San Jose Mayor Wants to Require COVID-19 Boosters for All Employees and All City Facilities

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo today said he wants all City of San Jose employees, as a condition of employment, plus residents or visitors that enter city-owned facilities, be required to have a COVID-19 booster shot, or third round of vaccinations.

If the proposal is approved by the city council in January, San Jose could become the first city in California with such a mandate. Currently, San Jose requires proof of full vaccination to all city-owned facilities.

“To avoid crippling levels of hospitalizations and tragic outcomes, we have the great benefit of widespread access to booster shots, but we lack the benefit of time,” said Liccardo in a statement.  “We must take decisive action to protect our workforce and our community, and a booster mandate will help."

The Omicron Covid-19 variant is now the most dominant strain in the United States, accounting for more than 73% of new COVID-19 cases less than three weeks after the first was reported, according to estimates posted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CDC data continues to show the rate of infection among the unvaccinated exceeds that of the vaccinated by five times, and the rate of death by thirteen times. Currently, there is evidence from federal health authorities that shows a third shot can substantially reduce the incidence of serious illness. A study was also published demonstrating a booster shot from Moderna increases COVID antibodies 37-fold against the Omicron variant.   Pfizer and BioNTech published a similar study.

Liccardo, in his proposal, directed City Manager Jennifer Maguire to work with the city’s labor unions in anticipation of establishing a January implementation of a booster requirement for all city employees as a condition of employment.

He also proposed a booster requirement for all visitors to city-owned indoor facilities, such as the SAP Center, Convention Center and historic theaters, in January. The following exceptions would be allowed: individuals who received their second dose of the vaccination within the last 6 months and minors who are currently ineligible.

Liccardo also proposed considering the purchase of software or equipment that would facilitate more rapid and less labor-intensive verification of vaccinations. Current rules applicable to religious exemptions and sanctions for noncompliance would remain in effect.

The proposal is on the agenda of the rules committee for Jan. 5.


  1. It costs Pfizer $1 to make a jab.

    The sell them for $30 each.

    GM = (price – cost) / price = 97% Gross Margin.

    And YOU were the test phase.

    When do you think that will end?

    Wake up.

    Understand how much you are owned.

    That is the first step.

    Knowledge is power, understanding marks the path.

    We are all born in slavery, we have to fight and buy our way to freedom, Rousseau had it opposite.

  2. we all had Polio vaccines when we were young. Ditto Smallpox. Do you know anyone who has ever gotten Polio or smallpox after that? Unlikely – since we all had the vaccines.

    Now we are getting 2 Covid vaccines – plus the booster – and yet I know lots of people who have contracted Covide despite having gotten the vaccines.

    then we had the Delta variant, (skip the Xi variant – too racist) and now another variant.
    It seems to me that we need to start serious investigation about where the Covid originated.
    Biden pledged he would make the Chinese govt — reveal the facts of Covid beginnings – – -they just laughed.

  3. baaaaahahaha

    hope springs eternal for the freeloading grifters

    don’t count other peoples’ monies before it hatches

    time to crank the rent fellas, it’s almost the first of the month

    maybe momma can help

  4. Standby….
    Boosters For All – Every month at least until the large stocks are depleted…
    then get ready for the next ‘New’ Booster series…
    “Pfizer & BioNTech plan to move forward with the development of an Omicron-specific booster …
    (that) will be ready in just over 90 days.”
    Moderna also has an Omi-booster in the works…
    Omicron may be Fast & Short…

    —- “South Africa’s Omicron Wave Looks Like It’s Already Peaking. Why?” (Dec17) ——-

    “In Guateng, SA’s Omicron epicenter, the wave seems to be cresting.
    In other parts of the country, too, the terrifyingly-Fast Rise of the New Variant appears already to be Slowing and even Receding.

    This is very encouraging, since it suggests that Omicron waves elsewhere in the world may also be, if disorientingly fast, also mercifully short.
    the Wave has Peaked well before anything like it had fully penetrated the local population,
    given that everything we know about the New Variant is
    that Neither Infection-Acquired (Natural) Immunity
    2 Vaccine Doses do much at all to Stop Transmission.”

  5. Hugh B, you are one of the very few who talk the way you are as I agree with you 100%. I suggest watching 60 Minutes…not the American “sanitized” from blame of China version, I’m talking about the same show done out of Australia. You get a whole different, and much more realistic story of what and why much has happened they should be blamed for.

  6. Are booster shots fully approved by the FDA yet or is this just experimental stuff still? Just asking. Why would a dummy city mayor be asking us to do anything health related? What does that have to do with controlling the homeless problem, stopping smash and grab robberies, or paving roads?

  7. you people…

    I thought Black Lives Mattered?

    While you hoard first, second, third, and now fourth jabs, 10% of the people of Africa have had one.

    You are hypocrites, you are blind, and you will continue to be until you wake up and realize how evil you truly are. You do not care about Black Lives, you don’t care about anything but your precious virtue signaling that makes not zero impact, but negative impact.

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