Unfortunately the video only catchers half of the story which has always caused a lot of people to judge what they see. As we exited the gates and following traffic, you hear the vikings fan his name is Marcos, yelling and shouting towards a Niner fan who as well was mouthing off to Marcos. Both men were mouthing off at each other, but Marcos was the one going after the Niner fan. The woman that is being talked about being pushed and shoved by Marcos is his wife. As we continue walking down following traffic Marco’s sees a young man standing on the side on his phone had nothing to do with the incident he pushes him off to the side for no reason and tells him get the F out of my way. Now is that necessary? No! So as we continued his wife stood in front of him trying to stop him telling him that the car was to the left and that they were to take a left and leave Marco’s grabs his wife and throws her towards the barricades, I was the one who stopped her from hitting the barricades. And their Marco’s starting a 6 foot five Wayne probably 300 to 310 pounds drunk, aggressive, hostile, and threatening people who are around. There were kids, teenagers and also long time fans someone’s grandpa and grandma’s were also terrified. And that’s when the big man turned around and threaten everyone by saying, Which one of you MF want some? And as the stories that are told that he was hit from behind he was not hit from behind. He was hit face-to-face and that’s when he came tumbling down. That is when the video starts to roll.

    I am not trying to justify the actions of the Niner fans I’m not trying to justify the whole incident at all but what I will say is that if you see an individual’s hostile aggressive and threatening to hurt individuals of course you will get a reaction. Whether they were getting members or not whether they were black brown or white it doesn’t matter it’s common sense that when someone is drunk they’re out of their mind the regressive there hostile they’re not in the right mindset. So talking to them and trying to calm them down will never work. Not even the police can calm them down maybe with a taser maybe with pepper spray but words won’t. You lost the game you’re mad you’re drunk you’re threatening people people get scared he sent to wrong people people react.

    It made me very mad and angry a little annoyed to read posts and reports that were halfway. Honestly if I was the one recording I would be sure to tell the whole story leading to the video that was taken.

  10. Either ban other team regalia from Levi’s, or seat the visiting fans in a separate section. That is what happens for college games, even where no alcohol is served. Feelings run high.

    Security guards should have panic buttons to summon police in quantity.

    When I would go to Michigan football games, I noticed they had campus police, city police, the Sheriff’s department, and state police spread out around the stadium to quell any outbreak. And they were wearing riot gear.The 49ers are going to have to shell out to get more cops in the stadium

  11. Sad to say this is becoming “Normal behavior” By Niner fans in particular. I refuse to take my wife and kids to a game or even wear a jersey to a game. it is truly pathetic that a game can not be enjoyed for what it is , a game. No one , drunk or not deserves to have a”life changing experience ” at a sporting event. I have many fond memories of tailgating at games , something my kids will never get to experience

  12. Just a quick word as I was at that game. I didn’t see this but had heard from someone who did and pretty much the story above is what happened (in their eyes). He also saw a child hit the rail with the wife hence some more gasoline to the fire. It is unfortunate that some sports fans are becoming “rabid” and in the end, it will just ruin it for us all. Most likely in the form of more intense searches, dogs, and the whatever else in the security world that could come to pass-kinda like flying. I wish I had some useful advice but if you’re going to be a first class jerk, stay home and watch it on your TV thus allowing you to break your own furniture or TV if you prefer. As for Niner fans being violent..guess you haven’t made many Raider games lately…

  13. Well turns out this article is on par with the usual half-a$$ed stuff that is SJI’s low standard. Sure it relies on one guy who videoed the incident and his Facebook narrate so that biased point of view set the tone… for so much public input. (No cops to guy deserved it…)

    Turns out (according to the other lousy print media) that the police made 4 arrests related to the beating “after the game.”

    Well done POLICE some will be upset that you did your job and brought the suspects in to answer for their behavior. Others will bellyache about…. well you know what they will bellyache about ….

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