Cozy Holiday by the Fireplace? Forget It, Says Air Quality District

Bay Area residents are being asked to avoid burning wood over the Thanksgiving holiday to keep air at a healthier level, officials with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District said Tuesday.

Wood burning is allowed during the holiday weekend but discouraged because extensive burning could cause the air quality to become unhealthy, especially in inland valleys.

Air district officials are predicting moderately healthy air on Thanksgiving Day.

“We encourage residents to refrain from burning wood this holiday weekend to help keep air pollution low,” said Sharon Landers, interim executive officer of the Air District. “Wood smoke creates unhealthy air inside and outside the home.”

Wood smoke contains small particles and carcinogenic substances that make the air unhealthy, causing concern for children, seniors and people with respiratory conditions.

Wood smoke is the Bay Area's major source of pollution in the winter. One fireplace can pollute a whole neighborhood, air district officials said. Wood smoke has been tied to serious respiratory illnesses and a higher risk for heart attacks.

More than 90 percent of premature deaths from pollution are related to breathing fine particulates, according to the air district.


  1. Due to the artificial natural gas shortage, the entire country of Germany may be burning wood to keep warm all winter. That evil smoke will circle the northern hemisphere. Cough, cough.

  2. Yes, Many in Germany and Europe will rely on renewables, like wood, to provide heat this cold winter.
    The folly of Germany’s Green Dream “Energiewende” program ratchets up the pain that the Progressives and Greenies have inflicted on hard working citizens for 2 decades now –
    the pain in the pocketbook, the pain of a dark cold winter home and cold showers.
    But it is not only Germany – resourceful Americans across the North Midwest and North East will be burning more renewable cord-wood energy this winter to stave off the high cost of Biden’s disastrous energy policies.
    California is even worse with the highest residential and commercial costs for Electricity (83% higher than average for all states) and 5th highest Natural Gas (40% higher than avg) and the highest Gas & Diesel Fuel Costs (61% higher than avg) in the U.S.
    “High energy prices push Americans to alternative heating sources as temperatures drop” (Nov 2022, KUTV)
    “The average cost to heat a home is expected to increase by 17.2% this winter to $1,208, up from $1,031 last season, according to the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association.
    This winter is expected to be Significantly More Expensive for Americans to heat their homes Regardless of What Source of Energy is used.
    NEADA projects
    Heating Oil to be 94.2% more expensive this year compared to the 2020-2021 season,
    Natural Gas to cost 62.5% more than 2 years ago and
    Propane to be 43.6% more expensive.”
    “People in various parts of the U.S. are turning to wood-burning stoves to save costs on energy.
    Starting last year, the
    federal government began offering a tax credit for purchasing and installing wood or pellet stoves with a thermal efficiency rating of at least 75%.”
    “New England is being hit particularly hard by the rise in prices, where many homes rely on heating oil during the winter months.
    Costs for the oil will be 26.6% higher than last year and nearly double two years ago, according to NEADA projections.”

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